About Dylan Smith

Dylan Smith is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and holistic health educator based in Sydney, Australia, where he runs and operates the Vital Veda clinic for patients and for those who love to nourish themselves with precious herbal elixirs.

Aimed at uncovering the root cause of ailments, Dylan shares wisdom through his podcast, teaching programs and travels the world to share his holistic passion, to teach patients to effortlessly integrate foundational techniques into their daily life so they can thrive.

Regularly travelling to India to train with an internationally renowned family of Ayurvedic doctors, Dylan is devoted to learning, sharing and radiating this ancient knowledge for everyone to utilise and enjoy, to experience total wellness and bliss.

Short Bio

Dylan Smith is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and holistic health educator who founded the Vital Veda clinic in Sydney and works very closely with the Raju family, an internationally renowned family of Ayurvedic doctors. Aiming to uncover the root cause of ailments, Dylan travels the world to share his passion of ancient vedic wisdom for everyone to utilise, enjoy and experience total wellness and bliss.
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A Passion for Treating

The most important aspect when treating a patient is the physician (Vaidya/Bhishek).

Next in importance is the herbs (dravya), then the staff/helpers (upastata), then the patient (rogi) (their ability to surrender and adhere to the treatment plan).

This is a core Ayurvedic principle and one that I appreciate and experience.

What makes a treatment effective and profoundly change the physiology at a deep level with lasting effects is the energy, attention, purity and flow of consciousness from the physician ("Sattvic Soma").

I love exchanging my "Sattvic Soma" with clients and witnessing profound change, from subtle to gross, in their health, wellbeing and vitality.

A Passion for Education

Dylan's passion is to share pure and authentic knowledge of Ayurveda and holistic health via various avenues in a way that is relevant and practical for those who worthily enquire for this precious knowledge.

Podcasts, extensive blog articles, social media and more in-depth online courses are easily accessible. Dylan also lectures and hosts workshops across the globe.

Dylan also lectures on Ayurveda as part of a college in Australia.

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A Passion for Herbs and Nature

What a playful journey it is developing my relationship with plants.
Increasing my depth of perception into these sentient beings.
With stellar awareness, I perceive the multi-dimensional vibratory particles in these substances.
Guided by knowledge I utilise these substances for medicinal use to allow others to unify with nature and heal.

Dylan Smith preparing triphala guggulu

At Vital Veda, we are pedantic about only using superior herbal preperations in our recommendations and treatments for clients. This means hygienic, purified and tested herbs that are gentle and harmonious with the body and mind while being potently effective and healing.


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How I Got Into Ayurveda

“I discovered Ayurveda while doing Panchakarma (an Ayurvedic detox and rejuvenation program) in India.

While undergoing my treatment in-residence, I was reading a book and came across the Vedic notion of “Dharma,” which translates to “contact.” This means acting in accordance with the need of the time. Taking today's need and placing it in contact with my consciousness. From here actions which support the flow of evolution spontaneously occur. Actions that are the most relevant thing one could be doing, Now.

Just reading this chapter on Dharma was a significant turning point in my life, and my slight reluctance towards continuing to study architecture at university became more certain. I wanted to contact the need of the time in a more functional and profound manner.

I had loved practising Yoga, and toyed with the idea of becoming a Yoga teacher. But then I met my current Guru (teacher). His name is Vaidya Dr. J.R. Raju (Vaidya means Ayurvedic physician). He is the senior doctor at his family clinic (that I was staying at) in South India. He knew my situation and simply suggested, “come study Ayurveda here. Krishna (his younger brother and the main Dr. at the clinic) will teach you. Don’t study anywhere else, just here.”

When someone that you respect and admire immensely, someone that when you are in his presence your nervous system resides in supreme contentedness and heart feels sensations, someone that you perceive as enlightened, when they make an offer as I received, it is not by chance. You most probably will listen, surrender and leap into action towards their direction with security from their guidance and mastery.”

Studies and Qualifications:

Dylan studied with Australasia’s most experienced; Dr. Ajit (BAMS), at the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies (AIAS). After successfully graduating as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant (Certificate IV/Diploma), he opened the Vital Veda clinic in May 2014.

A few months after the clinic was up and running, he spent six months training and working at the Raju Family Clinic in South India, an internationally renowned family of Ayurvedic doctors. This revolutionised his Ayurvedic practice and increased the effectiveness and success rates of his treatments and prescriptions profoundly.

Since then until today, he continues to travel back and forth to the Raju Clinic in India annually to work and receive advanced teachings and initiations.

A student of Sanskrit

Dylan has recently started studying the ancient language of Sanskrit in order to further enhance his capacity to connect with the roots of Ayurveda and bring an even deeper and more encompassing healing experience to his patients.

Yogic Studies, Elementary Sanskrit Diploma for Dylan Smith

Annual Raju Australian Tour

Annually Dylan brings the Raju family to Australia to tour to offer consultations, the famous Banana Purification and knowledge sessions.

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Please seek advice from a qualified and quality practitioner who holds holistic knowledge before starting any new health practice.


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