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Raju Family Australia Visit May & June 2024


Perth, WA: June 21st – 26th

Sydney, NSW: June 26th – 30th
Auckland, NZ: July 1st – 3rd
Wellington, NZ: July 3th – 6th

Private Health Consultations

Melbourne: March 8-10

Byron Shire: April 7

Sydney: March 23, 24, 27 – 29 & April 4

Astrological chart

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) Session with Dr Harsha

45 mins.
Price: $480

Banana Purification

Melbourne: March 7 – 11

Byron Shire: April 7 – 10

Sydney: March 22 – 30 & April 4 – 5

Marma Banana Treatment

Melbourne: March 8-10

Byron Shire: April 7

Sydney: March 23 – 27, 29 & April 4

Wisdom Sessions with the Vaidyas

Specialised Ayurveda for Dementia & Neurological Health Masterclass with renowned Vaidya Krishna Raju
in Perth, WA - June 22nd, 2024 @ Sivananda Ashram, Beaconsfield, 3-5.30pm.

For health practitioners, Ayurveda practitioners and students, and anyone requiring neurological optimisation.

Registration (below) essential

Specialised Ayurveda for Prostate, Kidneys, Urinary Tract & Urino-Gential Health
in Sydney, NSW - June 29th, 2024 @ Bondi Meditation Centre, Bondi, 5-9pm.


Registration (below) essential


FREE Wisdom Sessions with Vaidya Krishna Raju


  • Friday June 21st: Free Ayurveda community event @ Sivananda Ashram, Beaconsfield, 6-7.30pm. Registration essential.
  • Sunday June 23rd: Refined Ayurveda @ Art of Sanctuary, 9am.

Auckland & Wellington, NZ (FREE EVENTS):

Authentic Ayurveda Enriched with Potency: A Conversation with Renowned Vaidya, Dr Krishna Raju 

Auckland: June 30th,
5.30-7pm, @ Art of Living Centre, Avondale – Book HERE.

Wellington: July 3rd, 6-7.30pm, @High Commission of India Auditorium, 72 Pipitea Street, Wellington, 6011 – Book HERE.



Sydney: Bondi, Eastern Suburbs

Perth: Sivananda Ashram, Beaconsfield

Auckland, NZ: Titirangi

Wellington, NZ:

What to Expect in a Private Health Consultation

Pulse diagnosis, a healing art and science, is employed to detect where any imbalance exists & its root cause. A lot is revealed to the Ayurvedic doctor during this intimately communicative method. You will receive a treatment plan with diet and lifestyle advice and highly refined herbal recommendations from these world-renowned masters in Pulse Diagnosis.

The Value of Pulse Diagnosis

This is valuable for those who desire a deeper insight into what is going on in their physiology.

Pulse diagnosis can reveal the underlying cause of disease for those with niggling health issues or that are poorly responding to treatments.

It may also detect imbalances before they manifest into disease, acting as a vital tool for prevention and maintenance of optimum health and vitality.

Accordingly, Vaidya Raju will recommend an appropriate and specialised diet, lifestyle and herbal program.

No one will be turned away for financial reasons so donations can be made according to genuine financial ability, at your discretion. To apply for this, contact us at


If you are having MBT session (Marma Banana Treatment), please choose the Vaidya that is the same gender as you). Also, you can look at their photo and go with what feels good to you. They are both wonderful. If you want to chat about it you can contact us.

Vaidya Dr. Raju can accurately and comprehensively conduct patient evaluation and diagnosis just by feeling the pulse. This will mostly give the Vaidya more information that tests, scans, hours of questioning and other diagnosis methods can provide.

You may book two sessions to have more time with the Vaidya.

The Quick Pulse Check is a short consultation. It is for the Vaidya to feel your pulse and prescribe you a treatment plan with you asking a short couple of  questions.

If you want a full consultation to ask questions and talk more, please book a full Ayurvedic Health Consultation.

No one will be turned away for financial reasons so donations can be made according to genuine financial ability, at your discretion.
To apply for this, contact us at / +61 439 430 050




Sydney: Bondi, Eastern Suburbs

Perth: Sivananda Ashram, Beaconsfield
(No pre-requisites or MBT required)

Auckland, NZ: Titirangi

Wellington, NZ:

Banana Purification (BT)

The world-famous Banana Purification Therapy (BT) is returning to Australia.

“Raju Banana Purification” is a powerful therapy that cleanses the entire physiology and restores gynaecological health.

BT is for all genders and all stages of life. It can be taken by anyone (except pregnant women).

Banana Purification deeply cleanses the entire body, particularly the reproductive system. It balances hormones, enhances fertility and more.

Even if the problems are deeply rooted, significant relief can be achieved from this 3-5 day program.
The program also helps to balance the hormonal system so emotions become more even and smooth.

This highly unique program is exclusively offered by the Raju family.

Thousands of women travel from all over the world to the Raju clinic in India just for the Banana Purification.
So traveling interstate or taking the time off for this treatment is highly recommended to take advantage of this opportunity.

