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"Dylan, my Ayurvedic Practitioner of choice in Australia, is an expert at knowing how to properly move imbalances from all the tissues of the body in a very systematic way. It’s a system of consciousness moving consciousness. Dylan is a premier conscious man, and what he does with his hands is a reflection of his consciousness. He is able to move imbalances out of your body to allow it to be expelled in a proper and safe way. This method is Abhyanga. After a treatment with Dylan, the body is able to release the consciousness into its fullest potential. What I experience when I am treated by Dylan is an experience of the restoration of creative intelligence of the body that then liberates the mind to be able to perform at its fullest potential."
Thom Knoles, Maharishi Vyasananda, Vedic Master 

“I’ve sent my mother, my partner and my best friends to Dylan. His expertise and care are exceptional. He's truly impressive.”
Jo, journalist

Abhyanga Testimonials

“I have had quite a few Ayurvedic massage over the years, and that was the best one I have ever had, without a doubt.”
Simon Borg-Oliver, Yoga Master

"During my Abhyangha session I completely lost myself and I began to feel like an ancient land being shaped and sculpted by the elements. Each stroke and touch evoked the sensation of ocean currents, tides and powerful winds shifting and configuring my earthen body - deeply cleansing me.  It was an incredible feeling. Dylan truly is a master at what he does. Jai Guru Deva."
Tory, Meditation Teacher

“I don’t even have words for how good that was.”
Suparna, entrepreneur, after an Abhyanga

“I feel like i have had a 1 week sleep…and i hadn’t been sleeping at night because of too much going on in my mind.”
Rao, businessman, after an Abhyanga

"Dylan's attention to client specific needs is sensitive and thorough. His facilitation to my Abhyanga massages prompted full release of traumatic muscle memory caused by physical and emotional distress. Our sessions together nurture physical emotional and spiritual vitality."
Max, musician

"The best Abhyanga outside of India. For an authentic Ayurvedic massage, I highly recommend Dylan. His attention to all the subtle details of Ayurveda; from the hot oil to his intention while treating you make for a wonderful experience. He is a gifted healer and you will come away from the treatment feeling calm, centred and happy. It is so much more than a massage."
Limor Babai, Meditation Teacher

“That was the best experience i have ever had in my life. Everyone has to try this!”
Sarah, Student after an Abhyanga

Danna, psychologist, after an abhyanga

“The Abhyanga session was the most relaxed I have been in months.”
Danielle, artistic director

"I was recently massaged by Dylan Smith and found him to be a total professional. thoroughly well prepared, courteous, discreet and clearly well practiced. His massage technique was firm without being painful, he made sure I was comfortable and informed as he conducted the massage and I was able to fully relax and enjoy the experience. In fact I may even have drifted off for a few blissful minutes there! I highly recommend him."
Martin, actor

I received an Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage with Vital Veda in Sydney it felt like fractal patterns realigning my energy to flow. Thank you!
Kaye, Switzerland

I received an Abhyanga massage with Dylan Smith in Melbourne, it was sensational! I have had a lot of massages, and have not experienced anything like Dylan's massage. Dylan expresses a lot of love and attention to detail. Very intelligent and passionate. Thank you. x
Alex, Chef

I received an Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage from Dylan in Bondi, Sydney. Words cannot express how amazing this treatment was. I've had abhyanga oil massages at panchakarma centres in India, and this far surpassed those treatments. Dylan's treatments exude love, consciousness, and care for the wellbeing of the client. The abhyanga included 'traditional' aspects, plus lots of extras such as marma therapy. I was only in Sydney for a short while and went for 2 treatments, I'd go again every day if I could. Thank you, Dylan!
Jill, Medical Doctor

Other Testimonials

“I wanted to cry. Cry out of happiness. Laugh and cry. That was so amazing! Such a strong feeling of ectasy and happiness, like an orgasm…my body needed it… bliss.”
Lora, graphic designer, after Abhyanga + Sound healing session.

