Abhyanga + Sound Healing + Subtle Therapy

Sound Healing Sydney

You begin with an Abhyanga: a rejuvenating full body massage incorporating medicated oils specific to your unique constitution and the season.

Abhyanga is particularly effective to stimulate and strengthen the lymphatic system, enhance blood circulation, calm the nervous system and mind and much more.

Subtle Marma Therapy

This Abhyanga is slower and more attention is put on the body’s marma points (vital points that house energy and concentrated life-force). This is a subtle therapy that is required to enliven areas of the body where deep power is stored.

Sound Healing with Didgeridoo

Finally, the ancient Digeridoo (Yidaki) may be utilised (if required) to infuse primordial vibratory frequencies into specific bodily channels and central nerve plexus's (chakras) in order to alleviate imbalances within the mind/body system and restore harmony and health.

Abhyanga + Subtle Therapy + Sound Healing
1 session (90 mins or whatever time is required): $250.

Contact us to book in for an effective boost in realigning yourself into balance.

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