Want To Go Deeper In Studying Ayurveda and Holistic Health?

Course in Ayurvedic Body Therapies - Sydney, March 14th - May 2nd 2021

A course for health practitioners, therapists, body workers, advanced Yoga students or anyone curious about Ayurvedic body therapies and wants to expand their practice.

This program covers a number of Ayurvedic body therapies and foundational practices/principles to ensure you leave with a thorough understanding and experience.

Be sure to register soon as there is limited spots available for this program.

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Online Courses

The Subtle Mechanics of Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology + Medical Astrology
This empowers you with greater holistic knowledge of the human physiology.
Coming soon, early 2021.

Ayurvedic Nutrition - Coming Soon, early 2021.

Essence of Ayurveda (recordings) - Coming soon, early 2021.

Private Tuition (Worldwide)

Dylan offers private tuition to students via online learning. This involves reading material which is followed up with video calls to elaborate, clarify and gain a more unique understanding of these particular teachings. Pulse diagnosis will be taught and started early on. Group online lessons can be formulated depending on the levels of the student's knowledge and different country time schedules. Enquire here

Private Tuition (Sydney)

Similar to the above, but will include learning body therapies and learning practical herbal preparations. Enquire here

Dhanvantri Diksha (Hyderabad, India)

Annually the Raju family offers a unique program to awaken the perfect health aspect of consciousness (Dhanvantri) within you, as well as a higher capacity to heal others. This program is not only for practitioners of all sort but for anyone who wants to move closer to perfect health. Full Diskha is approximately 41 days, but half diksha (21 days) and quarter (11 days) is also possible. This is less intellectual learning and more developing your healing capability through an inward program, however, regular intellectual learning is also offered. Enquire within for more information.

Diploma of Ayurveda (Australia)

Dylan teaches some intakes with The Collective Wellness Institute in Melbourne and Sydney.

Lectures and Workshops (Worldwide)

Dylan offers lectures and workshops across the globe. Sign up to the newsletter or check out the Events page to be informed when an event comes to an area near you.


Want Dylan to appear at your event as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator or panellist?

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