“I woke up feeling really open and revitalised, I had so much tension and energy that needed to be released. The didge stimulated some strong energy, I feel more alert and positive.”
Lora, graphic designer, the morning after the Abhyanga + Sound healing session.

"Dylan is a dedicated and talented Ayurvedic practitioner who studied under the renowned Raju family in India. He has access to high quality special herbs and traditional Indian medicine. I had lower back issues and completed a series of 7 Basti's which included massage with medicated oils. The quality of the treatment , the setting, even down to the relaxing whale music, made it a very special experience. Not only has it alleviated my back pain but also gave me a rejuvenated psychological boost. I actually attended a brief mini panchakarma session for a week in India with Basti’s but found Dylan's Basti’s to be more effective, this might have to do with his strong healing energy, his intention and use of quality medicated oils."
Trevor, Recruiting Agent

"Incredible! Instantly cured my jetlag, after a long haul Paris-Sydney flight."
Neomal, business man, after the TakraDhara treatment

“Last night was incredible. Woke up feeling AMAZING today. Awesome! Delicious. Feel so energetic today.”
Jessica, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Meditation Teacher, the morning after a ShiroDhara.

"Discovering Ayurveda about 10 years ago remains one of the most profoundly significant experiences of my life. Being a mum with young children the opportunity for me to return to India for some authentic healing is a while away so to recently discover Dylan Smith of Vital Veda in Bondi is wonderful. He is living his Dharma and offering such a beautiful gift of deep, nourishing healing. I just blissed out during an Abhyangha and have booked in for next week too. Dylan is amazing. I am so grateful to him for doing what he does.”
Amy, Psychologist

“I was fortunate enough to have a consultation with Dylan when his close associate from India, Dr Raju visited Melbourne in June. The experience was rather eye-opening and unique. Dr Raju was humble yet freakishly insightful and Dylan expertly interpreted/explained the treatments as well as dispensing correct medicines and answering any questions I had. A memorable and excellent experience.”
J.C. Bloomer, Designer

"On another positive note, my hair is like it was when I was a young girl!"
Merilyn, 76 and retired, after 2 TakraDhara treatments.

"I recently attended Vital Veda for a series of Janu Basti (Knee Basti). After suffering with discomfort in my knees and calves for as long as I could remember, the tension and pain has incredibly disappeared since having this treatment. Dylan is learned, thoughtful and combines the treatment with a holistic approach to wellness management. Will be returning for future treatments ASAP!"
Justin, Lawyer

“I had pain and troubles with my knees for quite a while. At one point I was in excruciating pain for 2 weeks, waiting for Dylan to get back from travels. After just 3 of these treatments, the pain is almost completely gone..I haven’t felt the way I feel, in a hell of a long time.”
Sandy during a Janu (Knee) Basti series.

I received a Kati and Greeva Basti treatment for my spine, back and neck with Vital Veda in Sydney. This was a deeply relaxing experience, I felt as if I was away on a retreat. Amazingly, after the treatment, my senses felt sharpened and I experienced an increased appreciation for nature and being outdoors. I’d love to do the treatment again. Dylan also prescribed a diet, lifestyle and herbal plan that has been easy to follow, feels so nurturing and has helped me feel so much better.
Lisa, Teacher

“I have noticed that my legs no longer get cramps when I am taking Kesha Rasayana (Raju herbs at Vital Veda) and my hair and nails which took a battering when I had radiation and chemo are really improving.”
Faye, Carer

