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Journey Through Kundalini: Terror, Ecstasy, and Transformation | Marcus Hamill #129

Imagine returning from a serene holiday only to be thrust into a world where your deepest fears and brightest epiphanies collide. 

Embark on a transformative journey with Yoga teacher Marcus Hamill as he shares the unexpected onset of his Kundalini awakening post-vacation. On this episode we explore the delicate dance between terror and bliss, unraveling personal encounters with this mystifying energy that is Kundalini 🐍.

This episode delves into the night when Marcus faced the raw terror and ecstasy of confronting his inner darkness, revealing the resilience of the human spirit. As we emerge into the light of understanding, we discuss the non-linear progression of healing, the guidance of teachers & mentors, and the anchoring practices that become the most useful during these challenging times.

Join us for a profound exploration of consciousness, where every breath brings self-discovery and every heartbeat echoes the mantra of our collective transformational odyssey. Trust in the divine order becomes the guiding force, reconnecting with our true Selves, overcoming fear, and embracing the non-linear path to healing. Tune in for an immersive experience, breathing deeply into the essence of kundalini awakening and self-discovery.


Marcus Hamill is a Vedic Meditation teacher, filmmaker, surfer, husband and father.

Marcus came to meditation primarily as a means to turn off his busy mind and deal with the underlying stress and anxiety he was feeling. What he soon discovered was that this simple and effortless practice offered so much more, literally enriching his life in every way.

His work as a filmmaker has been awarded in the London Advertising Awards and New York Festival, won Gold at the ACS, as well as featuring in the ‘the Work’, and BBC’s best ads on T.V.

In 2010 he directed the highly successful, multi award winning film ‘Viva Las Possum’ for the Jameson Whiskey screen writing initiative. In 2014, ‘Dog Save the Queen’ a script he wrote for the film Raro initiative, won best achievement in a screenplay at the prestigious St.Kilda Film Festival.

Marcus Hamill sitting next to a window


Table of Contents

Journey into Kundalini

What is Kundalini?

  • Kuṇḍalini (कुण्डलिनि) is the energy in the form of a coiled serpent remaining latent in the mūlādhārā. As the source of all energy, kuṇḍalini reveals itself when roused by yogic exercise.

    The highest energy centre or chakra is known as ‘Sahasrāra’. Through yogic exercise this kuṇḍalini-śakti is pushed up through the two main nerves, iḍa and piṅgala, so that it may reach the sahasrara or the highest chakra where it should meet its source. Then the nectar which reached the sahasrāra is consumed by the yōgic practitioner forms the final stage of this kuṇḍalini-yoga.

Marcus shares the profound and unexpected onset of his Kundalini awakening.

The contrast of returning from a tranquil holiday to a world that challenges spiritual preconceptions.

Exploration of the mystifying energy where terror meets bliss, offering a unique perspective on the spiritual journey.

Personal Experiences With Kundalini

Marcus, Cassie, Brian, and Dylan recount their unique experiences with Kundalini.

Exploration of encounters where terror and bliss intertwine, creating a mesmerising dance of emotions.

Unraveling the fabric of time and self, revealing the depth and complexity of Kundalini experiences.

Facing Inner Darkness

Reflections on a harrowing night, stripped of distractions, facing raw terror and unexpected ecstasy.

Confronting inner darkness amidst physical agony, highlighting the transformative power of self-trust.

A journey through the resilience of the human spirit, navigating the oscillation between physical agony and spiritual enlightenment.

The Journey Towards Understanding

Emerging into the light of understanding, Marcus and others revisit past traumas and timelines for healing.

Exploration of the non-linear progression of the healing process, where healing and personal evolution unfold organically.

Guidance and Mentorship - The Light Of Guru

Exploring the critical role mentors and teachers play in navigating the complexities of Kundalini awakening.

Delving into the anchoring practice of Japa (mantra repetition) and its role in stabilising and grounding.

Reconnecting with the Younger Self

Trust in a divine order and its profound impact on shaping the personal journey.

Overcoming fear and reconnecting with one’s younger Self through Kundalini experiences.

Embracing the non-linear path to healing and personal evolution, highlighting the transformative nature of the process.


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