Friends of Vital Veda

Friends of Vital Veda

Below are health and living essentials I recommend because (as per my research and experience), they are top quality, authentic, effective and created by wonderful people!

Copper Ware and Sustainable Yoga Mats


Healthy Technology

Earthing Oz - Protection from phones, laptops, healthy ear phones (air tubes), clothing, shielding, earthing.

CLEARphone by ClearUnited, Inc.

ClearUnited develops state of the art cellphones embedded with user-friendly data encryption technology that severely restricts the capacity of big-tech companies to access your personal data, and allows you to actually own and manage all your personal information with ease; all at reasonable and affordable prices. - for more information click HERE

CLEARphone 620 by ClearUnited Inc.

Orgone Effects - Australia | Discount coupon (10% OFF): VITALVEDA

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products to neutralize the harmful effects of all forms of noxious energy emissions.

Fertility & Contraception

Daysy - Natural Fertility Tracking - reliable and precise.


She Births - Sydney, worldwide and online. "The better birthing method." Discount code: vitalveda10

Leah Patara-Ammitzboll - Melbourne. Doula, woman's coach.

Artificial Light Protection

The best (and stylish) Blue Light Blocking Glasses - RA Optics
Discount Code: VITALVEDA

RA Optics Blue light blocking lenses for day-time and night-time

Bon Charge (Formerly BLUblox) - healthy light bulbs, sleep masks, red light device, glasses.

Iris - Blue light filter and eye protection software.
Get 10% off with our unique link.

Foods: High Quality, Sustainable & Medicinal

Native Bee Propolis from Native Beeings - Discount code: VITALVEDA

Honey & Bee Pollen from Amber Drop Honey - Discount code: VITALVEDA

Amber Drop Honey

Aloe Vera Products by Stockton1: (Juice, cosmetics, plant) - Discount code: VITALVEDA

Fresh Produce in Sydney: Petes Organic Market - Great prices for fresh produce, free deliver. - Discount Code: OBG590

Quality Raw Dairy in New York from Udder Milk.


Miriam's Earthen Cookware (The Healthiest Cookware on the Planet) - DISCOUNT CODE: mec10vitalveda


Beautiful Water Filter - The World's Best Water Filter (seriously, have a look) (Filter + Restructure). Discount code: VITALVEDA

Mt Calga Spring Water, Delivers to Sydney and surrounding areas. Annie +61 412 858 585. Mention Dylan from Vital Veda. 

Nikken PiMag Water Filters - mention Dylan Smith, Vital Veda for a discount.

Olinda - Spring Water Delivery Melbourne.


Buy quality spring water from Tourmaline Spring.

Spring water delivered to your home from Live Spring Water.

WORLDWIDE - find and harvest your own spring water.

Wisdom, Learning & Courses

Internal Oceans - A Guardians Manual for Human Bodies of Water with Jen Isabel Friend
This course you learn about water, proper hydration, and how addressing water is essential for health. Check out our popular podcast episode with Jen. Discount code: VITALVEDA

Below are practitioners and teachers I recommend for their expertise, wisdom and authenticity! Whether you need to find an Ayurvedic practitioner in your area, a meditation teacher, yoga teacher, astrologer or an Ayurvedic chef, these are the people and places I suggest you check out.



Emma Burrell - Ayurvedic therapist and treatments (Preston).

Samantha Robertson - Practitoner. (Bulleen) / 0412 738 640

Alex Klein - Ayurvedic catering, workshops and home delivery service (Australia wide)


Narissa Moeller - Ayurvedic Practitioner & therapist // +61 400 256 456


Erandati (Erin) Benjamin | Inner Soma Ayurveda - Ayurvedic consults remote and in person; Abhyanga; Shirodhara; Bastis (greeva, kati) / 0421 037 062


Ratna Ayurvedic Clinic


Jes Chev - Ayurvedic chef + therapist.


Raju Family Clinic - Hyderabad. Panchakarma and more.

Rajus Ayurveda - (2nd clinic) Hyderabad. Panchakarma and more.


Dr. John Douillard - Colorado


Sukhavati retreat centre with Dr. Raju for Banana Treatment.


Ayurveda cooking and nutrition classes with Tim Mitchell, Yoga of the Kitchen



Lesley-Anne Becker-Goodman - Mullumbimby. Psychotherapist, Vedic meditation teacher and Chakra therapist.

The Making of Men - Dr Arne Rubinstein is an expert on adolescent development and Rites of Passage. They run camps, workshops and training.

Mark Blondel - Merimbula, Sydney and abroad for Ritam Integration Therapy (Energy Healing).

Vedic Meditation


Limor Babai - Double Bay, Sydney

Mahasoma - Melbourne & VIC

Jonni Pollard - Byron Bay

Geoff Rupp - Clovelly, Newcaslte, Toowoomba

Steph Watson - Noosa and Brisbane

Stephanie Colman - Bondi

Matt Ringrose - Bondi

Jess Osie - Bondi

Dan Snow - Bronte Beach

Angela Lyos - Manly

The Sattva Life - Avalon (Meditation + Yoga)

Nicho Plowman - Manly

Rachael Sardelich - South Coast & Northern Beaches

Richard Stables - Melbourne


Lauren Godfrey - Wellington and Auckland.

Georgia Vavasour - Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Wanaka.


Robert Hammond - NYC

Theo Burkhardt - Korea Town, NYC & USA.

Jill Wener - Atlanta

Yashoda Devi Ma - Boulder, CO


Isabel Keoseyan


Michael and Jillian - London and NYC

Michael Standish - London, ‭+44 7711 421678‬


Eddie Vero


Dr. Ron Ehrlich | Sydney Holistic Dental Center - / (02) 8074 3940

Dr. Phil Stein | Bupa Dental in Cremorne - (02) 9197 8924

Yoga Teachers


Simon-Borg Oliver - Newtown, Bondi. Global retreats and teacher training.

Master Zhen Hua Yang - Bankstown and international. Yoga, martial arts, sports consultant.

Gwyn Williams - Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Dalia Gencher, Max Gencher - Sattva Yoga in Sydney & Byron

Sattva Sanctuary - Byron Shire


Anand Mehrotra - Sattva Yoga, Rishikesh

Vedic Astrology


Pundit Sudheer - Sydney and skype consultations. Jyotishi, Pundit and classical Indian music teacher.

Dalia Gencher - Byron, Sydney, Online.


Dr. Harsha Raju - Hyderabad and skype consultations. Jyotishi and Vaidya.


Astrological Gem - USA. Natural Jyotish gemstones for vedic astrology and Ayurveda. Mention Vital Veda for a discount.

Yashoda Devi Ma - Jyotishi in Boulder, CO. Phone consultations available.

Laura Plumb - Jyotishi in San Diego, CA. Online consultations available. | Discount Code: PLUMB10


RNR CREATIVE- Art Direction, graphic design, and branding.

Wellness & Education

Natural Woman Network with Wendy Dumaresq - Menopause, periods, hormones and more. Education + consultations. Online and South Coast NSW. Mention Vital Veda for bonus education resources.

To Guide the Child / Carli Saber - Alternative Education for children seeking to aid their individual needs, in order to grow and support their holistic self while allowing them to follow their strengths, desires and needs. Consultations, subconscious reprogramming sessions (for both adults and children) & alternative options and homeschool Co-ops for children following unschooling philosophy.