Six Tastes Drink ~ A Sweet Drink To Enliven the 6 Tastes & Our Digestive Fire

Six Tastes Drink Ingredients

Mix Together:

(You can adapt it to your taste, place & availability)
  1. Pure, fresh water
  2. Jaggery or natural cane sugar, or any sugar (sweet)
  3. Tamarind juice (astringent)
  4. Grated raw mango, lime juice or other fruit (sour)
  5. Neem flower petals (if available / bitter)
  6. Cardamom (sweet)
  7. Rock salt or black salt (salty)
  8. Pepper (pungent)
  9. 1-3 Shodhana Vati tabs crushed (contains all 6 tastes)
Six Tastes Drink

When and How to Drink

You should ideally take this drink on the first and second day of Navaratri (The 9 Nights of Mother Divine). This is the first thing we drink for the Festival to enliven Agni/energy by having all the Six Tastes.
This drink showcases how life itself has all the different flavors of experience. And tells you it’s not only to have a sweet & easy time always ~ life can sometimes have sad and bitter experiences too. So we have to drink and accept/enjoy the full range of life, knowing that everything balances out just like the Six Tastes (each taste & experience has its own purpose & value).

Before you drink chant this:

Shaatayu Vajra Dehaaya - diamond like physical fitness. / Bestowing hundred diamond like body.
Sarva sampat Karaayacha - which helps to gain all the wealth. Sarva = all. / All the property may come to you.
Sarvaarishta Vinaashaaya - Sarva = all. aaristha = bad things. Vinaashaya - stop. / All the disease may be destroyed.
Nimbakam Dalabhakshanam - Bunch of three leaves. / Hence I am consuming.
Nimbakam = neem.
Dala = branch. - Involves puspam, patra and sticks are used in this spring festival to take bath, eat and decorate the entrance, etc.

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