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Healing Mental Health Epidemics & Eating Disorders w/ the World’s Largest Love-Based Movement in Human History | Nicole Gibson #100

Nicole Gibson has a vision to facilitate the world’s largest love-based movement in human history.

After healing from a life-threatening experience of anorexia nervosa, Nicole began to become an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential.

She was a finalist for the Young Australian of the Year at 20 years old, listed as one of Australia’s top 100 most influential women at 21 and became the the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner for Mental Health leading a $37 billion budget in an attempt to rectify the mental health epidemic.

It’s time we stop seeing love as a romanticised cliche, and begin to harness it’s true power to transform, heal and create.


Known as a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, but she prefers to see herself as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential.

When Nicole was 18 years old, she established a Not-for-Profit and grew it to sustainability, while completing two National speaking tours.


Nicole was a finalist for the Young Australian of the Year at 20 years old, and listed as one of Australia’s top 100 most influential women at 21, shortly after taking out the Pride of Australia Medal.

She’s made the front cover of The Financial Review, the Yellow Pages and featured in a documentary aired on prime-time national television.

Nicole is a fierce ambassador for mental health, innovation and connection after recovering from her own terrifying lived experience with anorexia nervosa.

Nicole completed three terms as the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner for Mental Health.


Table of Contents

A Spiritual Understanding of The Idea Of “Love”

The inherent relationship between Love and God (the all-pervading intelligence responsible for everything that ever was and ever will be). 

Living out of a place of love being the ultimate form of surrender, and the ultimate bestower of freedom & sovereignty. 

Re-contextualising Love Beyond Cliches

The importance of re-contextualizing “Love” in a more genuine and down-to-earth manner, beyond the “rainbows & butterflies” that mainstream media (e.g. Disney movies) have attached to it. 

Nicole’s Empowering Life Story

Suffering from Anorexia at a young age and feeling like that there wasn’t enough love, support & compassion in her surroundings to ‘make it through’. 

Fostering an inner sense of trust in the body’s innate healing system, trusting that we are constantly trying to return to a state of homeostasis and that sometimes excessive intervention from the outside can become a hindrance in our own healing process. 

The realization that most people were not actively cultivating a love-centered state of consciousness that allowed for overcoming challenges.

Self-Love As a Pre-Requisite To Love Others

If we don’t have an inner sense of self-love and we are not grounded & aligned with the needs of our own bodies, minds & spirits, we are not capable to show up in a sustainable loving manner towards others. 

Love & Pain

Unconditional love is never the source of pain, but instead can potentially the reason for which we endure & overcome it. 

People often think that their love towards a person is the cause of their pain, and that is incorrect. The cause of the pain can take many forms (attachment & expectation being two common ones) but love is not one. 

It is only by the grace of unconditional love (towards the Self & others) that we can find the strength to endure any pain and ultimately overcome it.

  • If your relationship with someone is bringing you pain, it is because of your personal attachment or unmet expectation (and a lack of unconditional love) that you suffer.

Fostering unconditional love, which builds up a capacity for compassion, is the only way to truly exist beyond suffering.

  • When attachment & expectation are disguised as love, it is easy to confuse them. 

Love For The Divine

The common (incorrect) belief that if one is completely absorbed in love for the Divine (in whatever form that takes), one is losing or sacrificing something. It is actually one of the most rewarding states of consciousness to enliven within the Self. 

Setting The Foundations For The ‘Love Out Loud’ Movement

It all started with Nicole visiting remote rural communities in Australia to “test-out” her love-based approach to life. She wanted to see if the love-based model that worked for her, moved other people in the same way and helped them to heal their own wounds and traumas. 

Creating circle groups for people to open up, share what they were going through and uplift each other, all from a place of love, is how the Love Out Loud movement started. 

Experiencing this at the tender age of 18/19 years old made a huge impact on Nicole, helping her realize that the movement was way bigger than herself and that it’s impact would eventually me on a big scale. 

The original formula or code consisted of enlivening in other people the capacity to speak their truth, to encourage an acceptance of what is, while allowing for everyone to feel held in love and acceptance by the group/community. 

  • This resulted in an increased engagement in schools, lower rates of suicide, lower rates of addiction, breaking poverty cycles of third/fourth generation welfare, 

The project continued to develop to more extended programs, spending more time with each community in order to achieve greater & more sustainable change. 

Becoming a Mental Health Commissioner in Australia

She went from living and traveling in her van & supporting small rural communities to advising a 30 Billion dollar Mental Health budget & having dinners with the Prime Minister of Australia only being 24 years old.

The reasons for which she decided to drop this position and start working on the love-based business that is now called ‘Love Out Loud’.

Starting The ‘Love Out Loud’ Movement

A framework of 9 stages of surrendering to love. 

A training and education company that runs training and retreats. 

The purpose of Love Out Loud is to promote civilization to move out of fear-based paradigms and into love-based ones instead.

The Future Of Love Out Loud: Love-Based Technology

Love Out Loud is developing an IP called C-Score. It looks into multiple datapoints that read truth in the body. Basically this allows to measure belief systems, and bio-system alignment to goal statements. 

  • Measuring how much the somatic system, conscious mind & subconscious mind are aligned with one’s goals. 
    • Many times the subconscious mind is trying to get something done but the subconscious mind is filled with limiting beliefs that stand in the way of that goal being achieved. 

The tool would allow for a more frictionless ‘course correction’ that truly places the body & mind in alignment with one’s goals in life.

Healing From Eating Disorders & Addictions

Nicole’s 8-year journey healing from Anorexia and becoming an empowered human devoted to spread love in the world.

Embodying Pure Love & Surrendering To Reap The Biggest Blessings In Life

The self-work required to get to a point where your consciousness is permeated by love. 

Surrendering our ego and all sorts of preferences in order to embody the highest possible version of ourselves and live life in it’s highest value.



Love Out Loud Website HERE

Love Out Loud Podcast HERE

Love Out Loud Book HERE

Nicole’s Instagram (@nic.gibson) HERE

Love Out Loud Instagram (@loveoutloud.movement) HERE


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