Sweet Fluid: Sugar Cane Juice

A group of people harvesting raw sugar cane

It has always been just "another one of those stalls" at farmers markets across Australia, but ever since I went to India and saw little motorised sugar cane juicers every few hundred meters in the street, I started to incorporate this juice into my fluids diet.

Sure I can comfortably drink one of the highest sources of hydration: Coconut Water, daily in south India (because they are relatively cheap), but my taste buds and channels found my new discovery. It was a lot more charming and exciting: Cold Pressed Sugar Cane Juice!

Due to the significance in price difference between this product in India and Australia, (goes for about 30 cents a cup in India), I was able to indulge in drinking a few cups daily. So I tested how my body reacted to it...


Medicinal qualities

  • Very hydrating and cooling for the body. Great in summer and for pitta body types.
  • Good for the liver.
  • Diuretic: great cleanser for kidneys and anyone experiencing oliguria (scanty urination) or dysuria (painful urination).

Isn't it to high in sugar?

Sugar cane juice is definitely high in sugar and should be consumed in moderation (not every day, as I realised).

It is recommended to use it for more medicinal effects as listed above, and to cool down on super hot days. A good drink in summer.



  • Make sure it is cleaned with good water because fungi and some pollution may be present, especially around Indian sugar cane fields.
  • Diabetics and people with high blood sugar should avoid it.
  • Don't mix with other foods including lemon, lime, ginger as it further ferments to make it incompatible. 

Feature photo: a sugar cane market i visited in the south Indian town, Tiruvannamalai.

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