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Summer Regimen

“Quantity of water gets reduced by the strong heat of the sun, rivers have very little water, trees have no shade under them because of falling of ripened leaves; the leaves, bark and entwining ceepers are all dried up.” – Astanga Samgraha, ch. 4 (27-37)

Summertime… and the living is easy..

It’s also hot and dry! and it is wise to protect yourself by keeping cool, and work in harmony with this season to thrive during it. Imagine feeling prime

The very hot sun takes away the strength of the earth, and all things on this earth. Scientists call this “thermal accumulation,” and particularly in the second half of summer you may begin to feel inner heat accumulate.

Summer Pathogenesis

  • The heat in your body rises, which can result in dry skin, sensitive, irritated, and dried out sinuses.
  • You may notice your sinuses beginning to run a lot. Creating reactive mucus is the body’s response to this dryness.
  • You may experience looser stools – the body’s response to to remove the heat. Your intestinal villi might be irritated and inflamed.
  • You may experience anger, frustration, aggressiveness – all because of to much heat (pitta).

Summer (especially the second half), is an important time of year to not let the heat take over and dry us out. Take this seriously. If you don’t get rid of the heat now, the heat will turn to dryness and you will suffer the following winter. Going from hot/dry to cold/dry will profoundly increase vata – weakening ojas – leaving you susceptible to creating the perfect breeding grounds for colds, flus, and other undesirables.

Especially if you missed the cleansing train the past spring, you may be building an accumulation of mucosa that is starting to bake onto your intestinal tract with all this heat. Ewww, right? Well, you can mitigate this by eating the cooling fruits and vegetables from the summer harvest, and incorporate some herbs, therapies and other cooling techniques.

Stay Cool, Calm and Hydrated

Summer Regimen (Grimsa Ritucharya)

Summer Diet

In the summer, when the days are long and hot, we require cooling and high-energy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

This gift of extra fruits and veggies is nature’s antidote to the hot and dry weather. They have specific microbes that move excess heat out of the body, protect the intestinal mucosa and prevent irritation and reactive mucus.

  • Food should be sweet, cold (potency/energy) and liquid;
  • Avoid, substances which possess pungent, sour, and salt tastes and hot potency (virya) – Pitta aggravating foods such as coffee, spicy foods, red meat, yoghurt, cheese, fermented foods

Fruit Rules

Ayurveda says fruit should be eaten alone for optimal digestion and health. During the summer digestion is a little lighter, allowing you to enjoy fruit as a full meal. Experiment with this by having fruits (alone) for breakfast and seeing how long it will last you through the day. Also fruit can be had as an afternoon snack, which can perhaps supplement for dinner. The fruits listed below, if you eat enough of them, will encourage looser stools and/or frequent urination – stimulating the body’s heat-removing channels.

Apples remove heat through mild purgation. Numerous phyto-nutrients support blood sugar. Eat only organic apples! as they are one of the foods that have the most pesticides.

Pomegranates – very powerful anti-oxidant, pitta reducing, circulates the blood and lymph. (be sure to eat the pith/white stuff).shutterstock_151419575

Watermelons are naturally cooling and hydrating. Mild-diuretic. It may seem odd, but try the Ayurvedic combination of sprinkling some black pepper on watermelon to reduce water retention. It provides a zing!916530-nov26_summerfood

  • “Rice, milk, ghee, grapes, coconut water and (raw) sugar is indicated;”(1)
  • Cooling vegetables such as asparagus, coriander (cilantro), broccoli, and leafy greens.
  • Lassi – Make it thin. Mix 1 part yoghurt with 6 – 10 parts water. Drink with lunch and can have as afternoon snack. Can also had ground cumin and freshly chopped coriander.
  • Drink Coconut Water – to keep cool and hydrated. Drink the fresh whole coconut, not the packaged one.
  • “alcoholic drinks should not be taken, or in very little quantity with addition of large quantity of water, otherwise it will produce oedema, looseness of the joints, burning sensations and delusion;”(1)
  • Reduce Coffee – Like alcohol, coffee dehydrates the body. Ensure you sip hot water before and after both alcohol and coffee.

