Prana Enhancing & Anti-Viral Necklace (Garland)

Respiratory issues such a cough, asthma, hiccup (prana vaha srota imbalances). Emit anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect. Protect from negative forces (bhutas, raksasas, dosha drusti). This is primarily used for children. It is advised for new borns and their mother (even if health) for protection at this vulnerable time. Crush the following: Garlic – 10 cloves […]

Vital Veda Podcast Banner: Mental health gut microbiome

Gut Health for Mental Health + Microbiome Wisdom | Kriben Govender #032

An exciting area of modern science is exploring the connection between the gut microbiome and mental health. It so happens the brain and gut are intimately connected by a bi-directional communication pathway that has been dubbed the gut-brain axis. There’s plenty of evidence that stress and violence will negatively affect one’s microbiome, mood, immunity and bodily functions. […]

The Vedic View on Mediums & Spirit Communicators

I respect “The Medical Medium (Anthony Williams),” I think his story is interesting and amazing, and I validate that the information he shares with the public is coming from “Spirit.” I also support what he is sharing because it is helping the collective heal naturally. However, I have always found the medical advice, particularly the […]

Oil Massage for Skin Cleansing & Soap Alternative

Scrubbing, washing, cleaning and polishing our body. Whether it is with a single bar of handmade organic soap or the latest innovative package of products to sequentially be applied to our body. Perhaps we are over being over-hygienic? Or perhaps not, and what our biology (body), specifically our microbiology, really wants, is an alternative way […]