Lilly Pilly Chutney Recipe

Lilly Pilly Chutney

Botanical name: Syzygium smithii.

Plant facts: The tree is a summer-flowering, winter-fruiting evergreen tree.

Health Benefits of Lilly Pilly

They say this type of Lilly Pilly, Riberry (Syzygium luehmannii) was used by the Australian native aborigines for its anti-bacterial properties.

It also has great healing components present in it. It is rich in Vitamin C, B12 and folate. It has good astringent properties that improve the firmness of the skin which in turn helps your skin look radiant and youthful.

Dylan Smith Picking Lilly Pilly Fruits from the Tree
Lilly Pilly Bush Plant in a Pot

Lilly Pilly Chutney Recipe


  1. 1kg of soft red Lilly Pilly fruits
  2. 8 oranges
  3. 2/3 cup raw sugar
  4. 10 whole cloves
  5. 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  6. 2 peeled and chopped apples


  1. Collect 1kg of soft red fruits.
  2. Keep them in a bowl for 10-15 mins or more so spiders can disperse.
  3. Soak in water so you can remove all the dud fruits, bugs, sticks or any other undesirables.
  4. Place in a pot along with the juice of 8 oranges, zest of 2 oranges, 2/3 cup raw sugar, 10 whole cloves (these Riberry Lilly Pillies are from the same family as clove), 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 2 peeled and chopped apples.
  5. Cook until the fruit softens and the liquid becomes a more "sticky" consistency.
  6. Pour into sterilised jars and refrigerate until ready to use.

Should last a couple of weeks or so! Enjoy 🙂

Lilly Pilly Chutney in a Glass Jar
Lilly Pilly Chutney

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