Why It’s Far More Important to Filter Bathing Water than Drinking Water

Many people use a filter for their drinking water, yet don’t realise it’s far more important to filter their bathing water. 1) You’re exposed to a much greater volume of water and hence toxic chemical load through bathing than drinking. 2) Bathing in heated water leads to out-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic disinfectant by-products which are […]

Protein Pancakes (Gluten Free)

High protein savoury pancakes that is primarily made of Urad (black gram lentil) – is known to be like “meat for a vegetarian. Medicinal Qualities:  Doshas: This pancakes are good for Kapha & Pitta. Season: Especially great in winter and cold climates. Male Aphrodisiac – Helpful to increase sperm count in men. Can be a little […]

Sparking a Wellness Pandemic, Heat to Treat Viruses, Enhancing Our Water To Enhance Our Health | Apocaloptimist Dr. Marc Cohen #035

Listen on iTunes / Apple Podcast App Listen on Andriod Listen on Spotify Wellness can be just as contagious as illness and our greatest hope is to spark a wellness pandemic that will help us become positively well and realise worldwide wellness. One of Australia’s pioneers of integrative and holistic medicine, Professor Marc Cohen, shares how to thrive through […]

Why Social Isolation & Distancing Increases Disease

This means, when any system: humans, plants, space, nature, animals, – become isolated, chaos manifests. Chaotic biology, chaotic microbiome, chaotic systems, chaotic mental state, chaotic order in political systems and operations, chaos in the collective consciousness and chaotic health. Social distancing is silly. You are designed to absorb viruses. That is your job. They are […]

Prana Enhancing & Anti-Viral Necklace (Garland)

Respiratory issues such a cough, asthma, hiccup (prana vaha srota imbalances). Emit anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect. Protect from negative forces (bhutas, raksasas, dosha drusti). This is primarily used for children. It is advised for new borns and their mother (even if health) for protection at this vulnerable time. Crush the following: Garlic – 10 cloves […]