Banana Treatment Testimonials

Unbearable Pain, Menorrhagia and Iron Transfusions

Ten years ago I used to be hospitalised for my period pain as it was so deliberating I would pass out. After lots of western medicine specialist appointments and many pharmaceutical drugs, I was told that I had endometriosis and went in for a laparoscopy to remove it, but there was nothing found. This is when my deeper journey with the natural and eastern medicine began. I did too many things to mention over the next 10 years and was feeling much better and then 10 months before my first banana treatment I started bleeding in my monthly cycle enough for 10 women. I was losing so much blood my haemoglobin count and anaemia was eventually so low that I needed to start getting iron infusions at a haematologist to stop my hair falling out, reverse my complete loss in appetite, stop my headaches, depression, lethargy and rapid heart rate which decreased my sleep quality. I did these things for 6 months but things were not getting much better and eventually I was hospitalised again. After much investigation, I saw Krishna-Ji for the first time. He had a new theory different to everyone, that was holistic and made sense, so I decided to see if what he was talking about might work. I stopped eating a mostly raw vegan diet and adopted a mostly cooked and warm Ayurvedic diet. I then did my first banana treatment in June 2016. My first time was thee most profound experience, it was very powerful and started working for me before I even ate my first fingernail size of ‘special’ banana. I slept so much during those days and my cycle immediately changed. From that cycle and going forward, I had a light flow for the first time in my life and little to no period pain at all. Both of these things had never happened to me in 17 years. I did my second banana treatment 6 months after that, and it was not as strong but toward the end of the long 7 day cycle, I cleared some blockages that needed to happen. I also cleared some deep emotional and mental traumas. Again it improved my periods. But then I found myself feeling the same feeling again and needing an iron infusion due to too much blood loss again. Since that treatment in April 2018, I have not needed an iron infusion since and my flow has been quite regular. The cramps and breasts lumps have come back a bit, but I am about due for my next banana treatment and I look forward to experiencing what my body needs next time. This is important work that needs to be cleared and done, especially for those with reproductive health issues and those wanting to have a healthy baby.
Beverly, Marketing Agent

Debilitating Period Pain

I have had debilitating periods all my life...horrible cramps, nausea, and pain. After receiving banana treatment from Dr. Pavani Raju, I would say my periods are 95-99% better. Not only that, but it has had a side effect of giving me greater confidence and sense of self. I feel very lucky to have been given this treatment.
Jenny, USA
The Banana Purification Treatment was an incredibly special experience. I am very very grateful that I finally experienced it. The month before I received the BT my cycle was a nightmare. I went to the hospital from being in such tremendous and unbearable pain. Morphine wasn't even enough because I suffered from a partially ruptured ovarian cyst. My doctor assumed it crossed with a blood vessel. This brings the worst pain ever. It has been likened to child birth, followed by massive abdominal swelling The 2-3 prior cycles were increasing in pain leading up to last month where I couldn't even stand or walk. I could just curl into myself on the floor, using all my energy to endure the pain. This past cycle, after taking the banana treatment, I barely felt any pain at all (just some the first day, but Advil was sufficient in relieving the pain). I am so grateful!!! I was actually scared and anxious about the next cycle, wondering if I'd end up in the hospital again. The BT itself was very humbling and beautiful. I felt incredibly happy and loving afterwards and during the treatment. I since have felt lighter in body and spirit, like every cell in my body was invigorated and born anew. I felt incredibly awake, though at the same time very exhausted. Being in Dr. Raju's presence was humbling, cleansing, soothing, and inspiring. I will tell every woman I know and love to come the next time Dr. Raju comes to town. I will go too. I can hardly wait. 🙂 Thank you with my whole heart and spirit.
Lynn, USA
Stability, clarity and internal strength are the prominent effects the Banana Treatment has had on me. I find it very settling and strengthening to mind, soul and physiology. Female hormones are one of the most determining factors of a woman’s state of being. The Banana Treatment balances these hormones on a very fundamental level, creating lasting harmony. In my case, a concrete example is the positive influence the Banana Treatment had on my period. I used to not be able to “survive” my very long and heavy cycles without using pain relievers which was a big stress. After taking just two Banana Treatments, I could already feel a big difference. My cycles became shorter and less painful. After two more treatments, my cycles now only last 5 days and I can get by without using pain medicine at all. The Banana Treatment has also helped me to settle anxiety and insomnia. I am very grateful for having found this treatment. Through balancing my hormones, it has not only helped me to balance my physical body, but also to balance myself.
Natalie, Germany

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