Banana Purification by The Raju Family

“Raju Banana Purification” is a powerful therapy that cleanses the entire physiology and restores gynaecological health. It is ideally taken by women whilst on their menstrual cycle, but is also effective for women who will not be menstruating at the time of visits, to balance hormones, enhance fertility and to profoundly purify and detoxify the […]

Yakrit Basti – Liver Treatment

Hot medicated oil is held over the liver so the oil and herbs can penetrate and heal this vital organ. Yakrit Basti is given as a general preventive and for any liver treatment such as: Cleanse the liver Increase liver function Strengthen the liver Prevent further diseases Increase bile flow Decongest fatty liver The medicated […]

Rakta Mokshana – Blood Liberation

A unique treatment to eliminate toxins from the blood.One of the five most powerful treatments in AyurvedaIn Ayurveda, there are five prime treatments to eliminate toxins from the body known as Panchakarma.Pancha = “Five.”Karma = “Action.”The “five actions” are:1. Vamana (Therapeutic vomiting)2. Virechena (Purgation)3. Basti (Enema)4. Nasya (Nasal cleanse)5. Rakta Mokshana (Blood liberation)The way ayurvedic […]

Puppus Basti – Lung Treatment

Hot medicated oil is held over the lungs so the oil and herbs can penetrate and heal. Puppus Basti is given as a general preventive and for any respiratory ailment such as: – Asthma – Bronchitis – Difficulty in breathing – Hyperventilation – Shallow breathing The medicated oils used in our treatments contain complex and […]

Pinda Sveda – Sweat Therapy

Boluses are densely packed with concentrated Ayurvedic herbs prepared by the Raju family coupled with fresh native Australian medicinal leaves personally harvested and purified by the Vital Veda team. The boluses are dipped into warm medicated oil and massaged over the body. Pinda Sveda, aka Patra Poultice or Kitzi, is traditionally done after an Abhyanga as […]

Parishek – Herbal Bath

Medicated liquid is poured over the body in a rhythmic matter. This may include: Parishek Sveda – Hot medicated water is used to enhance lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Takra Parishek – Medicated butter milk is used to reduce excess heat in the body and help skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Very soothing and […]

Pancharkama Detox and Rejuvenation

Panchakarma is a methodical combination of taking herbs, treatments and adjusting diet and lifestyle to cleanse and renew the body. These treatments are hands-on, rejuvenating techniques that purge the physiological stress and toxins out of the body that cover the underlying natural state of perfect health residing in everyone. The Process: A certain internal environment […]

Navara – Herb Bolus Massage

Boluses are packed with specific Ayurvedic herbs prepared by the Raju family and cooked in milk with a medicinal rare type of rice (shastikashali) that is at least 2 years old. The bolus is then soaked in hot milk and used to massage the body for a nourishing and rejuvenating effect. This massage, called Kitzi […]

Kati & Greeva Basti – Back & Neck Treatment

A whopping 80% of Australians and Americans experience back pain.1 in 7 Australians report back problems. Unfortunately, many folks have become accustomed to this discomfort, and this dull body becomes the norm and they don’t recognise this as an issue, nor act on it. They have lost the cellular memory of a free and healthy body that is […]