"Nowadays, so many female issues are there, especially after covid, even female babies are getting hormonal disorders...only, only Banana Treatment [to rectify this]. But only our family is left to give [it]. All that knowledge is destroyed. Somehow nature preserved us, we don’t know [why]."

~ Vaidya J.R. Raju

Marma Banana Treatment

In some cities until June, we are offering Marma Banana Treatment (MBT) – an enhanced form of Banana Purification (BT) for non-menstruating people.

MBT must be done before Banana Purification for non-menstruating people to make the purification more efficient, smoother and effective.

Please book MBT sessions with the doctor of your same gender.

MBT utilises a special & specific type of sūkṣma marma therapy (subtle vital point therapy) which enlivens and opens the marma points: storehouses of concentrated life-force (prāṇa) and vital points on the anatomy where body and consciousness meet.

"MBT opens the srotas [bodily channels] and enlivens the kuṇḍalinī [energy] to receive the power of the BT. Chakras [nerve plexuses and energy centres] will be enlivened, the energy in the chakras are purified. Cleaning the chakras, cell-to-cell memory...hormonal disturbances, all these blockages are not only from this life, but past lives our atma [soul] is carrying." Most ladies are blocked in apāna vāyu [pelvic region and reproductive organs], and the shakti pīṭha (biological seat of divine feminine energy) is blocked. With BT and MBT, within two minutes it starts to clear, but somehow it starts to block in the chakras. So it is important to give BT for multiple days so they can clear the chakras. MBT makes the clearing process [of Banana Purification] faster.

~ Vaidya J.R. Raju

Marma points are the original source of acupuncture points.

Included in your MBT session a Yagya will be done on your behalf. Yagya is ancient Vedic technology performed by pandits (masters of ceremony) in India which enlivens Vedic healing vibrations simultaneously while your MBT and BT sessions are occuring.

REQUIREMENT: If you are not menstruating at the time of BT, you must book and receive at least one Marma Banana Treatment (MBT) session before your BT program starts, in order to receive BT.

If your desired time for a MBT or Quick Pulse session is unavailable, please email and we can try squeeze you in.


Astrological chart

What To Expect From A Vedic Astrology Reading

As Ayurveda works on the physical, the mind and the body, Medical Astrology further includes the dimension of the cosmic body. Medical Astrology reveals the cosmic influence on one’s health and which areas to optimise and attend to.

This is an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of your life, beyond medical. Jyotish provides practical guidance on ways to approach career, health, relationships, projects and purpose by utilising the refined aspects of life.

This is a highly refined science and it is precious to have both an Ayurvedic doctor and an Astrologer look at your chart and answer your questions. 


The Raju Family are internationally renowned leading experts in authentic Ayurveda (the science of health and longevity).

Practicing for over 7 generations (or more), their speciality is a most refined, accurate and comprehensive patient evaluation through Pulse Diagnosis. They also specialise in creating very effective and individualised treatments using precise knowledge and application of rare and powerful herbal formulas.

Vaidya A.V. ‘Krishna’ Raju:

Vaidya Krishna Raju is the director and head doctor at his family clinic in Hyderabad, India, where they treat thousands of people who travel from all over the world for their expert treatment and advice for everything from prevention to the seemingly incurable.

He is a highly refined expert in pulse diagnosis and has great experience in treating many patients with a vast range of health conditions, including severe health conditions and chronic diseasess. 

In 2022, Dr Krishna Raju was awarded with the Health Conclave Award for sucessfully treating countless patients in the state of Telangana during the 2020-2022 Covid pandemic.

Vaidya Krishna Raju is a specialist in panchakarma (Ayurveda detox & rejuvenation) and is known to have encyclopaedic knowledge of Ayurveda embedded in his memory.

Vaidya Harsha Raju:

Dr. Harsha Raju is an expert in Pulse Diagnosis, Suksma Marma therapy, medical astrology with advanced degrees specialising in both General Ayurvedic Practice and Panchakarma.

One unique feature of Dr. Harsha Raju amongst his famous family of Ayurvedic expert doctors is that he integrates Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) into his medical practice.

Dr. Harsha has extensive experience in consulting and teaching in India, Europe and other locations in the world.

He runs an Ayurvedic panchakarma clinic in Hyderabad, India.

Dr. Harsha Raju emanates bliss and a healing comfort to all those fortunate to be in contact with him.

Vaidya Pavani Raju:

Vaidya Doctor Pavani Raju is a specialist in Pulse Diagnosis: deeply understanding the root cause of imbalances in the physiology and uses specialised treatments for effective healing and to reestablish whole health.

She is also specialist in panchakarma: Ayurveda’s premier detox and rejuvenation therapy, as well as Sūkśma Marma: Subtle Vital Point Therapy which is a rare and potent treatment to transform the biology at a deep level and enliven prāna (life-force) to promote the body to heal itself.

Dr. Pavani has extensively taught pulse diagnosis and advanced Ayurvedic protocols throughout Europe over the past 10+ year, particularly to a group of doctors in Italia as part of the Italia Invincible Doctors Training.

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