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Karmic Relationships, Why Am I Single? & Past Lives with Jyotish: Vedic Astrology + Top 3 Episodes of 2020 | Blaine Watson #049

Is your relationship with your partner supported by nature and karmically suitable?
Gaining insight into the Vedic Astrology (a.k.a. Jyotish) of you and whom ever you relate with can illuminate and improve that relationship.
Why am I still single? I feel a relationship would significantly enhance my evolution.
Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, utilises measures of sacred time to organise human life according to celestial forces and natural law.
It helps understand human existence in a deeper perspective so that we can not only flow through life effortlessly with nature’s support, but also attune with cosmic intelligence and the eternal organiser.


Blaine has studied astrology since childhood and became interested in Vedic Astrology on a trip to India in 1980 and began studying in earnest at that time. After several years of self study in India, USA, Spain, Netherlands and Switzerland, he was personally certified as expert in Jyotish by the Dean of the Department of Sanskrit at Benares Hindu University in Varanasi, India in 1989.

Blaine has been a professional astrologer for over 30 years and has more than 30,000 clients in over 30 countries. People find Blaine via word of mouth as the Vedic tradition with which he is associated does not permit me to advertise.

Blaine has travelled to consult and teach in South America, the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa and India. 

Blaine also been trained in and is considered to be expert in Ayurveda and the Vedic system of temple architecture known as Vastu Vidya or Sthapatya Veda. Blaine learnt to meditate in high school, and has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for 45 years and has taught over 4,000 people on 4 continents how to meditate.  

The First Podcast Episode with Blaine (Wise to Listen to this one firsrt)

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Dharma: The Most Evolutionary Thing You Can Be Doing Now

Trends, themes and patterns that present in clinics and consultations due to the cosmic weather.

Vedic nerds – a global phenomena that is influenced with past lives and a purpose to unit with India.

Past Life Relationships with Jyotish, Karma and Choosing When You Are Born

Istha Kal – personal time. Your time of birth is chosen and dictated to you according to the karma you are working off.

Born with adversities, challenges and blessings.

The Bhagavad Gita states:

  1. If you are on the path to enlightenment – you will be born into the families of the rich.
  2. If you are far on the path to enlightenment as a yogi in the last life time, you will be born into a family of yogis.

Clearing Karmic Connections

The Epidemic of Infertility

The relationship between infertility and glyphosate.

Cultivating A Relationship with the Planets

  • Each planet has a portfolio.
  • They have specific relationships with each other. E.g. Sun is Saturns father. Moon is Mercurys father.
  • Each planet is an incarnation of Visnu.


  • Sun is known as Krooya = “cruel”.
  • He is hot, dry, represents power, the kind, government, the father, independence
  • Represents ego on superficial and a more subtle level represents the soul.
  • Sun represents bones.

Jyotish expressing itself in the physiology

  • Shani – mamsa dhatu – also asthi and majja dhatu.
  • Shukra – sukra dhatu
  • Mangal – rakta dhatu
  • Chandra – rasa dhatu
  • Buddh – tvak.

For information on the dhatus (tissues), refer to Vital Veda and Dr Harsha Rajus online course on Dhatus.

Each Planet is An Incarnation of Visnu

  1. Rama – Surya
  2. Krsna – Chandra
  3. Narasimha(Lion head demon eater) – Mangal
  4. Buddha – Buddh
  5. Vaamana (dwarf) – Guru
  6. Parasu Rama (warrior) – Sukra
  7. Koorma (turtle) – Shani
  8. Varaha (bore) – Rahu
  9. Matsya (fish) – Ketu.

You can see the evolution of human kind in these incarnations (from acqautic animal to the most refined human).

Why is each planet is dominantly masculine?

Please comment below your thoughts.

The Dashas – Planetary Cycles You are Going Through

  • A system of cycles set in motion from the moment you are born.
  • MahaDasha (primary cycle) and AntaraDasha (secondary cycle) and beyond.

Marriages in Jyotish

  • “Love Marriage” and Arranged Marriage.
  • Using Jyotish for successful marriage and to optimise the “alliance” in a marriage.

Why Am I Single?

  • Single People and Bachelors Wanting or Refusing a Relationship
  • Old souls.
  • Bearing children.
  • Approaching the end of child-bearing years while being single.

  • Banana Treatment to Make the Reproductive Organs More Youthful

Yagya (Ancient Vedic Technology) to Find a Suitable Marriage Partner and Have Children

Yagyas for world peace and anything in the world.

David O’Reilly, who organises Yagyas –
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Rahu and Ketu

  • They are “Chaya graha.”
  • Chaya = “shadow.”
  • Griha = “grip”. A planet has a grip.
  • Each planet has a shadow planet, and Rahu and Ketu are the shadow planets for the sun and the moon.
  • Mostly causing difficulties in life.
  • They are responsible for eclipses.


    • The head of the serpent.
    • Weird and unconventional. Psychic rather than spiritual. A world knowingness.
    • Obsessive.
    • Dream like quality.
    • When Rahu gets what he wants, it is like waking up from a dream.
    • A snake can hypnotise their victims to a vast like state.
    • There for the ride. Go with the flow.
    • We can’t trust the thought we have.
    • He is tricky but he can be tricked.
    • If you buy a house in the Rahu cycle, paint the bathroom or bought a door knocker.
    • What Rahu gives, Rahu takes away.
    • If you buy something in a Rahu cycle, change it up a little so it is not what you bought.
    • You can get married in a Rahu cycle – Take vows – these change the laws of nature dramatically. The legal or religious system gets involved. It restructures the relationship. The change you are looking for with Rahu.


    • Intuition.
    • Tail of the snake. Part of us that is sensitive to vibration.
    • Moksha karaka – a significator of moksha.
    • Gnyana (spiritual knowledge) karaka.
    • Feeling level. The wuiet voice inside.
    • Produces bursts of good fortune.
    • Disinterested in the world – not interested in money or status. He is interested in the subtle fields of life.
    • Represents loss – Loss because we are not interested (in money for example). People don’t want to do work.
    • Represents periods of times of awakening.

Jyotish Chart of Specific Countries

Current Astrological Update of Covid-19

  • Blaine says it will last another 2.5 years.
  • Blaine believes Shani (Saturn) is responsible.
  • Is Rahu involved in C-19?

Viewing the Birth Charts of Twins

  • Using the Navamsha chart. The chart of the inner or hidden personality.
  • A lot of karma in twinning charts. They chose to be born together. They could have been marriage partners in a past lifetime.
  • They usually love each other on a very deep level.
  • Twinning can be seen in the chart. Can be because Mercury and Gemini may be in the house of children.


Contact Blaine for a Jyotish consultation – find his address in this episode.

Check out other Jyotishis and Pundits (to perform Yagyas) we recommend here

The First Podcast Episode with Blaine

Podcast Episode Banner: Blaine Watson Jyotish episode


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