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Body Treatments

Ayurvedic Consultation

You will be provided with an intricate yet clear diet and lifestyle plan that leads you back to the memory and awareness of your true nature for deeper self-understanding, wellness and balance.

This plan guides you to be more independent and self-sufficient in balancing your physiology.

Online Consultation or In Person available.

Initial consultation with Dylan (30-45 mins): $160
Follow up consultations with Dylan (15-30 mins): $108

Initial consultation with Sole (30-45 mins): $160
Follow up consultations with Sole (15-30 mins): $108

Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Massage

A rejuvenating full body massage incorporating medicated oils specific to your unique constitution and the season.

With VV Therapist: 1 session (75 mins): $180 | Series of 3: $500 | Series of 5: $850 | Series of 7: $1150
With Dylan: 1 session (75 mins): $290 | Series of 3: $850 | Series of 5: $1400 | Series of 7: $1890

Abhyanga + Subtle Marma Therapy + Sound Healing

Subtle Marma Therapy is utilised plus the Digeridoo/Yidaki instrument is employed (if required) to infuse primordial vibratory frequencies into specific bodily channels and central nerve plexus’s (chakras) in order to alleviate imbalances within the mind/body system and restore harmony and health.

1 session (90 mins or whatever time is required with Dylan): $333

Ayurvedic Consultation + Abhyanga Massage

A rejuvenating full body massage incorporating medicated oils specific to your unique constitution and the season + You will be provided with an intricate yet clear diet and lifestyle plan that leads you back to the memory and awareness of your true nature for deeper self-understanding, wellness and balance.

Ayurvedic Consultation + Abhyanga Massage w/ Dylan (120 minutes): $390

Ayurvedic Consultation w/ Dylan + Abhyanga Massage w/ VV Therapist (120 minutes): $300

Abhyanga + Patra Poultice

Boluses are densely packed with concentrated Ayurvedic herbs prepared by the Raju family coupled with fresh native Australian medicinal leaves personally harvested and purified by the Vital Veda team.

The boluses are dipped into warm medicated oil and massaged over the body.

Patra-Poultice treatment is indicated to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve colic pain
  • Relieve body-aches and reduce pain
  • Relieve joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Relieve stiffness and muscle soreness
  • Loose weight
  • Eliminate toxins from the body

With VV Therapist: 1 session: $390| Series of 3: $750 | Series of 5: $1130 | Series of 7: $1400
With Dylan: 1 session: $490 | Series of 3: $1000 | Series of 5: $1950 | Series of 7: $2200

Chakra Basti

Hot medicated oil is kept over the navelhome to the enteric nervous system (the largest nerve plexus in the body) and your sacral or Nabhi Chakra.


  • Balances the nervous system.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Nourishes and rebuilds your energy centre.
  • Nourishes and builds fertility and promotes health of the sexual organs.

1 session (60-75 mins): $190 | Session of 3: $500 | Session of 5: $800 | Session of 7: $940
With Dylan: 1 session (75 mins): $290 | Series of 3: $850 | Series of 5: $1400 | Series of 7: $1890

Transformative Chakra Therapy Package:

Massage + Chakra Basti + Subtle Marma (Vital Point) Therapy

Additional $40 to each session.

Takra Dhara / Shiro Dhara

Takra Dhara and Shirodhara is an ancient treatment where medicated buttermilk or warm oil is poured over the head in a rhythmic mater. This stabilises the mind and everything going on inside it. During this treatment, usually you’ll lie in deep, blissful rest, (that is if you haven’t transcended).


  • Helps with mental stress.
  • Helps with insomnia.
  • Helps with anxiety, depression and mental health disorders.
  • Effectively helps headaches and migraines.
  • Helps in neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinsons and more.
  • Dermatological conditions like eruptions, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • Produces a state of deep relaxation by calming speed of neurotransmitters.
  • Premature greying of hair and thinning of hair.
  • Mitigates fatigue and mental exhaustion
  • Regulates hormonal function.
  • Replenishes depleted ojas (our vitality, our immunity, a vital essence of our whole physiology).
  • Relives the pain and prick sensations of extremities.
  • Abnormalities of the urine.
  • Cure precordial pain – (the region in front of or over the heart).
  • Helps diseases of the head, ear and eyes.

