Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Massage

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Massage

A rejuvenating Ayurvedic full body massage incorporating medicated oils specific to your unique constitution and the season.


Abhyanga massage helps:

  • stimulate and strengthen the lymphatic system.
  • improve immunity and increase stamina.
  • enhance blood circulation.
  • calm the nervous system and mind.
  • activate the body’s marma points (vital points that house energy and concentrated life force).
  • promote flexibility of the muscles, tissues and joints.
  • promote softness and luster of the skin as well as youthfulness.
  • correct injuries, specifically the muscle and bone tissue.
  • regenerate and build tissues.
  • enhance positive microbiology in your body (your skin is home to massive colonies of microbes).
  • detox as the medicated oil and specific methods drives the toxins from the deeper connective tissues back to the gastrointestinal tract for proper elimination. This is why after a massage you must rest and frequently sip hot water.
  • Increase oxytocin - the loving, bonding and anti-anxiety hormone.

Abhyanga Process

This Ayurvedic treatment begins by doing a massage of the head, including neck and shoulders, to stimulate the central nervous system and prepare the whole body for the healing experience to come. This is followed by a full body massage with strokes selected and applied in a vigorous and rhythmic matter according to the client's constitution and imbalances.

Abhyanga Testimonials at Vital Veda

I have had quite a few Ayurvedic massage over the years, and that was the best one I have ever had, without a doubt.
~ Simon Borg-Oliver, Yoga Master and Authority.
Dylan, my Ayurvedic Practitioner of choice in Australia, is an expert at knowing how to properly move imbalances from all the tissues of the body in a very systematic way. It’s a system of consciousness moving consciousness. Dylan is a premier conscious man, and what he does with his hands is a reflection of his consciousness. He is able to move imbalances out of your body to allow it to be expelled in a proper and safe way. This method is Abhyanga. After treatment with Dylan, the body is able to release the consciousness into its fullest potential. What I experience when I am treated by Dylan is an experience of the restoration of creative intelligence of the body that then liberates the mind to be able to perform at its fullest potential.
~ Thom Knoles, Maharishi Vyasananda Saraswati, Vedic Master
I feel like I have had a one week sleep…and I hadn’t been sleeping at night because of too much going on in my mind.
~ Rao, businessman
I had the pleasure last week of experiencing my first Ayurvedic Massage with the very lovely Dylan Smith of Vital Veda. Having had all sorts of different massages throughout my years and in different realms of manual therapy industry, I have to say this was just such a unique, beautiful and nourishing experience.
~ Jac Alwill, nutritionist and founder of Brown Paper Bag

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