Are You Actually Hungry or Just Dehydrated?

Are you reaching for that organic cocoa, nuts, dried fruit or sweet pastry with slight guilt and intuition knowing that maybe, inaccurate hunger is causing you to delicately drool? Although delectably comforting, is my snacking habit really what my body is craving? Well, it could just be that you are dehydrated, and you have mistaken […]

A kid wearing sunglasses

Why Wearing Sunglasses Is NOT Healthy

Does it seem to you that the sun is seemingly getting brighter and you are finding it harder to see outdoors without sunglasses? This may be an indication of weakness and degeneration of eye and visual health. One of the reasons for this visual and light sensory susceptibility is our increased exposure to artificial light, […]

Air Pods & Bluetooth Wearables – The New Death Sticks

Move over cigarettes, AirPods and other Bluetooth wearables are the new death sticks. Man, if they’re inserting into your brain, they may even be worse than fags. The health ramifications of non-native electro-magnetic fields (nnEMF), including radio-frequencies (RF), are highly underestimated and snubbed although they are currently classified in Group 2B possible carcinogen to humans, […]

Dylan Smith sitting with a pumpkin on his lap

Pumpkin: Benefits, Uses & Properties in Ayurveda

We feel well grounded and nourished from a hot pumpkin soup. The sweet soft sludge gracefully travels down our oesophagus to nourish our nervous system that is ever so prevalent in our gut, while the bright orange phytonutrient slush delivers antioxidants and microbial balancing effects to our digestion and it’s inhabitants (the microbiome). Pumpkin (Cucurbita […]

A banana leaf with food on top

7 Reasons to Eat Food on Banana Leaves

Eating food served on banana leaves is common in south India and other Asian cultures. This tasty and healthy plate is especially utilised on special occasions, auspicious events and festivals. Eating food on a banana leaf not only makes the food taste uniquely delicious, but has healthy benefits for the physical body as well as […]