With VV Therapist: 1 session: $180 | Session of 3: $500 | Session of 5: $800 | Session of 7: $940 + herbs*
With Dylan: 1 session (75 mins): $290 | Series of 3: $850 | Series of 5: $1400 | Series of 7: $1890 + herbs*

Abhyanga + Takradhara/Shirodhara*
With VV Therapist: 1 session: $320 | 3 sessions: $900 | 5 sessions: $1400 | 7 sessions: $1800 + herbs*
With Dylan: 1 session: $550 | 3 sessions: $1500 | 5 sessions: $2200 | 7 sessions: $2900 + herbs*

Each Takradhara treatment incurs a $25 payment for the herbs used.
If triple strength Takradhara (for bipolar, deep mental diseases or if desired), each treatment incurs a $75 payment for the herbs.
For Shirodhara, you pay an additional fee for the oil. Specific oil to be used TBD. You take home what remains of your oil after, which you can use for self-head massage.

Kati, Prsta & Greeva Basti - Back, Neck & Spine

Kati, Prsta & Greeva basti is a treatment where medicated oil is used in a traditional and unique way to treat spinal conditions.

Kati, Prsta & Greeva Basti helps:

  • relieve lower and upper back and neck pain
  • slipped and herniated discs
  • sciatica and nerve pain
  • sports injuries
  • stiff neck
  • repair nerve damage and heals ligaments
  • relieve sprain and muscular spasm
  • nourish the vertebral discs and prevents spinal degeneration
  • frozen shoulder
  • migraines
  • prevent or delay surgery.

1 session (60-75 mins): $190 | Session of 3: $500 | Session of 5: $800 | Session of 7: $940
With Dylan: 1 session (75 mins): $290 | Series of 3: $850 | Series of 5: $1400 | Series of 7: $1890

Transformative Back Therapy Package:

Back Massage + Back Bastis + Body Tissue Herbal Paste Application + Subtle Marma (Vital Point) Therapy

Add $40 for each session.

Janu Basti - Knee Treatment

Janu basti is a treatment where medicated oil is used in a traditional and unique way to treat knee conditions.

Janu Basti helps:

  • knee replacements – for healing and prevention of reoccurring surgery.
  • torn tendons & ligaments
  • excess fluid
  • arthritis – rheumatoid and osteo. Very good to strengthen and nourish the knee tissue.
  • clears toxins in the area.
  • prevent or delay surgery.

1 session (60-75 mins): $190 | Session of 3: $500 | Session of 5: $800 | Session of 7: $940
With Dylan: 1 session (75 mins): $290 | Series of 3: $850 | Series of 5: $1400 | Series of 7: $1890

Yakrit Basti - Liver Treatment

Warm medicated oil is held over the liver so the oil and herbs can penetrate and heal this vital organ.

Yakrit Basti in given as a general preventive and for any liver support such as:

  • Cleanse the liver
  • Increase liver function
  • Strengthen the liver
  • Prevent further diseases
  • Increase bile flow
  • Decongest fatty liver

1 session (60-75 mins): $190 | Session of 3: $500 | Session of 5: $800 | Session of 7: $940
With Dylan: 1 session (75 mins): $290 | Series of 3: $850 | Series of 5: $1400 | Series of 7: $1890

Netra Tarpana - Eye Treatment

As a special medicated ghee is held over the eyes, one opens and closes and moves their eyes in all directions to adequately lubricate their whole eyes, as well as whole head, neck and throat region.

Benefits include:

  • Improves Eye Sight – This treatment helps restore degraded vision and prevents vision from degrading.
  • Macular Degeneration – Slows down the degeneration process and has the potential to reverse it.
  • Relieves Irritated Eyes – Burning eyes, itchy eyes, feeling that something is in your eyes.
  • Increases Brain Function by providing oleation to the optic nerve (a cranial nerve) and regulates melatonin and serotonin.

With Dylan: 1 session (75 mins): $290 | Series of 3: $850 | Series of 5: $1400 | Series of 7: $1890

Netra Tarpana

Puppus Basti - Lung Treatment

Warm medicated oil is held over the lungs so the oil and herbs can penetrate and heal.

Puppus Basti helps clear lingering respiratory infections and is given as a general preventive and for any respiratory ailment such as:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Hyperventilation
  • Shallow breathing

1 session (60-75 mins): $190 | Session of 3: $500 | Session of 5: $800 | Session of 7: $940
With Dylan: 1 session (75 mins): $290 | Series of 3: $850 | Series of 5: $1400 | Series of 7: $1890

Navara - Herb Bolus Massage

Navara is a traditional type of massage to treat chronic and deep seated muscle, bone & nervous disorders.

