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Kati & Greeva Basti – Back & Neck Treatment

A whopping 80% of Australians and Americans experience back pain. 1 in 7 Australians report back problems. Greeva and Kati Basti can help treat many of these back ailments.

Unfortunately, many folks have become accustomed to this discomfort, and this dull body becomes the norm and they don’t recognise this as an issue, nor act on it. They have lost the cellular memory of a free and healthy body that is their natural state and their birthright.

This method to treat back and spinal disorders is so unique from any other methods out there today.

This keeps getting restated at Vital Veda through the astonishing results we get from patients who undergo this treatment. Some who have lived with pain or discomfort for years and tried so many other therapies.

Other treatment approaches, conventional or alternative medicine, all certainly have relevance and may even be used in congruence with this treatment.

Treatment Process:

  1. Firstly a back and neck massage is performed to activate the tissues and prepare the body to openly invite the basti to do its work.
  2. Medicated, analgesic oil is “held” by a well (made from flour), localised over the targeted vertebrae.
  3. The practitioner maintains the oil at a comfortably hot temperature so the oil and the herbs in it can penetrate all layers of skin, deep into tissues of muscle, fat (includes ligaments and tendons), bone, bone marrow, and nerves.
  4. Stiff and tight muscles will instantly be lubricated and softened. This solves the problems of many issues such as those listed below.

Pathology (Samprapti):

  • When muscles get stiff, they loose the ability to expand and contract.
  • Here nerves get compressed and conduction does not pass freely.
  • The energy of movement (Vata) is obstructed, and will try to create path with force, thus Pain.
  • This may cause a disk to bulge and slip.
  • When the intervertebral disc slips, nerves will touch edges and produce pain. Sometimes manipulation (e.g. soft or deep tissue massage) treatment will tear tissues and can pinch nerves even more.


back Basti counters the roughness, dryness, stiffness and tightness, allowing conduction to pass uninterruptedly, totally free from one neuron to the other.

Kati & Greeva Basti is indicated for:

  • Lower and upper back and neck pain
  • Slipped discs
  • Herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Sports injuries
  • Stiff neck
  • Helps repair nerve damage and heals ligaments
  • Relieves sprain and muscular spasm
  • Nourishes the vertebral discs and prevents spinal degeneration
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Migraines
  • Can prevent or delay surgery.

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Transformative Back Therapy Package

Back Massage +
Back Bastis +
Body Tissue Herbal Paste Application +
Sound Therapy +
Subtle Marma (Vital Point) Therapy

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"Thank you to Dylan for my pulse reading and my back basti treatments. I have had back and neck pain for 20+ years, Dylan and Felicia worked their magic during my treatments and I no longer have pain. I have tried many things, but this has been by far the best experience. I hope somebody reads this and makes an appointment to see Dylan, it will change your life. Thank you again Dylan and Felicia."
"I recently received an Ayurvedic consultation and pulse diagnosis from Dylan in Vital Vedas Bronte Beach clinic in Sydney. I also received the Kati, Greeva and Basti Back and Neck treatment with Felicia. The guidance I have received from both of these practitioners, together with some herbs and modifications to my eating and daily practices, has helped set me on my path to optimal health. After only a very short time following these recommendations, I was already feeling the benefits of improved digestion and uninterrupted (magnificent) sleep. I have no hesitation in recommending these 2 practitioners at Vital Veda. I am feeling very grateful :)"
“I had lower back issues and completed a series of 7 Basti’s which included massage with medicated oils. The quality of the treatment, the setting, even down to the relaxing whale music, made it a very special experience. Not only has it alleviated my back pain but also gave me a rejuvenated psychological boost. I don’t hesitate to recommend Dylan who can offer other high quality Ayurvedic treatments that will make you feel on the top of the world. I actually attended a brief mini panchakarma session for a week in India with Basti’s but found Dylan’s Bastis’ to be more effective, this might have to do with his strong healing energy, his intention and use of quality medicated oils.”
Trevor, HR.
"I received a Kati and Greeva Basti treatment for my spine, back and neck with Vital Veda in Sydney. This was a deeply relaxing experience, I felt as if I was away on a retreat. Amazingly, after the treatment, my senses felt sharpened and I experienced an increased appreciation for nature and being outdoors. I’d love to do the treatment again. Dylan also prescribed a diet, lifestyle and herbal plan that has been easy to follow, feels so nurturing and has helped me feel so much better."
Marketing Agent
"At a consultation with Dylan he recommended a series of Kati & Greeva Basti to help alleviate some lower back pain and tension running along one side of my body. Over the years my back has experienced physical trauma from things like competitive sport, marathon running, outdoor adventuring, pregnancies and childbirth, a car accident and a few years of desk bound work. I’ve never really took appropriate action or time to fully heal any of these old injuries and more. So it was a real treat to allocate 7 days for these treatments. It felt very much like being away on a retreat. The Basti were administered expertly and lovingly. The rest and repair was more than I expected. Since the treatments I’ve noticed reduced pain and I’m moving much more freely. With layers of tension and emotional holding gently released my mood, energy levels and general sense of ease and joy have markedly intensified. Compared to my usual treatments like regular massage or chiropractic treatments, the Basti have been effective on a deeper level, bringing long-lasting change. It really feels as though I have been reminded how to be fully well again and how blissful it feels to be in balance. Thanks Dylan."
Meditation Teacher

The medicated oils used in our treatments contain complex and precious formulations of a vast range of organic, wild-crafted and rare herbs. Purified and prepared with love and mantras (primordial sounds) by the Raju Family of Vaidyas.

This ensures safety and enhances a divine potency, and is one of the factors that make our treatments profoundly effective and treasured by so many.

A series of treatments is recommended to administer a more complete and deep effect. However, do one and see how you feel (you’ll probably want more). 

Take home oil is included in external basti treatments.

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