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Coffee, Whisky & Lord Shiva: Integrating Ayurvedic & Tantric Algorithms with AI, DNA Energy & Mahāśivarātri: The Great Night of Transcendence | Dr Sumit Kesarkar #104

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Unpack and process Ayurvedic algorithms in order to apply them to modern actions like drinking coffee and alcohol, GMO food production and breathing exercises (pranayama).

Dr Sumit K. in fact is researching and applying the medicinal benefits of coffee and single-malt whisky. 

For those who want to drink coffee and alcohol, this episode may guide you to refine your relationship with consuming substances. 

Dr Sumit also frequently hikes ruthless pilgrimages into the high Himālayas in search for Ayurvedic herbs, ancient village healers and to commune with the Vedic Energy of Lord Shiva: that Absolute untouched Silence and force of nature which removes irrelevancy. 

This episode decodes some of Ayurveda’s teachings around substances, the six tastes, and other more occult & rare Vedic technologies.

After all, according to Ayurveda, EVERYTHING in the universe can be medicine when you know how to transform that substance.


Vaidya and the founder of the ‘National Library of Ayurveda Medicine (NLAM)’, a searchable online repository of ancient Āyurvedic formulations and study modules.

You’ll often find Dr Sumit journeying across India working towards the conservation of medicinal plants, local health traditions and ancient Hatha Yoga practices. 

It is his firm belief that the arcane secrets of the Vedas, Tantra and Yoga should be accessible to all and he continually tryies to demystify them for bite-sized consumption.

In simplifying and decoding Vedic Sciences, he also teaches his students to practically apply them conjunct with modern-day methodologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in developing sophisticated systems.


Table of Contents

The Six Tastes & How To Start The Day

The unique needs of every individual determine the first taste they should experience in the day. 

Starting with the astringent taste vs. the sweet taste. 

Experiencing the six tastes on a daily basis and in a healthy & balanced manner will allow for the brain and consciousness to be completely expansive at all times.

The Ayurvedic Properties of Coffee

Coffee needs to undergo the proper purification (sodana samskara) in order to receive its full medicinal properties. 

It is all about finding the perfect bitter-sweet complex. 

Coffee can be very nourishing to the body if prepared appropriately and drunk under the right conditions. However, it is oftentimes severely abused and has a great negative impact on the digestive and nervous system of individuals.

Re-Understanding The Six ‘Rasas’ (Tastes) In Ayurveda

Dr. Sumit proposes that the six rasas are not uniquely the six common tastes (sweet, salt, salty, bitter, pungent & astringent), but more complex systems that greatly depend on their interaction with every specific individual.

  • E.g. Madhura is usually translated as “sweet” taste. Dr. Sumit proposes a re-interpretation of the Sanskrit term “Madhura” as “Nourishing” – Whatever is considered to be nourishing for the individual’s body, mind & spirit is “Madhura”. Sweet is a type of madhura, just like fire is a type of agni.

Chai (Tea) Under The Lense of Ayurveda

Tea was basically not growing in India until the colonists came, who brought the tea leaves from China. 

The white men were giving tea to the working farmers to increase their productivity. 

Chai is one of the most acidic substances that one can ingest on a regular basis. 

Chai is also terribly addictive and causes easily identifiable withdrawal symptoms on people who consume it daily.

Lord Shiva: The Destruction Operator in The Vedic Tradition

Who is Lord Shiva and what is his tattva (energy).

Enlivening Lord Shiva’s tattva during Maha Shivaratri (the annual anniversary of Shiva Consciousness):

  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Fasting – to whatever extent you feel comfortable
  • Meditate
  • Do japa
  • Practice Yoga asanas

Rāvana Tantra & Shivaite Philosophy

The Rāvaṇa Tantra is a body of tantric knowledge cognised by Lord Rāvaṇa of Lanka, who is considered to be one of the all-time greatest Vedic scholars and Shiva bhaktas. 

In this Tantric text Rāvaṇa breaks down and integrates several different Vedic shastras (sacred scriptures) by putting them under the lens of tantra and the shivaite philosophy.


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