Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Oil Massage Course

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Learn the profound techniques of ABHYANGA - Ayurvedic Massage
Over the years many people from all walks of life, including health practitioners and therapists from various health modalities have come to be treated by me with Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Oil Massage.
Abhyanga is much more than a massage, it is an expansive and profound experience providing healing and bliss to those who receive it.
Therapists, clients and body-work students have asked to learn these unique ancient techniques of Abhyanga, so I’ve decided to offer this rare knowledge that I am so blessed to have received from my teachers who are potent administrators of healing.
Many students who have been taught Abhyanga miss out on specific techniques and methods to practice correctly with the potent healing that is available through this profound therapy.
Through an intimate four-day experience, you will learn this powerful knowledge and be guided step-by-step by myself and my colleague Sole, leaving you feeling empowered to practice this technique on yourself and others.
This course will be the initial foundation towards continuing to learn other Ayurvedic body therapies such as Shirodhara, Back Bastis, other external basti treatments and more Ayurvedic body therapies.

This is not a Government certified course and does not provide you with a license to practice any type of body therapy.

What To Expect

2023 dates to be announced
At the Vital Veda clinic in Tamarama, Sydney.
During these 6-7 consecutive full days of deep learning, you will be introduced to the foundations of Ayurveda and to the intricacies of this powerful therapeutic massage.
A full Ayurvedic, organic & vegetarian lunch is included for each day.

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Massage

Abhyanga is a rejuvenating full-body massage that incorporates medicated oils specific to the unique constitution of the individual and the season.
It is particularly effective to stimulate and strengthen the lymphatic system, pacify the nervous system, optimise blood circulation, enhance the body’s innate detox mechanisms, internally lubricate, and much more.
Special consideration is given to the Marma Points which are the special storehouses of energy and concentrated life force. Learn how to enliven the Marmas are for vast harmonious effects.
Learn how to integrate Abhyanga with other body treatments, Ayurvedic or other modalities.
Both Dylan and his partner and colleague, Sole, have a reputation for providing exceptional Abhyanga treatments that provide a highly blissful experience that instills significant lasting effects.
Learn the techniques they have cultivated over years of experience.
There are three main components to a full Abhyanga which you will learn:
  1. Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage)
  2. Mukha Abhyanga (Face Massage)
  3. Abhyanga (Body Massage)
Dylan Smith performing an Abhyanga Massage
Within these three are a complex communion between the therapist and the clients vast array of body parts, musculo-skeletal structures, organs, cells, marma points and subtle bodies.
You will also learn which medicated oils and techniques to use in different scenarios and individuals, as well as when Abhyanga is indicated and contraindicated.

Pulse Diagnosis and Pulse-Therapy

Pulse diagnosis, a healing art and science, is a most refined, accurate and comprehensive diagnostic tool employed to figure out where any imbalance exists in the body, and what the nature of the imbalance is.
The Pulse Diagnosis method that I teach is one of the easiest and most effective methods out there.
Dylan Smith feeling the pulse of a patient
This method was passed down by my teachers, internationally renowned masters of Ayurveda and pulse diagnosis, the Raju family of Vaidyas.
Every Ayurvedic body treatment starts with the practitioner feeling the client’s pulse, so I will initiate you into tools and practices for you to begin to use pulse on yourself (self-pulse) and on other people at a very introductory level. Later, if charmed, you can dive deeper into the pulse.


