108 Names of Dhanvantri (Astotram)

illustration of dhanvantari (also known by 108 other names)

Dhanvantri (also known by 108 other names) is the perfect health aspect in consciousness.

This Lord of Ayurveda is the physician to the Divine Beings (Devatas). He is the preserver of life allowing us to experience our spirit evolving through our well-being.

People invoke “Lord Dhanvantri consciousness” to receive nature's support and enliven perfect health.

The 108 names of Dhanvantri are divided between those that are more suitable for morning and evening chanting. These are especially good to chant (inwardly) or listen to pundits (Vedic persists) chant on Dhanvantri Jayanti (the anniversary of when Lord Dhanvantri emerged out of the ocean to give Ayurveda to the need of the time). This day occurs two days before Diwali, around Oct/Nov each year.

It's Not Necessarily Good to Know the Translation of all of Dhanvantari's 108 names

Translations are there for only some of the names because when my teacher was translating to me, he stopped his discourse and decided not to translate the rest.

He realised his translations did not justify the deep meaning of these names. Sanskrit is an imitation by the human voice of the primordial sounds of nature.

It is not just on the level meaning. It expresses that aspect of nature.

Therefore, my teacher preferred me not to know the attempted translations nor analyse them.

I will however, provide the translations I have for those intellectuals (like me), as I personally love sanskrit and (some) of it's meaning.

Dhanvantri Astotram (Morning)

Download Dhanvantari 's 108 names to chant/listen in the morning here

Dhanvantri Astotram (Night Time)

This astotram is more rare.

Start with:

  1. Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya
  2. Om Dhanvantharaye Amrutha kalsa hastaya
  3. Om Sarvamaya Vinashanaya Namaha
  4. Om Thrilokya nathaya Namaha
  5. Sri Maha Vishnave Namaha
  1. Dhanvantharaye Namaha
  2. aadhi devaya namaha
  3. sura asura vandhithaaya namaha
  4. vayastha-pakaaya namaha
  5. sarva-amaya dhwam-sakaya namaha
  6. bhayaa-pahaa-yei namaha
  7. mruthyunjayaaya namaha
  8. vividha aushadha daatre namaha
  9. sarveshwa raaya namaha
  10. shanka chakra dharaaya namaha
  11. amrutha kalasa hasthaaya namaha
  12. shalya thantra vishaaradaaya namah
  13. divvya aushadaa-taraya namaha
  14. karunam-rutha saagaraaya namaha
  15. sukhakara-aya namah
  16. Nayana shastra kriya kushalaaya namah
  17. dheeraaya namaha
  18. niroohaaya namaha
  19. shubhadhaaya namaha
  20. mahaadaya-alave namaha
  21. saango pa-anga veda vedyaya namaha
  22. bishak-tamaya namaha
  23. praanada-aya namaha
  24. vidhwathpa raaya namaha
  25. aathra trana para yanaaya namaha
  26.  ayurveda prachaarakaaya namaha
  27. Ashtangayoga nipunaaya namaha
  28. anuthamaya namaha
  29. Sarvagyyaaya namaha
  30. vrushnave namaha
  31. samanaadhika varjithayei namaha
  32. sarva praana suk-ruthe namaha
  33. sarva mangala karaaya namaha
  34. sarvartha-dhatre namaha
  35. mahaa medha vinne namaha
  36. amruthaa-ya namaha
  37. satya sandha-aya namaha
  38. aashritha jana vatsalaaya namaha
  39. Amrutha-Dassaye’ Namaha
  40. Amrutha Vapushe Namaha
  41. Purana Neleiyaya Namaha
  42. Pundarikakshaya Namaha
  43. Loka Dyakshaya Namaha
  44. Prana Jeevanaya Namaha
  45. Janma Mrutu Jeradhi Kaya Namaha
  46. Sadgati Pradaya Namaha
  47. Mahurt Sahaya Namaha
  48. Samasta Bhakta Sukha Datre Namaha
  49. Sahishnave Namaha
  50. Shudha-ya Namaha
  51. Namat-mane’ Namaha
  52. Vaidya Ratnaya Namaha - The gem of the Vaidyas
  53. Amrtyavei Namaha- Immortal
  54. Maha Guru-vei Namaha
  55. Amruta-amshod-bha-vayei Namaha
  56. Ksheema-Krutei Namaha
  57. Vamsha Vardhanaya - Salute to the one who improves our lineage.
  58. Veeta-Bhyaya Namaha
  59. Prana Prade’ Namaha
  60. Ksheera-bdhi Janmanei Namaha
  61. Chandra Saho Daraya Namaha
  62. Sarva Loka Wanditaya Namha
  63. Para Bramhanei Namaha
  64. Yagya Bhoga Dhare’ Namaha
  65. Punyei Shlokaya Namaha
  66. Pujya Padaya Namaha
  67. Sanatana Tamaya Namaha
  68. Swastitaya Namaha
  69. Dhirgayush-Karakaya Namaha
  70. Purana Purushota Maya Namaha
  71. Amara Prabhave’ Namaha
  72. Amrtaya Namaha
  73. Narayanaya Namaha
  74. Aushadhaya Namaha
  75. Sarvanoo-coolaya Namaha
  76. Shoka Nashanaya Namaha
  77. Lokha Bandhave Namaha
  78. Nana Rogarti Bhanjaraya Namaha
  79. Prajanam Jeeva Heitave Namaha
  80. Praja Rakshana Dikshitaya Namaha
  81. Shookla Vasanei Namaha
  82. Pooroosharta Pradaya Namaha
  83. Prashan-tat-mane Namaha
  84. Bhakta Sarvata Sadhakaya Namaha
  85. Boga Bhagya Pradatre Namaha
  86. Mahaish Waryaya Namaha
  87. Roga Shelya Hrdaya Namaha - Surgical treatment to the heart.
  88. Chatur Pujaya Namaha
  89. Navaratna Pujaya Namaha
  90. Nisseema Mahim-nei Namaha
  91. Govinda-Nam Pataye Namaha
  92. Tilo-dasaya Namaha
  93. Pranacharyaya Namaha
  94. Bhish-manye Namaha
  95.  Bhakti Gumyaya Namaha
  96.  Tejo Nidaye Namaha
  97.  Kala-kalaya Namaha
  98.  Paramarta Guruve Namaha
  99.  Jagadanaanda Karakaya Namaha
  100.  Adi Vaidyaya Namaha
  101.  Sri Ranga Neelayaya Namaha
  102.  Sarva Jana Sevitaya Namaha
  103.  Laksmi Pataye Namaha
  104.  Sarva Lohka Rakshakaya Namaha
  105.  Kaveri Snata Santush-taya Namaha
  106.  Sarva-Bheeshta Pradaya Namaha
  107.  Vibhoo Shidaye Namaha
  108.  Dhavantari Astotara Shata Namavali

