Janu Basti

Knee Treatment Sydney

This method to treat musculoskeletal disorders of the knee is so unique from any other methods out there today.

This keeps getting restated at Vital Veda through the astonishing results we get from patients who undergo this treatment. Some who have lived with pain or discomfort for years and tried so many other therapies.

Other treatment approaches, conventional or alternative medicine, all certainly have relevance and may even be used in congruence with this treatment.

This treatment begins with both legs massage to activate the lymph and blood. Then hot medicated oil is kept over the knees to penetrate into the tissues.

Janu Basti is indicated for:
- Knee replacements - for healing and prevention of reoccurring surgery.
- Torn tendons & ligaments.
- Excess fluid.
- Arthritis - rheumatoid and osteo. Very good to strengthen and nourish the knee tissue.
- Clears toxins in the area.
- Can prevent or delay surgery.


“I recently attended Vital Veda for a series of Janu Basti (Knee Basti). After suffering with discomfort in my knees and calves for as long as I could remember, the tension and pain has incredibly disappeared since having this treatment. Dylan is learned, thoughtful and combines the treatment with a holistic approach to wellness management. Will be returning for future treatments ASAP!”
~ Justin, lawyer

“I had pain and troubles with my knees for quite a while. At one point I was in excruciating pain for 2 weeks, waiting for Dylan to get back from travels. After just 3 of these treatments, the pain is almost completely gone..I haven’t felt the way I feel, in a hell of a long time.”
~ Sandy, retired, during a Janu (Knee) Basti series

The medicated oils used in our treatments contain complex and precious formulations of a vast range of organic, wild crafted and rare herbs.
Purified and prepared with love and mantras (primordial sounds) by the Raju Family of Vaidyas.

This ensures safety and enhances a divine potency, and is one of the factors that make our treatments profoundly effective and treasured by so many.

A series of treatments is recommended to administer a more complete and deep effect. However, do one and see how you feel (you’ll probably want more). 

Take home oil is included in external basti treatments.

1 session (60-75 mins): $150 | Session of 3: $400 | Session of 5: $600 | Session of 7: $750

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