Treatments + Consultations with Dylan in Avalon, February 2020

Ayurveda with Dylan in Avalon, North Sydney, February 13 - 16, 2020


Exploring a New Normal For Health with Ayurveda

Thursday 13th February, Balanced Studios, Avalon, 6.30pm

Group meditation with The Sattva Life + wisdom session.

The direction that current health trends and medical statistics are heading towards are uninspiring to say the least. The rise of disease and epidemics calls for individuals to take action towards fundamental responsibilities of human life.
Learn profound and relevant tools and techniques to supersede the ailing “norm” and status quo of today and radiate vitality for all to enjoy.

FREE. RSVP Essential to The Sattva Life 

Consultations and Treatments in Avalon, February 15th & 16th


You will be provided with an intricate yet clear diet and lifestyle plan that leads you back to the memory and awareness of your true nature for deeper self-understanding, wellness and balance.

A consultation with Dylan begins with pulse diagnosis (Nadi Vigyan) - a highly refined, accurate and comprehensive diagnostic tool to figure out where imbalance exists in the body and what the nature of the imbalance is.

This plan guides you to be more independent and self-sufficient in balancing your physiology.

30-60 mins / $120/initial consultation.


A rejuvenating full body massage incorporating medicated oils specific to your unique constitution and the season. Abhyanga enhances lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and profoundly calms the nervous system.

75 mins / $180

Abhyanga + Subtle Marma Therapy + Sound Healing

Subtle Marma Therapy is utilised and the Digeridoo/Yidaki instrument is employed (if required) to infuse primordial vibratory frequencies into specific bodily channels and central nerve plexus's (chakras) in order to alleviate imbalances within the mind/body system and restore harmony and health.

90 mins / $250


Consultation + Abhyanga: $270
Consultation + Marma Abhyanga: $330

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Massage
Sound Healing Sydney

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