Things To Know Before Your Consultation / Treatment with Vital Veda

Online Consultation with Dylan

Thank you for booking an online consultation with Dylan! We very much look forward to working with you.

  • Your phone consultation will be via What's App.
  • Please send Dylan a selfie of you in advance via What's App - good resolution, no shadows, no glasses, no hat. Please include your full name. +61 451 534 884.


  • Please transfer $120 AUD consultation fee in advance before your consultation to:

For those in Australia:
Account name: Vital Veda
Bank: Commonwealth bank
BSB: 06 2123
Acc. No.: 1064 3903

For those outside Australia:
You can transfer via PayPal to - note if there is a a fee involved, please absorb it.

Please email consultation fee transfer receipt via email to so we can keep track.

If you want to send medical results / tests in advance, you can email them to

Consultation In Person with Dylan

  • Before consultations, large meals are best avoided for diagnosis purposes.
  • Empty stomach is best for diagnostic purposes.
  • Caffeine must be avoided the day before your consultation. 
  • Ideally don't have a consultation during your menstrual period as this will interfere with the pulse diagnosis. If you can't change your schedule that is fine also!
  • Please bring medical test reports, scans, etc. if necessary to the consultation.

Sydney Clinic:

  • Address: Unit 2, 74 Hewlett St,  Bronte Beach, NSW, 2024.
  • Parking: free on street.

Payment: Cash, bank transfer or card (2% surcharge). No Amex.

Treatment with Vital Veda

  • Before treatments, it is best to be on light stomach.
  • The day of the treatment(s), please avoid caffeine and alcohol. If you have trouble with this please contact us so we can assist.
  • When having Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage) and some external Basti’s, you will be in your underpants, and modestly covered with towels.
  • You are required to shower within 1 hour after an Abhyanga/Basti. This is because the oil pulls the toxins out of your body to the surface of your skin and should be washed off.
  • There is a shower at the clinic clinic which you are welcome to use after the treatment. If so please bring your own towel.
  • If you prefer to shower when you get home, please wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little oily to wear after.
  • Please brush/comb your hair well, before the treatment.
  • Takradhara or Shirodhara - Please bring an old beanie or scarf to wrap around your head for afterwards. (something you don’t mind getting dirty). When washing hair, the water should be luke warm temperature, not hot or cold.
  • Shirodhara or Shirobasti Treatment (Oil on head) - Don’t wet your head for at least one hour after.
  • Please do not suppress natural urges, ever. Especially during treatments.

    If you have fever or are not feeling 100%, or are menstruating (woman) or are pregnant, please notify us well before your treatment to assess the necessary course of action.

Sydney Clinic:

  • Address: Unit 4, 489 Bronte Rd, “Gracecourt.” Bronte Beach, NSW, 2024.
  • Parking:
    • Winter: (June, July, August) parking is free and unlimited in the beach car park.
    • If you have a Waverley Beach Parking Pass the Bronte Beach parking lot is across the road from the clinic.
    • Free parking before 9am and after 8pm.
    • Otherwise it is metered parking.

Payment: Cash, bank transfer or card (2% surcharge). No Amex.

Felicia (our female therapist) - 0422 942 194‬

Treatment prices here

We look forward to seeing you!

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