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The Ayurvedic Benefits of Gold (Swarna)


🎥 : Mathilde Lebouc (

Gold’s mystical qualities have attracted human beings since the dawn of history.
Gold is far more than a mere commodity or even a monetary metal.
Now I’m going to be sharing with you some golden nuggets of wisdom…


  • “Abhaya” – assurance or “fearless” of disease. Assurance of mental state. money, you feel financially assured when wearing gold.
  • Svarṇa
  • Suvarṇa
  • Kanaka – also a word for “a miner”.
  • Hema – typically used as a “weight of gold.” also a word for “the earth”, “a handsome woman”,  “dark or brownish colour horse.”
  • Hāṭaka – also a word for a “particular magical drink”
  • Tapnīya – gold.
  • Gāngeya – also a word for the holy river Ganges.
  • Kaladhauta – also a word for “bullion”
  • Kāñcana – another word for wealth,
  • Cāmīkara – gold
  • Satakumbhha
  • Kārtasvara
  • Jāmbūnada – could be gold from the Jambu river in Jambudvīpa “the land of Jambu trees” (Indian Blackberry (Syzygium cumini), Dvīpa = island or continents.
Woman wearing Gold Rings
  • Jātarupa – another word for “brilliant”, “beautiful”, “splendid”.
  • Mahārajata – another word for “turmeric” and “thorn-apple” (Datura inoxia).
  • auram” – Which means “to glow” in Latin.


  • Gold is the earliest recorded metal used by humans.
  • There are records of it being mined for over 7K years. Earliest records are from Bulgaria.
  • But there have been gold nuggets found in Spanish caves over 40K years ago.
  • Vedic tradition has probably been earlier.


  • It’s not difficult to extract or mine – it doesn’t take any chemicals to get it out.
  • Gold is the most malleable metal there is: just one ounce of gold (28gm) can be drawn into a wire that is 50 miles / 80km long without breaking.
  • Noble metal: it doesn’t oxidise or corrode. It doesn’t tarnish, it maintains its beautiful luster for thousands of years.
      • Pioneer 10 Plaque – Pioneer 10, a spacecraft launched from earth in 1972, is hurtling through space right now bearing a gold plaque inscribed with messages from man kind with drawings of humans and a map of our solar system, just in case the spacecraft is intercepted by intelligent extraterrestrial life. Gold was chosen to bear this message – which will not reach the nearest planetary system for 10 billion years – because gold endures.
      • Gold harvested from Egyptian tombs that is thousands of years old still is shiny and looks new.
      • Gold found in shipwrecks looks as if it just came out of the mint.
  • Gold can be drawn into a few as fine as a hair . One ounce of gold (28gm) can be drawn into a wire that is 50 miles / 80km long.


  1. 24kt is 100% gold. e.g. gold bhasma. Can’t be used for jewelry.
  2. 22kt is the highest that can be mailable. 22/24 = 91.67% gold.
  3. 18kt – 75% gold.
What is the other %?
Other metals:
  • Copper – 100% gold gives red gold.
  • silver,
  • nickel (white / banned in Europe),
  • silver,
  • palladium.
This is what changes the colour of gold.
Gold Bars & Coins


There’s estimated to be 187,000 tonnes of gold above ground (that has been mined). Recorded in 2017.
50% of this – jewelry.
40% – investments of this is in – coins, bars.
10% – electrical wires.
Producers of Gold in the World:
    1. Biggest producer – China produces 440 tonnes / year.
    2. Richest area –  22% of the gold in the world is sourced from South Africa.
    3. Asteroid impacts on earth about 4 billion years ago and clears the land for the gold to be mined.
    4. Gold In The Sea – super minuscule. Researchers believe there merely are about 20 million – 10 billion tonnes in the ocean. It’s not worth harvesting.


Gold dust in honey

This was a Roman ointment for battle wounds suffered by great military leaders.

Svarna Bhasma
Virya – Sheeta
Gunas – Guru (heavy), Picheela (slimy)
Karmas and Indications:
  • Vajjikarana (aphrodisiac)
  • Heavy to digest
  • Stoutens the body
  • Good for eyes/vision
  • Improves intelligence, memory and wisdom
  • Good for the heart
  • Extends/improves life span and complexion
  • Confers clarity and stability of voice
  • Cures disease caused by two kinds of poisons (vegetable and animal)
  • Good for emaciation
  • Insanity
  • Fever arising from all three doshas
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis.
If Suvarṇa Bhasma is not properly prepared, it:
  • Destroys strength and vitality of men
  • Gives rise to a large number of diseases
  • Produces misery
  • Can produce death.
Suvarna (Svara) Bhasma

According to the Bhavapraksha Pūrvakaṇḍa, good quality gold should undergo shodana samskara (purification) and be made to bhamsa (ash) in order to be used medicinally.


This powerful formula enlivens the cellular memory of perfect health and helps restore the body to balance.

Regular use helps increase consciousness, creativity, happiness, health, and balance in mind and body.

“Smriti” is a sanskrit word where the english word “smart” comes from. Smriti helps enhance cognitive function and capacity for greater performance.

Smriti by Vital Veda


Corrects and brings the intellect back to balance. Promote greater intelligence of the mind.

Pragnya (Refined Intellect) by Vital Veda

Swarna Dhatu

Helps restore and regenerate nerves, bones and tissues, because it nourishes and strengthens all seven layers of the dhatus (tissues) in the body.

Helps to strengthen and stabilise the whole system.

Swarna Dhatu (Golden Nourisher) by Vital Veda

Special Matra Basti Oil

Special Matra Basti oil for Matra Basti (small nourishing enema)

We only use top quality oils procured in a specific manner (mrdu paka = soft preperation).

Special Matra Basti Oil by Vital Veda

Pusya Drops

Essential herbal drops to help boost immunity and build tissues for infants and children.

Precious and potent formula of rare herbs.

Pusya Drops by Vital Veda

Bruhat Vata Chintamani Rasa

A very effective formula often used for cardiovascular disorders.

Bruhat Vata Chintamani Rasa


The Gold Primer – Golden Possibilities 1980

Pioneer 10 – Pūrvakaṇḍa

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