How To Harvest Wild Honey (Step-By-Step, Photo Guide)

Dylan Smith Harvesting Wild Honey

I always wondered how one could harvest wild honey and it so happened that once in India my Guru spotted about 8 wild honey beehives nesting in various trees throughout the gated community where the Ayurvedic clinic is.

She called in experts for the medicinal harvest and it went a little something like this…

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Step 1: Hire Professionals who actually know how to harvest wild honey. 

Step 2: Say a Prayer to The Tree, Then Climb Up - Carrying a bunch of dried leaves + match box.

Step 3: Smoke the Hive - Bees will flee. Men on the ground keep distance to avoid stings during the swarm.

Step 4: Yank Out The Queen Bee - Keep in cloth to later relocate back into forest.

Step 5: Send Honey Comb Down to the Ground Crew - This was done via buckets and rope.

Step 6: Strain Honey and Store well away from heat.

Notice how strong these fellas are. They climb trees!

Honey Gets Better With Age

Be sure to collect your unheated honey. Since honey gets better with age. It should be minimum 2 months old before we use it.

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