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Private Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat

Immerse, Rejuvenate and Optimise Your Energy Levels

Private Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreats are in the comfort of your own home, a rental or our Sydney clinic for a maximum of 1-3 people for 5 or 7 days.

This is a time for you to deepely rest and recharge. Surrender your usual day-to-day acitvites for an immersion as we pamper you with many hours of profound Ayurvedic treatments throughout the day using superior herbs and oils.

Vital Veda will nourish you with healing and tasty food that you’ll feel energised from (catering optional).

All while you do no-thing but deeply rest and honour yourself with nourishment and self-respect.

Our private retreats are for a maximum 1-3 people. This small group can be your family/friends. ⠀⠀⠀

At Your Service

We are here to support and empower you. Revitalise you with energy and enhance your mitochondrial function (foundational cellular energy) that may be hampered due to stressful environments, tasks or certain events that have occurred.

We are a service to provide profound healing in balancing your physiology through a blissful and luxurious transformative experience.

What is Involved

Our Rejuvenation Retreat is tailored for each individual and includes taking herbs, treatments and adjusting diet and lifestyle to cleanse and renew the body.

These treatments are hands-on, rejuvenating techniques that purge physiological stress and toxins out of the body that covers the underlying natural state of perfect health residing in everyone.

While detox is one component, the main focus is on rejuvenation. Providing a deep sense of rest, bliss and nourishment allow the systems in the body to re-balance to optimal performance.

A Day of Life at our Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat

There is no “one size fits all” treatment in Ayurveda. Treatments are individualised and determined on the basis of each person’s constitution, state of health and daily schedule. This will be determined during your initial consultation.

  • Wake up naturally, ideally with the sun or what your body wants.
  • Meditation (essential) and yoga if appropriate.
  • Firstly you see practitioner Dylan Smith for a short pulse consultation to monitor how you are going and to determine the treatment plan for that day.
  • Herbal Foot-Bath (Pada Prakshana) – Initially soaking the feet in medicated decoction initially relaxes and calms the nervous system.
  • Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage) – This activates the body, particularly the central nervous system to be ready to receive morning treatments.
  • Mukha Abhyanga (Face massage)
  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage) – full body massage with special medicated oils.
  • Back, Neck and Spine Treatment (Back Bastis) – Medicated oil application to the spine.
  • Body Paste (Lepam)  – A herbal paste is applied to the back in the case of any musculoskeletal or energetic imbalances.
  • Sweating Treatments (Sveda) – Pampering the body with warm herbal poultices (Pinda Sveda) and/or Sunbathing (Heliotherapy) will open up the pores to eliminate the toxins that have been collected and allow herbs to be absorbed.
  • Sun Bathing (Heliotherapy) – After morning treatments to sweat and allow the sweat glands to detoxify and herbs to absorb into the body via the skin. (If the sun is shining).


Front Organ Bastis – Medicated oil is held over vital organs such as the heart, navel and liver.

Takradhara or Shirodhara where medicated buttermilk or warm medicated oil is poured over the head in a rhythmic manner to pacify the mind, eradicate stress and emotional disturbance, balane hormones and much more.

If required, you may start Eye Treatments after the Takradhara/Shirodhara where medicated ghee is held over the eyes to improve vision, help with eye disorders and prevent macular degeneration.

Bed Time Treatment

Your technician will come to your bedroom to put you to sleep with a little oil application to the head + foot massage.

At some stage in your program, you will additionally be having small nourishing oil enemas to feed your microbiome and nourish your enteric nervous system – the largest nerve plexus in the body located in the gut. It is the home of all connections and body channels

Is The Rejuvenation Program Difficult or Challenging?

Mostly it is total bliss, relaxation and luxury when you are being pampered a lot daily. You are treated like royalty.

Stress-release and emotions exiting the body may bring up some uncomfortable experiences, but this is a positive outcome as these memories/traumas are leaving the body

What is The Best Time To Do the Rejuvenation Retreat

When you can take time out to rest!

