Special Phala (Fertility) Ghee


Female Hormones & Reproduction | 100ml


Medicated ghee to enhance reproductive health and fertility.

Special Phala Ghee helps:

  • Protect and restore the internal tissues of the reproductive organs.
  • Promote hormonal balance.
  • Bring relief to menopausal dryness and sensitivity.
  • Regular use can help improve fertility during the childbearing years.
  • Activate genital sensitivity and boost libido.
  • Helps make the reproductive organs more youthful.
  • Helpful to use later on in pregnancy to promote easier labor.

To Nourish:

  • Yoni Pichu – Soak organic cotton or an organic cotton tampon in the ghee and insert it into vagina. Leave in overnight or for an hour or so during treatments like shirodhara/takradhara. After you remove the tampon/cotton, wash vagina area well.
  • Yoni Pichu during pregnancy – start at 37 weeks pregnant.
  • Internal – 1tsp mixed with smriti or other herbs, as prescribed.
  • Massage into the belly button clockwise and slow.
  • Can be used for matra basti alone or mixed with another matra basti oil.

Matra Basti (Small Nourishing Oil Enema)

Please watch this video about matra bastis.

Matra Basti Protocol Pre-Conception

3 months pre-conception, you can do 2x matra bastis per week, 25ml-30ml each basti.

  1. Week 1 – Katwadi and Deva 21oi.
  2. Week 2 – Katwati and Sepcial Matra Basti.
  3. Week 3 – Katwadi  and Deva 21 Oil.
  4. Week 4 – Katwadi  and Special Fertility Ghee.

Repeat this process in cycles or continue alternating between Katwadi and Special Fertility Ghee until you concevie.

For Basti Equipment:

You need to purchase one basti syringe (which you keep in hygienically plastic and re-use) and a single-use basti tube for each enema you do.

Matra Basti (enema) Instructions

Do Special Matra Basti when you are feeling good, and having a restful night that night. Or if you have been prescribed to do when feeling pain or imbalance. 

Do not do Matra Basti if:

  • if you have fever or cold
  • If (woman) you are menstruating
  • If you are using an oil that we do not recommend.
  • If you have not been recommended by a quality practitioner.  

You do not need the needle in the basti syringe kit. Dispose this.

Basti instructions:

  1. Eat a light dinner, then go to bathroom and eliminate as much as you can (even urinating is good).
  2. Have a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen (if you are doing matra basti right after dinner, hot water bottle is unnecessary).
  3. Warm 25ml of Special Matra Basti oil, Deva 21 oil, Katwadi Oil, MGB Oil, Smriti 21 or 101 oil, Special Fertility Ghee. or any basti oil you have prescribed, on the stove, this should be luke warm – warm.
  4. Suck it up into the syringe. You do not need the needle which comes in the basti syringe kit.
  5. Place the basti tube (catheter) on the syringe.
  6. (Have everything ready for sleep, because you will not be getting out of bed for the night). If you do self-foot massage + shiro-pichu before bed can do this now.
  7. Lubricate the tip of the tube with little (any) oil.
  8. Lie on your left side in bed, with your left leg straight and your right leg folded over so your inner foot is on top of your left knee.
  9. Stick the tube up the anus 8.5cm. Enter the tube on a left lateral angle (i.e. in the direction of your head).
  10. Squeeze syringe slowly for about 1 minute till all oil is in.
  11. (Optional) put tissue, cotton or pad under underpants incase of leakage.
  12. Remove hot water bottle. Do not keep this.
  13. After, pack the syringe and tube away in a hygienic way.

Post basti:

13. Lie on right side and breath 32 times.
14. Lie on back and breath 64 times.
15. Lie on left side and breath 128 time.
16. Sleep. Goodnight.

Please hold basti in for as long as you can, ideally till the morning. No problem if you eliminate it in the night, but if you can suppress the urge that would be ideal.

Please note the Basti may fully absorb in your body and not come out. This is a good thing.


Herbal formula and gold (swarna) cooked in ghee

A Raju family formula hand-crafted in small batches with purified herbs, mantras, and love.

Additional information

Weight .187 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11 cm

100ml, 200ml, 50ml


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