To sign up to the waiting list for the next installment of this course please email info@vitalveda.com.au


Q: Who is the course for? 
A: This course is for all new/aspiring body therapists and people who already have experience practicing any type of body therapy.
Q: Do I need to be experienced in Ayurveda or other body therapies?
A: No, we welcome all different levels of experience both in all body therapies & Ayurveda.
Q: What will the food be like? 
A: The food will be all organic, vegetarian, ayurvedic sattvic (wholesome and pure) foods cooked by Satya Foods and catered to your specific requirements as best as we can. 
Q: Will I receive a certification after finishing the course? 
A: Yes, upon completion of the course you will be eligible for a Vital Veda certificate of completion where we credit you as a skilled Abhyanga body therapist. Note this is NOT a government-certified accreditation, this is only recognised by Vital Veda and determines that you are capable of providing Abhyanga at a high level of efficacy, uniqueness & skill. 
Q: Can I get any job opportunities related to the course?
A: We are planning to expand our clinic with new therapists, so we can potentially hire you at the Vital Veda clinic. We would also be able to refer you to other respected Ayurvedic clinics & practitioners.
Q: I have already learnt to give Abhyanga, is this course for me?
A: Absolutely, even if you are already an experienced Ayurvedic therapist you will be deepening your knowledge and learning new techniques. 

Abhyanga Reviews

"I had quite a few Ayurvedic massages over the years, and this one was the best one I've ever had, without a doubt."

- Simon

"During my Abhyanga session I completely lost myself and I began to feel like an ancient land being shaped and sculpted by the elements. Each stroke and touch evoked the sensation of ocean currents, tides and powerful winds shifting and configuring my earthen body - deeply cleansing me. It was an incredible feeling. Dylan truly is a master at what he does. Jai Guru Deva."

- Tory

"The best Abhyanga outside of India. For an authentic massage, I highly recommend Dylan. His attention to all the subtle details of Ayurveda, from the hot oil to his intention while treating you make for a wonderful experience. He is a gifted healer and you will come away from the treatment feeling calm, centered and happy. It is so much more than a massage."

- Limor

"That was the best experience I've ever had in my life. Everyone has to try this!"

- Sarah

"I received an Abhyanga Massage with Dylan and it was sensational! I've had a lot of massages and have not experienced anything like Dylan's massage. Dylan expresses a lot of love and attention to detail. Very intelligent and passionate. Thank you. x"

- Alex

"Words cannot express how amazing this treatment was. I've had abhyanga oil massages at Panchakarma centers in India, but this far surpassed those treatments. Dylan's treatments exude love, consciousness and care for the wellbeing of the client. The abhyanga included 'traditional' aspects, plus lots of extras like Marma therapy. I was only in Sydney for a short while and went for 2 treatments, but I'd go again every day if I could. Thank you, Dylan!"

- Jill

"WOW. I received an Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage from Dylan and it was the most nourishing and beautiful experience. Dylan is a true master and has honed his craft for many years. As someone who goes to India, the home of Ayurveda, quite regularly and have received many Ayurvedic treatments over the years, I know a good treatment when I receive one. Not only was Dylan completely professional and amazing at the massage, he is so attuned and in tune with what I needed through the whole process, I felt truly seen and all my healing needs were met ten fold. I look forward to my next treatment with him soon."

- Katie

"I wanted to cry. Cry out of happiness. Laugh and cry. That was amazing! Such a strong feeling of ecstasy and happiness, like an orgasm...my body needed it... Bliss!"

- Lora

"This was the most supremely divine treatment I have ever had. It was so wonderfully healing. I highly recommend it. Thank you Dylan, I look forward to more treatments with you."

- Hayley

"Dylan is a master! I've had many Abhyanga Ayurvedic massages in the US and India but Dylan was the best."

- Robert

"The best massage I've ever had! (And I've had a lot of massages). It's like he's speaking to each and every part of my body, with the different massage strokes being different languages the different body parts speak. In this, the whole body feels seen, heard and understood, which allows for a deep relaxation and integration of the whole. If only I could receive this experience every day!"

- Laura

"After having been the recipient of many of these massages from well trained technicians in India it came as a blessing to be given such an authentic treatment here on home soil. Dylan will spend time on diagnosis and listening prior to commencing, only quality oils and herbs are used and the massage is given with strength, stamina and integrity. Nurturing, steady hands that had me walk out calm, clear and forever grateful."

- Suzanne

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