Navara helps with:

  • osteo-arthritis
  • joint pain
  • degeneration of spinal column and joints
  • ligament injury
  • nerve damage
  • depletion
  • fatigue and tiredness
  • emaciation
  • muscle wasting
  • paralysis
  • multiple sclerosis

With VV Therapist: 1 session $240 | Series of 3: $700 | Series of 5: $1100 | Series of 7: $1400


Our traditional Ayurvedic facial includes:

  • skin analysis
  • cleanse
  • herbal scrub
  • face, neck and shoulder massage
  • rejuvenating face pack and/or facial boluses being pampered on the face (Muhka Navara).


  • cleanse, moisturise, rejuvenate and tone the skin.
  • stimulate lymphatic drainage.
  • revitalise any damaged skin.
  • relax stress lines and calm the face.
  • reduce wrinkles.
  • restore a youthful and radiant glow.

Bed Time Treatment

A powerful Vata balancer. This treatment is done in the comfort of your own home. A technician comes to your house for a nourishing “tuck you in” before sleep. Involved oil application to head, foot massage and nourishing matra basti (if recommended).


  • pacifies the nervous system.
  • helps with joints problems.
  • helps with constipation.
  • contributes to enhancing the microbiology in the gut.
  • helps with insomnia and promotes restful sleep.
  • pacifies vata – the intelligence in the body that governs the nervous system and all movements in the body.

1 session (30 mins): $200* | Series of treatments available.

Parishek - Herbal Bath

Medicated liquid is poured over the body in a rhythmic matter. This may include hot medicated water used to enhance lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Or medicated butter milk (takra) to reduce excess heat in the body and help soothe and pacify skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

This is traditionally done after an Abhyanga as the skin’s pores are open, allowing the release of toxins and the absorption of the healing herbs.

Abhyanga + Parishek:
*Currently not available

Rakta Mokshana - Blood Liberation

Rakta Mokshana literally translates to “Blood Liberation.” It is a unique treatment of blood letting to purify and eliminate toxins from the blood, typically using medicinal grade leeches as the tool.

It is one of the five most powerful treatments in Ayurveda, known as Panchakarma.


  • Skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis – according to Ayurveda, toxins that manifest as skin diseases are mostly stored in the blood.
  • Blood diseases
  • Necrosis: failure of blood supply
  • Varicose veins, spider veins and obstructed veins
  • Arthritis and joint issues
  • Blood clotting – (leeches contain the most powerful anti-coagulant known to man).
  • Excess pitta or heat and acidity
  • Gangrene
  • Gout
  • Diabetes
  • Improving nerve activity and blood flow

Treatment is only available at our Ayurvedic Clinic in Byron.

Panchakarma Detox and Rejuvenation

Panchakarma is a methodical combination of taking herbs, treatments and adjusting diet and lifestyle to cleanse and renew the body. These treatments are hands-on, rejuvenating techniques that purge the physiological stress and toxins out of the body that cover the underlying natural state of perfect health residing in everyone

With so much to choose from, please contact Dylan, founder of Vital Veda, to discuss what’s right for you. Student and pension prices + bartering available.


