Vedic Ghee (Homemade)


Superior Cooking Oil, Enhances Digestion, Counters Body Dryness | 500ml



Ghee is the crown jewel that joins Ayurvedic medicine and Indian cooking.

What Is Ghee:
Ghee is clarified or purified butter. Butter is boiled in a specific way and the lactose components and milk solids are separated and strained to produce this concentrated golden substance, ghee. Hence, basically, no-one is allergic to ghee (including lactose- intolerant people). It is a totally new product from butter after the transformation process.

Why Vital Veda Ghee is Unique and Treasured by So Many

Our ghee is prepared by us personally in Sydney. By hand, we slowly and properly cook the finest quality grass-fed butter in small batches. Most people who make ghee do not cook the butter enough, hence do not purify the ghee enough. This is because they fear to burn the butter, they want to yield a larger quantity and end product and lack the knowledge of the importance of complete purification.

This is one factor that makes our ghee different. And why mostly everyone who tries out ghee can taste a significant difference.

The timing of this cultivated and attentive process is coordinated with the cycles of the moon and planets to enhance the flow of consciousness into the highly sensitive bacteria-rich ghee.

The genuine love and mantras (primordial sounds) infused into the ghee throughout the preparation process further contributes to the superiority of our ghee.

Benefits of Ghee:

  • High smoke point – Ghee is a very stable oil with a smoke point of 252 degrees celsius, making it the safest oil and fat to cook with.
  • Enhances digestion – stimulates digestion, enzymes and helps break down food.
  • Promotes beneficial microbiology – Supports the good bugs to proliferate.
  • Detoxifying – Pulls toxins out of the tissues, while simultaneously driving nutrients deep into the cells.
  • Counters dryness in the body – Constipation, stiff bones/joints, osteoporosis, dry skin, etc. Ghee lubricates the organs and the hardened connective tissues, also making the body more flexible.

Read more about ghee here.

Unsalted grass-fed butter from Australia (depending on batch and season).

Suggested Use:
Use as a cooking oil and put on food.

Store in a cool, dark area. Refrigeration is optional.

Additional information

Weight .708 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 15 cm

1 Litre, 500ml


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