Puppus Basti – Lung Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for bronchitis

Hot medicated oil is held over the lungs so the oil and herbs can penetrate and heal.

Puppus Basti is given as a general preventive and for any respiratory ailment such as:
- Asthma
- Bronchitis
- Difficulty in breathing
- Hyperventilation
- Shallow breathing

The medicated oils used in our treatments contain complex and precious formulations of a vast range of organic, wild crafted and rare herbs.
Purified and prepared with love and mantras (primordial sounds) by the Raju Family of Vaidyas.
This ensures safety and enhances a divine potency, and is one of the factors that make our treatments profoundly effective and treasured by so many.

A series of treatments is recommended to administer a more complete and deep effect. However, do one and see how you feel (you’ll probably want more).

Take home oil is included in external basti treatments.

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