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Natural Conception at 45, Fertility Stories | Jillian Lavender #123

What if the secret to fertility lies in the power of the mind and the harmony of the body? Today, we’ll delve into the remarkable journey of Jillian Lavender, a meditation teacher who conceived her daughter naturally at the ripe age of 45. 

Jillian takes us through her inspiring transition from the high-stress corporate world to the calm and serene realm of meditation. She bares it all, recounting the struggles of balancing career and family ambitions, and how she found solace and success through meditation and Ayurvedic practices.

Jillian’s story is one of faith, resilience, and the power of surrender. If you’re grappling with fertility issues, Jillian’s journey will offer you wisdom, encouragement, and practical advice. 

Her personal experience is filled with heartfelt insights and profound wisdom, making this episode a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone navigating the path of fertility. Whether you’re on a fertility journey or just an interested listener, this episode will leave you with numerous insights and a fresh perspective.


Jillian has taught thousands of people to meditate since 2003, and along with her partner, has taught meditation on every continent on earth.

Originally from New Zealand, Jillian held senior business roles in Sydney, Paris and New York. 

During this demanding time she learned Vedic Meditation. The improvements to her life were immediate. Her stress levels began to dissolve the fatigue began to subside, and… she began to desire to have a child.

Jillian left her CEO role, trained to become a meditation teacher, met her current partner Michael Miller, founded London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center and eventually…  “space” and “charm” to bring a child into the earth became more apparent.

But it wasn’t so easy…

With plenty of trips to India for intensive Ayurvedic therapies, Jillian tried for 6 years before naturally conceiving and giving birth to her healthy daughter at age 45.

Alongside teaching meditation, Jillian speaks to groups about stress, well-being, and the impact of becoming more mindful in their daily lives.

She is also highly knowledgeable in Ayurveda and consults on health, diet, sleep, fertility and lifestyle.

Jillian’s first book, “Why Meditate? Because it Works.” came out in July 2021, receiving praise from The Guardian, The Times, Harpers Bazaar and multiple podcasts.


Table of Contents

Fertility Struggles and the Journey of Letting Go

Jillian shares her difficult experience of facing fertility challenges for five to six years. She discusses the delicate balance between perseverance and surrender, emphasising the importance of relinquishing control and trusting in the natural process of conception and birth.

Ayurveda and the Power of Healing

Jillian’s deep immersion in Ayurvedic treatments, particularly Panchakarma, and the profound impact it had on her understanding of the mind-body connection.

She reflects on the significance of purifying and nourishing the body, emphasising the need for holistic (mind-body-soul) well-being during the fertility journey.

Surrendering Control and Trusting the Process

The challenges of maintaining an unbending intent without becoming overly rigid or controlling.

Jillian shares her insights on finding a delicate balance between taking proactive steps towards conception and allowing nature to take its course, touching on the importance of surrendering the how and the when.

Self-Trust and Intuition in the Face of External Noise

The value of self-referral and intuition in a world inundated with information and external pressures.

Tuning in to one’s own inner guidance, particularly when navigating the complex world of fertility treatments and the birthing industry. The importance of discernment and self-awareness in filtering out external influences.

Intuition and self-knowledge in the journey of parenthood. Why it is important to trust oneself and cultivating a deep connection with one’s mind, body, and child, despite the plethora of external advice and information available.

Jillian highlights the significance of authentic self-trust and intuition in navigating the complexities of parenting and child-rearing.

The Power of Meditation and Self-Understanding

Meditation was and is a cornerstone of Jillian’s journey, enabling her to tap into her inner wisdom and universal intelligence.

She emphasises the transformative role of meditation in fostering self-awareness, stress reduction, and emotional balance, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and the journey towards conception.

Reflections on Aging & Trusting the Inner Self

Navigating the societal constructs around age and fertility. The importance of trusting oneself beyond the limitations imposed by external factors.

Jillian shares her perspective on embracing the concept of “time billionaires” and understanding the complexities of balancing urgency with surrender in the face of societal pressures.

How To Find Support and Nourishment

The significance of a supportive community, wise counsel, and holistic nourishment during the fertility journey.

The role of trusted physicians, supportive communities, and nurturing practices in fostering emotional resilience and holistic well-being during challenging times.


Jillian Lavender’s Website – HERE 

Jillian’s Instagram Account (@jillianlavender) – HERE

London Meditation Centre Website – HERE

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