Ayurvedic Birth Doula + Herbal Kit + Postpartum Treatments

Parents holding their baby
In this package, you get comprehensive education and information about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. This includes 2 prenatal visits and having me on call from 38 weeks till the birth of your baby followed by 2 postnatal visits (in your home and/or hospital). During your entire pregnancy, you get unlimited contact via phone, text and email.
Additionally, you get complimentary Pregnancy Ghee (Ayurvedic herbal formulation to promote easier labour) from 30 weeks. You also get direct access to our ayurvedic nutritional support along with herbal medicine if needed or requested*.

What is Included in This Package

Birth Doula Services

  1. Two prenatal meetings and two postpartum visits.
  2. Help you write your birth plan if you choose to have one.
  3. Unlimited support during labour and birth.
  4. Unlimited communication from week 38 (sms, phone, e-mail - any of your preferred methods of communication). Any time of the day or night 24/7.
  5. Answer your questions as they arise, no matter how many - I am here to answer them. Show your partner how you are best supported during labour (massage, positions etc.). I will lend you books and provide videos so that you can educate yourself further and learn more about birth and the postpartum time.
  6. Debrief previous births, if this is not your first birth.
  7. Explore your birth options.
  8. Recipes and nutrition advice for pregnancy, birth (labour foods) and for the postpartum period for excellent recovery, rejuvenation and breast milk production.
  9. Talk and help you with your worries, fears and anything that you feel uncomfortable about.
  10. Rare and potent ayurvedic herbs for pregnancy and postpartum.
Included Ayurvedic Herbs:
  1. Pregnancy Ghee (to promote quick and easy delivery)
  2. Yoni Pichu (Medicated ghee to nourish the vagina microbiome, gently open the channels and prevent tearing).
  3. Small nourishing enema (Matra Basti) oil and kit from 38 weeks - To prepare for easy and blissful labour and to nourish fetus | 200ml
  4. Post Natal Tonic - Rejuvenating and essential tonic to take for 30 days after giving birth.
  5. Lactation Tablets (to have on hand if needed).
  6. Pusya Drops (Ayurvedic immunisation drops for baby).
  7. Baby Massage Oil - Herbalised nourishment to build the baby’s tissues and strengthen immunity.

Postpartum Treatments

  1. 3x Postpartum Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Oil massage) + Steam therapy + Belly binding therapy
  2. A lesson on how to apply the belly binding to the mum (for the family/partner to administer).
  3. Belly Binding cloth

Additional Services

Postpartum Ayurvedic food delivery for mum to help rejuvenate, recover, restore digestion and optimise breast milk.
  • Three meals per day, home-made fruit compote, herbal infusions, and bedtime milk.
  • Plenty of food for the whole day and night.
  • Nutrient-dense, nourishing and tasty.
  • Food delivery to hospital and mumma’s home (partner or someone may need to come out to collect from the delivery driver).
The first 3 days postpartum food delivery - $360
The first 7 days postpartum food delivery - $790
Alterations and Terms & Conditions:
  • Some of the packages can be mixed together, customised or altered. Inquire within if you are interested in this.
  • Any of the options can be paid in installments with final and full payment at week 37 of pregnancy.

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