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Aligning with Your Deeper Self for Greater Purpose in Life | Kute Blackson #107

Living life in alignment with our dharma means every action we take in life is in accordance with the most evolutionary thing we can be doing in any given movement.

In fact, Ayurvedic medicine is the Science of Life to not only live with maximum health, but also to to live with the four main attributes of human fulfilment (“chat puruṣa“):
1. Artha – Infinite abundance
2. Kama – Absolute presence with richness of life
3. Mokṣa – Freedom and liberation
4. and… (this is the first one)… DHARMA – Living a truely purposeful life performing the most evolutionary actions in any given moment in order to uplift and interact with society successfully for greater harmony.

On this episode we had the pleasure of sitting down with Kute Blackson, a world renowned best-selling author and motivational speaker, who with immense eloquence and grace breaks down key principles to live life in a more joyous, impactful and “dharmic” manner.

By the early age of 8 years old Kute was already speaking to congregations of hundreds of people at his fathers churches across West Africa.

Nowadays he is an accomplished, wise and kind-hearted motivational speaker & best-selling author.

Believe us, Kute’s life story and potent teachings will stick with you even long after you finish listening to this fantastic episode.


Kute Blackson is the son of a revered spiritual leader and healer from West Africa.

By the age of eight, Kute was speaking to his father’s congregations of hundreds of people, in more than 300 churches.

At the age of 14, he was ordained into his father’s ministry preparing to carry on his father’s spiritual legacy.

But his heart drew him and his soul called him to another path: America.

Today, Kute Blackson is a beloved inspirational speaker and transformational teacher.

Kute Blackson smiling

He is author of the national bestselling book You.Are.The.One. and The Magic of Surrender. He is widely considered the next generation leader in the field of personal development.

His mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfil their true life’s purpose.


Table of Contents

Being Raised As A Spiritual Healer, Preacher & Leader

Kute’s father was a revered spiritual leader and healer in West Africa, what in restrospect can be called an “African Siddha”. 

He was raised to become a preacher and ordained minister, and to eventually follow in his father’s steps. 

By age 8 he was already preaching at his father’s churches and addressing congregations of hundreds of people.

He eventually realised that although he had a very strong passion to help other people, the path he was walking (becoming an ordained priest) wasn’t his, and he needed to step down and pursue his true purpose in life.

Moving To The USA & Traveling The World In The Pursuit Of Greater Spiritual Mastery

Kute’s soul was calling him to the USA, particularly Southern California, where many of the Western spiritual teachers he admired were based.

He met and studied under the guidance of many of the spiritual teachers he had been reading about.

At one point he decided he needed to stop learning on an intellectual level, and move on to a more experiential understanding of the spiritual and philosophical teachings that he had been trying to apprehend all his life.

This made him travel the world, he went to Spain to walk the 900km long “Camino de Santiago”, a very popular christian pilgrimage route. Afterwards he went to Thailand to learn from Bhuddhist monks, to Israel to learn from ordained Rabbis and later on he went to India, where he managed to bring all the experiences he had been having together and deeply rediscover himSelf.

Living In Alignment With One’s True Purpose Or “Dharma”

Every soul has the innate & unequivocal mission to evolve.
An incarnation of a soul in the material world is nothing but another opportunity to ‘burn through’ our karma, grow spiritually and ultimately attain liberation, or what in the Vedic tradition is known as moksha.

Our souls therefore, upon incarnation, have their own spiritual yearnings and these yearnings lie way beyond material comfort.
If we attune ourselves with those yearnings, if we truly listen to that which our Soul is calling for, and then align our lives with the spiritual yearnings of our Souls, then we can embody our true purpose or dharma.

It is one’s capacity to bypass the thinking mind and to tap into one’s deeper spiritual reality that allows one to walk the path of dharma.

Not being in alignment with our dharma/true purpose, or blatantly ignoring our Soul’s calling in order to conform with familial/societal expectations, makes us sick physically, emotionally & spiritually.
Pretending to be something that we’re not – something that our Soul is not calling us to be – in order to receive love and approval from our families and communities, will make that love and approval that we receive utterly unfulfilling, because deep down we know that the person that is being loved and approved is not really who we are, or are meant to be.

How To Forgive & Find Peace In Seamingly Broken Relationships

Forgiveness needs not be conditional. True forgiveness towards another person has nothing to do with the other person, but with the impression that we, in our minds, have of that other person.

When we drop our attachment to our “right to feel offended” and understand that whoever “wronged” us was truly doing the best that they could given their consciousness state at the time, their upbringing, traumas & conditioning; when we realise that if we were those people and we carried their life experiences we would act in the exact same way as they have; when we empathise with their own human condition, only then we can truly forgive.

Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily require acknowledgement of wrongdoing(s) from the other person.
Forgiveness happens when we see others on a Soul level, beyond their flaws and wrongdoings.

Many times it is only when we embody that state of unconditional forgiveness towards another, that nature allows for the other to approach us to try and make things right. Embodying a state of unconditional forgiveness is like unlocking the door that organically allows the other person to approach us in an attempt to mend the relationship.

Healing Our Own Trauma

It is a process that starts by recognising the ways in which we have been conditioned, particularly during our childhood years, and eventually overriding the behavioral patterns that we incorporated as defense mechanisms.

Once our own behavioral patterns are effectively recognised, the process of unwinding ourSelves begins; the process of tearing down the emotional fortress that we have built around ourSelves.

It is a process that requires surrendering the ego, and being able to question who we think we are – our beliefs, feelings and emotions.
In doing this a lot of fear can come up. Fear that in the act of questioning who we think we are, we will, in a way, get hurt or even cease to exist. That is the conditioned ego fighting for survival, desperately gasping for air.

It is very important to actually feel, process, surrender and release the feelings that have conditioned our behavior.
Healing trauma merely by intellectualising our feelings, instead of actually feeling them, will not lead to an authentic transformation where change is truly embodied.

How To Embody A State Of Blissful Surrender

Unconditional surrender as a way to approach life.


Kute’s Website HERE

Kute’s Instagram (@kuteblackson) HERE

Kute’s Bali Retreat HERE

Kute’s Book – “The Magic of Surrender: Finding The Courage To Let Go” HERE


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