What do they say

Vital Veda
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Sreedhar VengalaSreedhar Vengala
01:49 18 Feb 24
Livia De biaseLivia De biase
04:47 27 Jan 24
Nicci OvensNicci Ovens
03:16 26 Jan 24
Maddy Wilkie-BlackMaddy Wilkie-Black
08:02 25 Dec 23
My session with Dylan was great! He has so much knowledge and was generous with how much information he shared. I feel so excited to implement everything into my routine. I feel this was exactly what I needed.
03:39 20 Dec 23
Dylan Smith is a true gem and a seemingly bottomless wealth of wisdom. His podcast is my favorite podcast by far, so if you want to get a window into Dylan and his work I suggest you check it out. I have listened to almost every episode at this point and have learned so much from Dylan and the incredible people he invites onto the show. This ancient wisdom is priceless. Thank you, Dylan. You are such a gift to this world.
Sherril TaylorSherril Taylor
01:27 26 Nov 23
I attended the clinic in Ocean Shores this week with Dylan. I am very excited to say I found a Practitioner that could assist me with my health problems. The products that were recommended are of high standard. The incredible massage treatment and advice given was what I needed to make the changes I have struggled with and enabled me to see deeply into the causes. I look forward to further treatments and will try the 7-day spinal treatment plan next.
Joanna SchuurmanJoanna Schuurman
06:19 28 Oct 23
Dylan is such a treasure trove of knowledge and compassion. I feel incredibly grateful to have been introduced to him several years ago during the post-natal period when I was feeling really depleted, which he was able to provide immense support with. Being introduced to Dylan andv ayurveda, the knowledge and wisdom, the diet and practices and precious herbs, at such a juncture has been life changing. I always recommend him far and wide for any health challenge that one might be facing.
Katy PhillipsKaty Phillips
08:42 11 Oct 23
In one month Dylans health advice and herbal formulations have been able to make me feel like a normal person again. Best I’ve felt in years. Modern medicine cannot compete .🙏
Jody DJody D
02:01 06 Oct 23
Coming to Sydney and doing this training has been a real initiation for me. A rite of passage in many ways. There was so much healing that happened for me during my time on the training. So many emotions were processed and stuff buried deep in my body that I didn't even realise was still there was released. I returned home a very different person. I have had so many people comment that I seem different or wondering what it is that is different about me. It's been very interesting to observe this.It is really quite profound the depth of healing that can happen with abhyanga. I always knew it to be very special, and healing, but doing the training has been a complete uplevelling. I know I have had to work with more diligence to bring myself to a state of confidence, but believe I have got there and will continue to refine this practice into something very special.I have so much to thank you both for but at the same time words don't seem enough in a sense. The best way I know to honour the training, is to become very skilled and very practised. The imprint of what was transmitted in the training continues to deepen. I sit with so much gratitude for this practice, and for the knowledge and wisdom with which it was delivered.From the depths of my heart, again, I say thank you.
Jackie VidorJackie Vidor
03:11 03 Oct 23
Romy gave me the most beautiful abyunga massage. Her touch, the music, the smells, were all amazing. I was very moved by the experience and highly recommend taking the time to do this!
Alex SmithAlex Smith
00:35 03 Oct 23
Hadn't had a treatment for some time and forgot how mind blowingly amazing it is. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and relaxed. Vital Veda is truly a hidden gem for anyone seeking an ayurvedic treatment. Highly recommend.
Ojas AyurvedicOjas Ayurvedic
23:43 20 Sep 23
Knowledgeable and professional.Dylan is a very understanding person with lot of wisdomHighly recommended 👌
Janine PasvolskyJanine Pasvolsky
01:54 09 Sep 23
That was my first Abhyanga treatment! Wow it was perfection. Thank you so much Romi 🙏🏼 I felt incredible peace and calm and even more so the day after. Thank you I loved it X Janine
Lucy MiddletonLucy Middleton
05:01 08 Sep 23
I had explored many options medically & naturally to try and manage my hormonal imbalances postpartum & some stress / anxiety that had resulted from it. Seeing Dylan from Vital Veda not only gave me the answers i was seeking but a program that was tailored to help restore my vitality. I am very grateful for the referral because i feel i'm on the right path to self restoration. Thank you
bryony Carterbryony Carter
09:52 07 Sep 23
Dylan has such a beautifully caring nature. In my session I received clarity in my health journey and herbs and practices to support my wellbeing. I felt very safe and held. I’m truly grateful. Dylan knows his stuff!
Penny CookePenny Cooke
08:22 05 Sep 23
I had Abhyunga sessions with Prema. I found them deeply relaxing and calming to my nervous system. I noticed I was slower and less reactive in a challenging situation.Prema was professional, sweet and caring
Parnella RayappanParnella Rayappan
03:52 31 Aug 23
