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Internal Oceans of Our Physiology: Hydration, Longevity and Expanded Hydrology | Isabel Friend #094

You may think water is a simple molecule, such a basic element, but the truth is, Water is NOT simple. At all.

Water is the most foundational & essential element for all living life on earth. Without water, no life would manifest.

Learning how to optimise our water and hydration is one of the most important health interventions, especially for modern life.

Isabel Friend teaches and researches full-time about water. She is a passionate water nerd. She is a return guest to the VV show, who’s first episode was an audience favourite.

YOU are a body of water (99.92% water on a molecular level).
Consider this podcast an opportunity to get to know water, or should I say, get to know yourself.

Isabel Friend has a borderline obsessive fascination with water. 
She teaches full time about water and facilitates ceremonies and host retreats about water all around the world.
She’s a public speaker, certified nutritionist, Mystic dance and Integral yoga teacher and Reiki master. She has also trained extensively in armoatherapy and herbalism.
She is a nerd who is passionate about bringing modern scientific understanding together with ancient ancestral wisdom in a way that grounds primal living strategies into our 21st century lifestyles.
She is water, she is a water goddess, apa devī.

Table of Contents

Drinking Water: Moving From a Quantity-Based to a Quality-Based Model

It is not so much about how much water a day you are drinking, but more so about what is the quality of the water you are drinking. 
Filtering your tap water is not enough to ensure good-quality. That water, even after filtering, is still “dead” and/or deprived of prana or life-force. 

The Requisites Of Life-Sustaining Water Are The Same As Our Body’s

Healthy water needs to breathe – exchange gasses like oxygen and carbonic acid. 
Healthy water needs to move – the more penned-up, stagnant, bottled & quarantined it becomes, the more she loses her vivacity. 
Healthy water needs to eat – she needs to absorb minerals & electrolytes from the earth.
  • When she’s robbed of these minerals and electrolytes, like many filters do, water becomes an aggressive solvent, leaching these minerals from our body in an attempt to fill herself back up again. 
Healthy water needs healthy bonds – if the molecules are not properly bonded, the hydrogen bonds are forming and breaking apart a billion times per second, which doesn’t allow for the nourishing aspect of water to thrive.
Bottomline is: what we do to our water, we do to ourselves.

Our Current Relationship With Water & How To Improve It

Water is one of the most abused natural resources in the history of mankind. We have polluted it in the worst possible ways (even to the extent of using it as a vehicle in biological warfare) and then turned it into a commodity from which corporations profit from. 
Water is the most essential life-sustaining substance for all life on earth. 
Water in nature is the greatest teacher of generosity, abundance, non-hierarchical leadership, and de-centralised prosperity within an ecosystem. 
It is important for us to mirror the properties of water – becoming generous, giving back to water and sharing water freely – in order to establish a reciprocal relationship with nature. 
As with any other relationship, if our abuse of water persists, then water will withdraw itself (as it has already started to do) and it’ll become a global crisis – to an even greater extent than today.

Quenching Your Thirst vs. Being Hydrated

We tend to associate hydration to how much water we drink, but that’s just irrigation.
You can drink water all day long but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting hydrated.

The Lymph and Fascia + Their Relationship With Hydration

The Lymph:
Studies are showing that most, if not all, diseases can be traced back to a malfunctioning lymphatic system. 
The lymph is the first dhatu addressed in Ayurveda, where it is known as rasa.
The lymph is responsible for all the filtering of microbes, organic wastes, toxins and other nocive debris, and also carries lymphocytes throughout the body that fight against infections.
There is 3 times more lymphatic fluid in the body than there is blood + the lymphatic fluid is 96% water, so not achieving proper levels of hydration slows down and inhibits waste removal in the body. 
The Fascia:
Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every single organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. It not only provides a structural function in the body, but is also responsible for the hydration of all the tissues in the body.
  • The fascia is made of 70% water and 30% protein. 
When the fascia becomes dehydrated it becomes a lot more tangled and de-articulated, and it is more prone to store emotional trauma & stress.

The Current Dehydration Epidemic

Conservative studies suggest that 70% of the global population is dehydrated, while several in-field experts indicate that in their practices they encounter 100% of dehydrated patients.

Metabolic Water: The Internal Springs of The Body

Metabolic water is produced endogenously inside the cells. 
This water is deuterium depleted & with protium hydrogen molecules only, which is ideal. 
The body’s capacity to produce metabolic water is determined by the amount & quality of fats ingested. 
For every gram of high-quality fat ingested, the cells produce 110 grams of metabolic water.

How Certain Yogis Manage to Survive Without Drinking Water

The production of metabolic water could potentially be the method by which some yogis survive without drinking any water for decades.
In the New Testament, Jesus said: “Whoever believes in me, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” – John 7:37-39
  • He was saying that by enlivening Christ-consciousness within us, “rivers of living water will flow from within”.

Ways To Improve The Quality of The Water We Drink

First and foremost, we should practice reciprocity with the water. Tending to our water sources (water bodies and springs) + caring about who our legislators employ to treat our water & their treatment practices.
  • Get involved in the discussion! 
Filter the water
Restructure your water – through movement:
Bring into balance the different factors that water would have in nature. 
  • Mimic what would happen to water in hydrological cycle and mimic what would happen to water when she’s rising to a spring. 
  • Balance the electrolyte ratios, mineral profile, aeration (dissolved gasses) & microbial composition of water found in nature. 
Bless the water – charge it up with positive energy & vibrations.

How To Find a Spring Near You

  1. Gaia GPS
  2. Local geological surveys
  4. Ask your elders

The Science & Mysticism Behind Water Springs



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