Indukantam Kashayam (Digestive & Immune Support)


Digestive & Immune Support | 200ml

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Combats chronic fevers, indigestion and abdominal disorders. Great for bloating, gas, distention, gastritis, colitis, Chrons, duodenal ulcer, stomach pain, nausea. In the form of kashayam (decoction).

Putika-Holoptelea integrifolia, Daru-Cedrus deodara, Dashamoola-gruoup of ten herbs, Bilva-Aegle marmelos, Agnimantha-Premna mucronata, Shyonakka-Oroxylum indicum, Patala-Stereospermum suaveolens, Gambhari-Gmelina arborea, Brihati-Solanum indicum, Kantakari-Solanum xanthocarpum, Gokshura-Tribulus terrestris, Shalaparni-Desmodium gangeticum, Prishnaparni-Uraria picta, Pippali fruit and root, Long Pepper-Piper longum, Chavya-Piper chaba, Hunter/brachystachyum, Chitraka-Plumbago zeylanica, Nagara-Ginger-Zingiber officinalis, Yavakshara-Kshara of Hordeum vulgare. 

Suggested Use:
3tsp + 10tsp hot water 1-2x/day before meals, or as prescribed.

Take for 40 days, 3 or 6 months or as prescribed for a complete effect.
No animal ingredients. Cruelty-Free product suitable for vegetarians.

General Disclaimer:
Warning: Keep out of reach of children.
Not intended for use by pregnant women.
Store in a cool, dry place.
There are no recorded side effects of this product in the recommended dose and no known contra-indications with other medicines or herbs.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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