My deepest thanks to Dylan for his insights during our consultation. I am working on becoming more consistent!
Harriet WHarriet W
01:05 23 Aug 23
I received the Shirodhara treatment and it was outstanding. This beautiful treatment lead to some deep inner improvement. Thank you so much Vital Veda!
Narmada SmithNarmada Smith
08:31 17 Aug 23
Recommend having a consult with Dylan to remedy any condition that ails the body.Dylan can advise the correct herbs after reading the pulse.He also advises life style changes to build immunity and strong digestion. He has corrected a chronic condition that I found challenging after years of regular treatment.The ayurvedic herbs available on the Vital Veda site are the best natural treatment available.They are made with love and care by the Raju family. Dylans mentors in India.
Katy PhillipsKaty Phillips
20:20 13 Aug 23
Dylan and Sole at Vital Veda present a wonderful and safe learning environment ,full of wisdom and practical experience for this unique course on Abyanga . An Authentic Ayurvedic tradition that is capable of teaching the novice to the more experienced practitioner. It was an amazing experience that nourishes to the very core of oneself.
Tarin BraganzaTarin Braganza
09:06 13 Aug 23
It was a very auspicious afternoon finding myself in the company of Dylan Smith for an Ayurvedic consultation in Melbourne.Dylans diagnosis left me completely impressed.I believe that only someone of his calibre and dedication to their craft would be able to carry out such a seamless and accurate consult.Moreover,you know you are in the best hands when the person attending to your health is a complete embodiment of WellBeing themselves.Thank you Dylan.
Annie CliffordAnnie Clifford
00:57 03 Aug 23
After completing the 7 day Abhyanga course with Dylan and Sole, I cannot recommend the program enough.Throughout the 7 days we practiced massage everyday by both giving and receiving on multiple bodies. I am super grateful for the knowledge and how thorough we were taught the technical aspects around massage and Ayurveda lineage. Abhyanga is such a beautiful and profound type of body work that I believe everyone needs to experience. From the physical to the mental benefits I received throughout the time, it has been a truly therapeutic experience on both sides.
Candice GohCandice Goh
00:56 03 Aug 23
I truly enjoyed my time with Dylan, Sole, and the beautiful group of passionate and like-minded individuals. The Abhyanga Massage Course in Sydney was everything that I’d imagined and more. As an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, the immersive learnings had helped me to refine my craft and appreciate this sophisticated art of healing even more. It is my great blessing to be learning this wisdom from Vital Veda and I’m grateful for the support, exchange and love. The consistent practice of self-Abhyanga, pulse reading, meditation (and eating Sattvic), was an integral aspect to my personal transformation. JGD.
Sinead KaneSinead Kane
00:54 03 Aug 23
I Recently completed the Abhyanga massage training with Dylan & Sole from Vital Veda. I am grateful for the teachings they have provided & for sharing their knowledge. If you’re looking for Ayurvedic consults, training or treatments from such devoted practitioners that really honour the science of Ayurveda, traditionally. I do and always will recommend Dylan, Sole & the Vital Veda team.Jai Guru Deva ❤️
Maddie CulicanMaddie Culican
00:49 03 Aug 23
Just completed Vital Veda’s Intensive Abhyanga Course. Highly recommend for those wanting to give a deeply nourishing treatment whether to friends, to the community or for themselves.Profound, deep Ancient knowledge was shared- the technical aspects and precision to detail is unmatched. Feeling extremely inspired and fortunate to have received this knowledge from Dylan, Sole and the team at Vital Veda. Jai Guru Deva
Raewyn FernandezRaewyn Fernandez
00:42 03 Aug 23
The Abhyanga training was incredible! The pace of the course and the ‘stacking’ of knowledge has left me feeling confident and capable. Both Dylan and Sole were incredibly generous with sharing their wisdom. The group environment enhanced the experience and supported the deep dive into this ancient practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Ayurveda or Abhyanga.
Jazz LewisJazz Lewis
03:29 08 May 23
I had the pleasure to experience Abahyanga massage with Dylan. This experience is like no other for the body but also for the mind, stress release and inner wellness. Dylan’s presence can be sensed all around you during the treatment, you can feel his connection to the divine flowing through his hands.He is truely remarkable. Highly recommend!
Louise TiernanLouise Tiernan
04:17 12 Apr 23
My interactions with Vital Veda have been powerful and evolutionary. From pulse diagnosis that cut straight to the root cause to simple dietary tweaks that made a big difference, treatments that were incredibly nourishing and detoxifying.. and of course the abundance of knowledge offerings that help me manage and enliven my own natural health. Highly recommend!
Navratan sahuNavratan sahu
09:19 16 Feb 23
The team at Vital Veda have educated me in such a practical yet powerful way to significantly improve my health. And in such a empowering way! I feel more independent in governing my health plus having Invaluable support from the VV team and community। Thank you !
