Sweet Fluid: Sugar Cane Juice

IMG_4891 It has always been just “another one of those stalls” at farmers markets across Australia, but ever since I went to India and saw little motorised sugar cane juicers every few 100m in the street, I started to incorporate this juice into my fluids diet . Sure I can comfortably drink one of the highest sources of hydration: Coconut Water, daily in south India (because they are relatively cheap), but my taste buds and channels found my new discovery  a lot more charming and exciting: Cold Pressed Sugar Cane Juice! Due to the significance in price difference between this product in India and Australia, i was able to indulge in drinking a few cups daily. So i tested how my body reacted to it… Medicinal qualities

  • Very hydrating and cooling for the body. Great in summer and for pitta body types.
  • Good for the liver.
  • Diuretic: great cleanser for kidneys and anyone experiencing oliguria (scanty urination) or dysuria (painful urination).

Isn’t it to high in sugar? – Sugar cane juice is defiantly high in sugar, and should be consumed in moderation, (not every day, as i realised). It is recommended to use it for more medicinal effects as listed above, as well as to cool down on super hot days. To avoid significant spikes in blood sugar, have a cup 15mins before a meal. (In Ayurveda all meals should begin with the sweet taste). Caution – Make sure it is cleaned with good water because fungi and some pollution may be present, especially around Indian sugar cane fields. sugar cane, tiruvanamali a sugar cane market i visited in the south Indian town, Tiruvannamalai.

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