When work and family commitments are minimal. When you can spend time away from emails and screens.

Typically our senses are so overloaded with external stimuli that it keeps us from having a true experience of ourselves. Our Rejuvenation Retreat turns the senses inside out to feel the deeper parts of ourselves.

Generally, this retreat should be done regularly.

Perhaps the most important time to do this retreat is before conception, for both the male and female. This is absolutely vital because the physiology of the sperm and ovum at the time of conception will be transferred to the health of the future offspring. Our rejuvenation retreat enhances the health of sperm and ovum at the seed level, and treatments can be tailored for fertility

Ayurvedic Food

Food is life. It’s that which makes us feel nurtured, alive and fulfilled.

Our menus are 100% vegetarian, designed around the principles of Ayurveda, using seasonal, organic farm to table produce. Blending traditional Ayurvedic cooking with modern cuisine, we cater to a wide variety of dietary preferences and unique requirements that are optimal for the individual.

Eating food prepared and served by us goes beyond nutritional nourishment, food as medicine and sensual bliss. The strong passion, love and devotional service he puts into cooking, serving and sharing is itself a healing experience and transforms your relationship with food for the good


Our Rejuvenation Packages Include:

  • All Ayurvedic treatments, which can range from 4-7 hours of treatments a day.
  • We utilise rare and precious superior herbs and oils in the treatments. Very different to your regular Ayurvedic oils.
  • Daily consultations with practitioner Dylan Smith, and access to mentoring and knowledge sessions on demand.
  • One phone consultation 2-6 weeks prior to your Rejuvenation Retreat with practitioner Dylan Smith. This is for you to begin to strip away the surface layers of imbalance, so when the times comes to start the retreat, we can go deeper.
  • Ayurvedic physicians and therapists to serve you and there for you for anything. As well as Dylan, there probably will be another therapist treating you and at your service.
  • Herbal and Ritual Kit – an array of precious herbs and oils for your personal use. You are sent your kit two weeks before your retreat to start the process of purification and balancing health. This kit lasts for 1-2 months and includes post-treatment to continue the rejuvenation effect and imbue lasting results.
  • Food – Highly nourishing, tasty, fresh, organic, sattvic (pure) food that is high in prana (life-force). This not only nourishes you on the nutrient level but also provides a sensual experience that is healing itself and changes your relationship with food. You will be provided 3 meals a day plus snacks according to your treatment and nourishing beverages throughout the day.
  • Vedic ceremonies (Yagyasare performed for you by Vedic priests (pundits) at the same time as your treatments. These ceremonies which include primordial sounds trigger certain laws of nature and start when your treatment starts and lasts for 10 days (only required for certain treatments).

Prices are to be determined according to the individual(s). Please enquire for an individualised quote.

Additional Costs:

  • Accommodation and travel expenses if outside of Sydney. If there is a room available to accommodate Dylan and the team in the house we are treating, that is fine.

If the retreat is done in Sydney:

  • You have the option to have your morning and afternoon treatments at the Vital Veda clinic in Bronte Beach. This means we don’t set up a clinic in your house/rental.
  • Night-time treatments will be in your bed at your house/rental.
  • We will be cooking in our clinic and providing you every day the fresh meals.

(If you are renting or staying in Sydney, we recommend you stay in Tamarama or nearby).

Is This Rejuvenation Retreat Panchakarma?

Although similar, this is not full a panchakarma, hence we do not call it that. A lot of Ayurvedic “spas” in the west are claiming they are offering panchakarma when it is not panchakarma.

Panchakarma is a profound Ayurvedic detox program that requires 3-8 weeks time to collect toxins into the gastrointestinal tract before eliminating it via advanced detoxification actions. This requires time, resources and an expert Vaidya (Ayurvedic physician).

Watch this video on Panchakarma to learn more.

Spaces are limited and bookings must be made in advance to reserve the amount of time.

For bookings or any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us

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