Becke B.Becke B.
01:15 20 Jan 23
I had an online consultation with Dylan for some specific digestive issues, as well as general health questions. His extensive knowledge of and love for Ayurveda is evident and inspiring. He suggested some herbs, oils, slight diet and routine changes, which have all been more than helpful. One can actually feel the love and honor to Nature that is put into the preparation of the Vital Veda products. Thank you!
Maria KushnirovMaria Kushnirov
12:12 10 Jan 23
It was a privilege to meet with Dylan. He was professional and made me feel at ease. He instantly tuned into my true needs and where I was out of balance. Dylan offered me advice from the small, everyday tweaks you can make straight away to the bigger, longer term changes. Thank you Dylan!
kristy joneskristy jones
04:02 01 Aug 22
Sole was my Doula for my first baby this year. She supported me through the process beautifully, I felt supported mentally & physically through out and I would highly recommend her.I chose to use the supporting herbs recommended and postpartum diet, which also was a huge benefit. My milk supply came through really well and Phoenix is very calm and grounded.
Hilary EllisHilary Ellis
20:11 25 Jul 22
So very grateful to have the opportunity to work with the wonderful Sole through our birth and post partum planning. As I’m in another country our sessions are virtual, but feels very much like in person. Sole is wonderfully engaging, knowledgeable and thorough. Both Myself and my husband were asked to think about areas of both birth and postpartum that we’d never considered and that have now formed integral parts of the journey. We feel fully informed and empowered for this incredible next step in our lives. Thank you,
Andrew EwingAndrew Ewing
07:45 14 Jul 22
Nourishing Abhyanga Ayurvedic oil massage with Dylan and his magic presence. Grateful for your medicine, was long overdue. Definitely will do again soon.
Jess OsieJess Osie
11:37 04 Jul 22
I received a series of Abhyangas with Sole at VV. These are not a regular massages. What I love most about these treatments is the love and care from the practitioner. Along with the deeply relaxing massage strokes, my body dropped into deep states of healing, awakening harmony all throughout. After each treatment, I left feeling nourished, totally relaxed and radiantly vital. Thank you Vital Veda, you're the best!
Hannah KeoghHannah Keogh
20:56 21 Jun 22
Learning Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage in Sydney with Dylan and Sole was so nourishing for the soul!! They are extremely knowledgable and so generous with their teachings. I left feeling inspired, alive and grateful. Highly recommend to everyone even if you are not planning on doing paid treatments, it will deepen your own self abhyanga practise and a beautiful gift for friends and family.
isa killoranisa killoran
20:08 16 Jun 22
Ever so grateful for Dylan and the whole team, always willing to be supportive in any possible way. I’ve been taking in a lot of the knowledge generously spread by Dylan through podcast and social media for a long while , and finally had a consultation. The warm, confident and clear, straightforward approach in guiding me throughout my healing journey have brought a new sense of calm and surrender; a certainty that I am in the right path, and in good hands.Thank you VV for working so hard and sincerely, and dedicating yourselves with such passion, purity and devotion to that which you do. It is clear you want to give out nothing but the best . JGD.
Ben ChungBen Chung
00:48 27 May 22
Woah what an incredible experience. I feel completely blissed out. My body and mind feel both a perfect mixture of calm yet energized. I feel I am radiating a bubbly joy as I move through the day. Sole is amazing. Jai Guru Deva
10:55 18 May 22
This was my first experience of Abhyanga. I felt so calm & nourished. I highly recommend receiving one. Dylan shares his gifts of knowledge from Ayurveda with such clarity. Thank you
Amanda LambertAmanda Lambert
02:07 15 May 22
I really appreciated my session with Dylan this week lots of knowledge, intuitive wisdom and I feel empowered to enhance my holistic wellbeing 🙏
Glen CarlsonGlen Carlson
01:21 11 May 22
Dylan is the real deal. His pulse reading directly uncovered some private issues that I hadn't shared to anyone. Mind blowing accurate. After 3 days taking the herbs and treatments he recommended and I'm feeling happier and healthier than I have in years. He's reassuringly expensive, don't hesitate.
renee coombsrenee coombs
03:20 09 May 22
My family and I have received so much care from the vital Veda team and are really seeing the benefits of Ayurveda. Dylan’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and the authenticity really shows. Abhyanga massage is highly recommend by either Dylan or Sole.
Marisa RobinsonMarisa Robinson
04:13 04 Apr 22
I recently had an online consultation with Dylan and it was extremely helpful and informative. Not only did Dylan share his extensive knowledge and wisdom but he put together a realistic treatment plan which aligned to my health goals. He also provided additional references so I could expand on my learnings too. I am looking forward to my follow up appointment in a months time and continuing to improve my overall health.
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