Time Expresses the Divine Feminine

Illustration of Durga Devi

You may have heard that the Goddess or “Shakti” is closely related to Time.

“Kālī” - the famous expression of the mother divine force that ruthlessly destroys irrelevancy, shares the same root word of “Kāla”, the Sanskrit word for time.
So what is the relationship between Time and Mother Divine?

A better word for “time” would be the “Rhythms of Nature.”

Divine Feminine expresses itself through Nature’s Rhythms.
And we are about to experience one of the pinnacles of Mother Divine (Shakti) on display during a seasonal transition (ṚtuSandhi ऋतुसन्धि) post-equinox NEXT WEEK.
The video shows Goddess-Shakti Mother Divine expressing itself as the cosmic rhythms of nature:
Video by @djsadhu
Planets move around the Sun,
the Sun moves around the Galaxy and very likely a twin dark star also,
Orbits and Helices (3D shapes wound uniformly around a central column or suṣumṇā nadī), are formed by the planets, led under the influence of commander Sūrya (the Sun).
This flow, movement and dynamism that plays in the cosmos (and video) is Goddess-Shakti, AKA mother divine, prakṛti and Durgā.
Starting the first new moon after the equinox is the 9 Nights of Mother Divine, “Navratri”, starting Oct 7th, Oct 6th (USA).
Simply aligning to these rhythms of Nature is aligning to your Human-Nature which is aligning to Durgā - activating Divine Feminine in you and your environment. This is true “Goddess worship.”


  1. Free wisdom & practical sessions each of the 9 nights w/ my colleagues and I (super excited for these).
  2. My teachers are hosting 2 special webinars to learn self-pulse, an Ayurvedic Self-referral technique.
  3. Join the Navratri Restorative Cleanse w/ @prashanti.veda.mandala - this is my 2nd Navratri doing it and I love it! This post was greatly inspired by Prashanti’s unique & precious wisdom.

How do you celebrate / participate in Navratri? Comment 👇

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