Pushya Naksatra Dates & Times for Sydney 2021

Pusya / Pushya / Pushyami Naksatra is one of the most auspicious constellations according to Vedic Astrology (jyotish). It is an auspicious time of the month to give certain Ayurvedic herbal immunisations for babies, such as Pusya Drops and Swarna Prasa. Suggested Use of Pusya Drops: For babies up to 1 year old – 2 […]

Dehydration: A Main Cause of Excess Weight

Are those extra kilos just-not-shedding? Perhaps it is because you are chronically dehydrated. Although majority of the population is dehydrated but not overweight, if you are overweight, drinking “tap liquid” or using water filters as an excuse to drink dead water ain’t going to help your metabolism burn fat. You can even increase your metabolic […]

Ultimate Freedom ~ Poem Inspired by Śankara

Civil liberties and freedom are a hot topic now due to the oppressive actions by authorities and the technocracy that are increasingly exposing itself. Since these “dark and destructive forces” are anxiously stirring up the hearts of many individuals, I thought I would share a poem on Ultimate Freedom… Though he possesses a finite body, […]

Are You Actually Hungry or Just Dehydrated?

Are you reaching for that organic cocoa, nuts, dried fruit or sweet pastry with slight guilt and intuition knowing that maybe, inaccurate hunger is causing you to delicately drool? Although delectably comforting, is my snacking habit really what my body is craving? Well, it could just be that you are dehydrated, and you have mistaken […]

Karmic Relationships, Why Am I Single? & Past Lives with Jyotish: Vedic Astrology + Top 3 Episodes of 2020 | Blaine Watson #049

Listen on iTunes / Apple Podcast App Listen on Andriod Listen on Spotify Is your relationship with your partner supported by nature and karmically suitable? Gaining insight into the Vedic Astrology of you and whom ever you relate with can illuminate and improve that relationship. Why am I still single? I feel a relationship would […]

Why Wearing Sunglasses Is NOT Healthy

Does it seem to you that the sun is seemingly getting brighter and you are finding it harder to see outdoors without sunglasses? This may be an indication of weakness and degeneration of eye and visual health. One of the reasons for this visual and light sensory susceptibility is our increased exposure to artificial light, […]