Vital Veda in Melbourne September 2018

Vital Veda in Melbourne, September 2018

Dylans last visit to Melbourne for 2018

Knowledge Session

The Sun as a Divine Provider for Optimal Health

Monday 17th September, 6pm

Greenfields, Lakeside Dr & Queens Road, Albert Park VIC 3206

Join us for an evening of meditation, wisdom and community!

FREE and Open to all. Register (essential) HERE

Consultations and Treatments in Brighton, September 13th & 14th

Ayurvedic Consultation

You will be provided with an intricate yet clear diet and lifestyle plan that leads you back to the memory and awareness of your true nature for deeper self-understanding, wellness and balance.

This plan guides you to be more independent and self-sufficient in balancing your physiology.

Initial consultation (30-60 mins): $110
Follow-up consultation : $60

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Massage

A rejuvenating full body massage incorporating medicated oils specific to your unique constitution and the season. Abhyanga improves lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, pacifies the nervous system and more.
75 mins: $150
90 mins: $185
Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Massage

Package: Consultation + Abhyanga: $230.


Consultations and Treatments will be in Brighton, September 13th and 14th.


“I have had quite a few Ayurvedic massages over the years, and that was the best one I have ever had, without a doubt.”

~ Simon Borg-Oliver, Yoga Master.

"During my Abhyangha session I completely lost myself and I began to feel like an ancient land being shaped and sculpted by the elements. Each stroke and touch-evoked the sensation of ocean currents, tides and powerful winds shifting and configuring my earthen body - deeply cleansing me.  It was an incredible feeling. Dylan truly is a master at what he does."

~ Tory Bridges, meditation teacher.

“I’ve sent my mother, my partner and my best friends to Dylan. His expertise and care are exceptional. He's truly impressive.”

~ Jo, Journalist.

"I received an Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage from Dylan in Bondi, Sydney. Words cannot express how amazing this treatment was. I've had abhyanga oil massages at panchakarma centres in India, and this far surpassed those treatments. Dylan's treatments exude love, consciousness, and care for the wellbeing of the client. The abhyanga included 'traditional' aspects, plus lots of extras such as marma therapy. I was only in Sydney for a short while and went for 2 treatments, I'd go again every day if I could. Thank you, Dylan!"

~ Jill, Medical Doctor

“I had pain and troubles with my knees for quite a while. At one point I was in excruciating pain for 2 weeks, waiting for Dylan to get back from travels. After just 3 of these treatments, the pain is almost completely gone...I haven’t felt the way I feel, in a hell of a long time.”

~ Sandra, retired.

"I received an Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage with Vital Veda in Sydney it felt like fractal patterns realigning my energy to flow. Thank you!"

~ Kaye.