Pusya Drops


Immunisation Drops


Essential herbal drops to help boost immunity and build tissues. Precious and potent formula of rare herbs.

Suggested Use:

  • Can be taken daily for certain conditions (consult us to assess).

Pusyami Naksatra:

Pusyami or Pushya Naksatra is an astrological constellation that occurs approximately one day a month. This is an auspicious time to give certain medicines such as Pusya Drops, since the planets support the effect of the herbal medicines by enhancing their nectar like quality.

To find out when Pusyami Naksatra is – type in your city name HERE and search on the monthly calendar what day PUSHYA comes (look at the bottom of the square next to the star ⭐️ ).

View Pusya times for SYDNEY, Australia, 2021

Pusyami Nakstara is governed by the planet Saturn (Shani), and related with the divine aspects of Jupiter (Brhispati, the guru of the divine beings/devatas). It is considered one of the most auspicious naksatras in general in jyotish (vedic astrology).

300 drops per bottle. 

Ingredients: smriti, chandan essential oil, swarna bhasma, immunity rasayana essential oil composition, kashayam formula.

A blend of essential oils made by the Raju family formula handcrafted in small batches with purified herbs, mantras and love.

Take along with Swasakasantak Yog for greater immunisation effect.

Country of origin: India. Imported by Vital Veda.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm



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