Bed Time Treatment

Bed Time Treatment

The Ultimate Vata Balancer

This treatment is done in the comfort of your own home. A technician comes to your house for a nourishing "tuck you in" before sleep.

The Bed Time Treatment involves:

   1    Shiro-pichu - Application of a little oil to the head using an oil specific for the mind.

   2    Pad-Abyanga - Foot massage with oil specific for feet and the nervous system.

   3    Matra Basti - A small nourishing oil enema.

This bed time treatment is very effective for the nervous system, joint problems, constipation and enhancing the microbiology in the gut amongst many other things.

About Basti (Enema)

Most people think enemas are to detox the colon or clean out the gut. In Ayurveda there is a type of enema that is used for this purification purpose called "Shodana Basti," however it is only performed with a detailed and closely monitored protocol before, during and after the enema. Not just something you can rock up and book in. and post-care in conjunction to

Matra Basti means "small enema." It primarily not for the digestion and to detox but mostly for the nervous system, revitalising and nourishing the largest nerve plexus in your body - the enteric nervous system, which lies in your gut. This is home to majority of our micro-biome, which do the heavy lifting for many essential body processes, and which by the way, loves Ayurvedic oils, especially Vital Veda's Matra Basti Oils.

This treatment is usually included in the Panchakarma program. Some patients do the massage and administer the enema themselves. This can also be done for individuals even not on Panchakarma.

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Vital Veda's Unique Oils

Vital Veda’s oils contain complex and precious formulations of a vast range of organic, wild crafted and rare herbs.

We use a specific oil for Siro Pichu and a different specific one for Pad Abhyanga. There are a range of matra basti oils we choose from depending on the individuals physiology and needs.

We employ purification and preparation methods that have been passed down for many generations within the Raju Family of Vaidyas. Further they infuse genuine love and mantras (primordial sounds) into the herbs during preparation.

This ensures safety and enhances a divine potency, and is one of the factors that make our herbal oils profoundly effective and treasured by so many.

*This treatment is done i the comfort of your home. Price is for those in Eastern Sydney or locally where Dylan is.

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