Translation (Part)

1. - 5. Understand the Supreme Lord Vasudeva Meditate upon the Supreme physician May Lord Dhanvantri direct you

1. Om...I bow to Lord Dhanwantari
2. Om...I bow to God that controls mental distress
3. Om...I bow to the one whom gods and demons pray to
4. Om...I bow to the one who maintains youthfulness
5. Om...I bow to the one who helps endure disease & pain
6. Om...I bow to the one who helps destroy hear and pain
7. Om...I bow to the one who helps gain victory over death
8. Om...I bow to the one who gives various medicines
9. Om...I bow to the one who is the lord of all gods
10. Om...I bow to the one who bears the conch & the chakra
11. Om...I bow to the one who holds in his hands the pots of immortality.
12. Om...I bow to the one who knows practice of surgery.
13. Om...I bow to the one who has the divine medicine
14. Om...I bow to the one who is the ocean of compassionate nectar.
15. Om...I bow to the one who cause happiness
16 Om...I bow to the one who is skilled in the sacred texts
17. Om...I bow to the one who is self controlled
18. Om...I bow to the one who is undaunted
19. Om...I bow to the one who brings well-being to all
20. Om...I bow to the one who shows great mercy to all
21. Om...I bow to the one who bestows the knowledge of body & limbs
22. Om...I bow to the one who is the healer
23. Om...I bow to the one who is the life-giver
24. Om...I bow to the one who bestows education
25. Om...I bow to the one who gives the supreme path liberation- fire
26 Om...I bow to the one who propagates the knowlegde of life
27. Om...I bow to the one who is the expert in the eight limbed Yoga
28. Om...I bow to the one who has no better than him
29. Om...I bow to the one who knows everything
30. Om...I bow to the one who is power
31. Om...I bow to the one who increases balance through yogi breathing
32. Om...I bow to the one who is the best supporter of all the vital breath
33. Om...I bow to the one who bestows auspiciousness to all
34. Om...I bow to the one who is the eternal lord of all
35. Om...I bow to the one who is remarkable intelligent
36. Om...I bow to the one who bestows immortality
37. Om...I bow to the one who is always truthful
38. Om...I bow to the one who is affectionate to dependent people
39. Om...I bow to the one who is the immortal one
40. Om... to the Supreme Lord Vasudeva Dhanwantaraye
who holds in his hands the pot of immortality
who overcomes all diseases
the one who controls the three worlds
I bow to Sri Mahavishnu

Dhanvantri (Night) Astotram in Odia

dhanvantari's first 61 names written down by hand

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