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Siddhis: Supernatural Yogic Capabilities | Eddie Stern #065

Listen on iTunes / Apple Podcast App Listen on Android Listen on Spotify “Siddhis” are extraordinary human capabilities that yogis have been striving to attain for millennia. And many have been successful, because Siddhis are dormant non-local potentials that exist in every Consciousness state. A Siddha is one with perfected human capabilities. One who has […]

Fermented Foods

The Ayurvedic View on Fermented Foods

As with most dietary fads, they may not only be unsustainable but also potentially do more harm than good, and as usual, Ayurveda will have a say on it (since Ayurveda has a say on everything – It is the “science of life” after all). Fermented foods certainly have the potential to be highly medicinal, but […]

Guru Purnima, Full moon

Guru Purnima (The Brightest Moon of the Year)

When the pleasantly cooling and Ojas-increasing moon (Soma सोम / Chandra चन्द्र) is closer to the Earth and at its fullest (pūrṇimā पूर्णिमा) and brightest, hence, effectively removing darkness (guru गुरु) on many levels. This full moon falls this year on July 23rd. Guru Purnima next year will fall on the 13th of July and […]

Sanskrit polysemous words written over a wall

Sanskrit – Polysemous Words (Enormous Range of Meanings)

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages (if not the oldest) on earth. It has a recorded history of approximately 3500 years (this is just what is written; oral Sanskrit goes way further back!), and it still manages to become very relevant to this date due to its incredible richness and immense capabilities. Sanskrit words […]

Baby looking at food

Introducing Solid Foods to Babies (The Ayurvedic Way)

When you introduce solid foods to your baby in a methodical and harmonious way, this will help promote digestive health and prevent food intolerances for that whole child’s future. Ayurvedic medicine holds profound wisdom for post-natal rejuvenation for a healthy baby and mother. The baby’s overall health is mainly treated and attended to via the […]

Shot of herbs laying on a wooden table

Seven Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Immunity

There is a lot to say about the innate immune system and how we can use Ayurvedic herbs and other simple activities to optimise it. It is important to holistically consider all the body’s systems. For example, optimising digestion is tremendously important so that our system can naturally metabolise any toxin, pathogen, virus or bacteria that may […]