General quantities of your plate should be:

  • 1/2 veggies (fresh, lightly steamed etc.) (at least)
  • 1/4 protein – lentils, animal protein (meat should be no more than 10-15% of diet).
  • 1/4 starch – grains, carbohydrates

Summer Regimen

Avoid excessive exercise
• Avoid basking in the midday sun as it is to draining for the body.
Get Vitamin D – Basking in the rising and setting sun is indicated. Take advantage of the adequate amounts of UVB rays that the sun offers more so in the summer. We need about 10-15 minutes of direct mid-day sun 3-4 days a week in summer, without sun protection (sunscreen).

Avoid jumping in the water soon after sun bathing

“Immersing oneself in cold water soon after prolonged exposure to sunlight is the cause for disease of the skin and eyes and increase of thirst also.”(2)

  • If the body is heated up and then immediately you jump in the ocean, a lake or a pool, the heat that has been built up will immediately come out, thus causes these diseases. The nervous system will also be shocked.
  • Further, if you take a shower or jump in a pool within an hour of getting your rays – you can wash off the pre-vitamin D that sets up on your skin. You will wash it off before it undergoes the process of converting to vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol, and transported to be stored in the liver.

Protect yourself from the sun – The best way to protect yourself from the sun is by staying in the shade or by the use of hats, protective clothing, etc.
Stay Cool – use fans rather than air conditioning as it is more drying and strips away oxygen.
• “Beautiful lakes, rivers and forests which are cool and spreading pleasant fragrances are good for recreation and to relax;”(1)
pic_guru_dev_2Anoint your forehead with paste of sandalwood to stay cool; Woman can also apply on cheek bone. Good for headache. Must use quality sandalwood paste.
Abhyanga – using cold-pressed coconut oil (preferably) prepared with herbs that mitigate pitta. Daily.
Takra Dhara – A treatment important for Pitta body types  during summer and anyone who live in climates where it gets hot during summer. This (authentic) treatment is a bit rare on the ‘Ayurvedic market,’ but if you can receive a series of it, (a treatment everyday for 7 days should do you good for the summer).

Avoid Sunscreen

According to the Environmental Working Group, only 2 out of 10 commercial sunscreens are considered safe, and only 1 out of 10 of the 1700 sunscreens tested fully protect your skin from the sun.(3)

Sunscreen is contra-indicated because it can have chemicals that can potentially be cancerous to the body. Further, sunscreen blocks UVB rays (rays that make vitamin D), and does not block the UVA rays (rays that can irritate, disrupt hormones, cause allergies or are carcinogenic).(4)

Simply, when they created sunscreen they got mixed up with the rays!

In Ayurveda, the skin should be strong enough to protect itself, and gain energy from the sun rather then run away from it. No doubt, skin under intense sun will need protection of some kind. Coconut oil is adequate for shorter amounts of time exposure, but shade and clothes are the best choice.

detailed article about what sunscreen to use coming soon…

Weaker Agni

It is important to be mindful that our digestive fire is weaker in the summer, thus we will have a harder time digesting heavy, fatty and rich foods.
Nature is cooking all the fruits and veggies on the vine and the trees all summer long, so the need for us to turn on a big furnace of digestive acid to cook foods that are already pre-cooked by the sun is unnecessary.


So think twice this summer before indulging in barbecued ribs, milkshakes, ice-cream, pizza breads and cheese, as these are (poor quality) winter foods that our body simply does not have the acids to digest.
If you do indulge in these popular summer foods, here are some things to remember:
• Enjoy these foods as a larger mid-day meal when agni is strongest, rather than in the evening or late at night when the digestive fire is less efficient.
• Yes, it is OK to eat some of these harder-to-digest foods in the summer. Just do your best do eat smaller portions on the barbecue and much larger portions of the salad, fruits and veggies.
• Eat these foods by incorporating local ingredients, and limit heat or pitta increasing foods and increase heat-reducing foods.

“Even if you eat ice cream. Enjoy it (guilt free, with love and gratitude).” – Dr. J.R. Raju

(1) Astanga Samgraha of Vaghbata, ch.4 (27-37 1/2)
(2) Astanga Samgraha of Vaghbata, ch.9 (5)
(3) http://www.ewg.org/2015sunscreen/report/executive-summary/
Credits: Dr. John Douillard Lifespa


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