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Dylan Smith & Farmer harvesting Punarnava Boerhavia Diffusa

Punarnava (Boerrharia diffusa) Uses & Benefits

The Punarnava Boerhavia Diffusa plant promotes cellular re-incarnation. Punarnava means “tech makes old cells new.” “Punarha” = again. “Navaha” = new. The old cell transfers its energy (through chemistry) to the new cell. The old body is renewed. Re-incarnation occurs on the cellular level. Cellular memory (“smriti”) is revitalised and restored to perfect health. It is […]

Dylan Smith practicing dhumapana

Dhumapana: Smoke Inhalation Therapy

As per Astanga Samgraha of Vaghbata, Sutrasthana, ch. 30. Pains of the head, eyes and ears Ophthalmia and heaviness of the eyes Hemicranial (persistent unilateral headache) Rhinitis, cough, dyspnoea Bad taste in the mouth Excess salivation, disorder of voice, bad smell from the nose and mouth, hiccup, diseases of the throat Toothache, looseness of teeth, […]

Mother holding up a newborn baby

Ayurvedic Post Natal Care Plan

article updated April 2021. The initial 40 days+ after delivery are of immense importance. Both the mother and baby need special attention and care. Ayurveda explains in great detail methods for mother care and baby up-bringing at this vital postpartum time which determines the future health of the newly arrived guest. Here is a detailed […]

Visha Kanyas – Venomous Virgins

Even a kiss can kill. The Visha Kanyas were poisonous young women who served as executioners in ancient India. Any contact with these toxic ladies would mean death.  These venomous assassins are not only instrumental for the destruction operator in nature, but they also exemplify a fundamental Ayurvedic concept on obtaining immunity, “Oka Satmya” or […]

parijata flowers

Parijata – The Flower of God

Each morning at the first rays of light, the gentle skinny Parijata tree generously drops its highly perfumed, sweet scented orange-stemmed white flowers. They fall ever so easily. One small shake of the tree and the flowers shower in abundance to be caught by leaves, hands and the floor below. Generally, when flowers fall on […]

illustration of dhanvantari (also known by 108 other names)

108 Names of Dhanvantri (Astotram)

Dhanvantri (also known by 108 other names) is the perfect health aspect in consciousness. This Lord of Ayurveda is the physician to the Divine Beings (Devatas). He is the preserver of life allowing us to experience our spirit evolving through our well-being. People invoke “Lord Dhanvantri consciousness” to receive nature’s support and enliven perfect health. […]

Podcast: Rhythms and Cycles in Nature – Exploring the Innate Stages of Life

Listen to the Recording Here Natures intelligence is constantly prevailing our life. The elements rotate in dominating segments of the day. Each season uniquely effects our body. Elemental influences govern the different generational age groups in life. How in tune are we with our own nature to progress in life with minimal friction? How do […]

Silver Pomegranate Ghee (Rajata Dadima Ghritam)

A divine herbal preparation performed in accordance with astrology. This medicated ghee is a rejuvenator and anti-aging rasayana. A method passed down to Dylan Smith by his teachers, the Raju family. It involves abhishekam: pouring divine herbal substances on a pure silver Ganesh murti (statue/3D phenomenon of a consciousness state), then collecting the substances in a pure silver […]

Ganesha Idol

Ganesha: Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

Ganesha is a deity that is part of the mythical pantheon in India. Ganesh is invocated as the most important deity for the Remover of Obstacles in the Indian Mythology. What Actually is Mythology Interestingly the word “Myth” is related to “Mother” and “Matter.” Myth is the womb of creation. Myth is the story in […]

How to Make Krishna Paste

Krishna Paste is a herbal preparation formulated by Mother Raju of the Raju Family. Indicated for: Any skin abnormality such as all skin diseases, tumours, moles, sun damaged skin, skin cancers, tumours, shingles, eczema etc. Great disinfectant and for burns. 1. Ensure the Krishna Paste is in powder form or close to it (small granules are ok). […]