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Redefining Longevity: Get Stronger & Fitter as You Age, Spiritual Diets & Overcoming Diabetes | Dr. Rabbi Gabriel Cousens #095

Dr. Rabbi Cousens is 79 years old and he’s getting stronger and healthier as he ages. He is a renowned Medical Doctor, Rabbi, Spiritual Teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, Psychiatrist, Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Medical Researcher, and an Ecological Leader.

Dr. Cousens is redefining longevity by blending nutrition with spiritual practices, and shares his intriguing methodology with many people, including those who want to “cure” type 2 and even type 1 diabetes.

In this Vital Veda podcast episode we debunk the idea that old age equals frailness & a decaying state of health, while providing the holistic tools and scientific proof to not only get to experience old age, but genuinely thrive while at it.

About our guest: Dr. Rabbi Gabriel Cousens

Gabriel functions as a rabbi, holistic physician, as one of the main live-food and vegan medical experts in the world, and according to the New York Times: “the fasting guru and detoxification expert”.  Dr. Cousens is the author of 13 books starting with his classic book, Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet published in 1986. Other popular titles include Conscious Eating, Conscious Parenting, Diabetes – There Is a Cure for Diabetes, and Into the Nothing.
He is also a psychiatrist, family therapist, Ayurvedic practitioner, homeopath, acupuncturist, medical researcher, and an ecological leader. Gabriel is an internationally celebrated spiritual teacher bridging cultures and ethnic groups.  He is an Essene rabbi and founder of the Essene Order of Light.

The Ideal Diet For Kundalini (Spiritual) Awakenings

The vegan diet, according to Gabriel, allows for greater spiritual advancement. 
Not entangling one’s own body and consciousness with that of exploited/suffering animals.

Veganism: How To Do It Right

It is critical to understand how to be in alignment with one’s doshas (elemental makeups) if one wants to take on a vegan diet. 
Being out of alignment with one’s doshas will inescapably lead to an unsustainable diet.

Debunking The Idea That Old Age = Frailness

Ayurveda teaches that in this era (Kali Yuga), the life expectancy of humans should be around 120 years old.
Longevity as both a physical & mental reality.
Our capacity to remain healthy & strong at old age (if not more so than in our youth) greatly relies on the mental paradigm with which we view ourselves.
If we equal our own aging with an increasing sense of frailness and senility, then that will surely become our reality. On the contrary, if we approach life continuously & consistently striving for a greater sense of health and wellness, that will become our reality.
1981 Epigenetic Study by Dr. Ellen Langer from Harvard University:
A team of doctors did a comprehensive diagnosis of 8 men in their 70s and then placed them in a monastery which was converted to transport them all to 1959 when they were in their prime. Furniture, décor, news, sports, music, TV, movies: every cultural reference dated from the period. There were no mirrors, only photos of the men in their 20s. They spoke and acted as though they had traveled back in time and gotten younger.
  • After a few days of being there, they outperformed a control group that came earlier to the monastery but didn’t imagine themselves back into the skin of their younger selves, though they were encouraged to reminisce.
  • They showed greater manual dexterity and sat taller, their sight improved as well as their hearing.
If we perceive ourselves to be younger, healthier, more capable, more vibrant, despite the messages about how we should look and act at our chronological age, then our cells and tissues get the message.
The study has since been replicated several times, with similar results every time.

Why Alternative Spiritual Practices Seem To Overcome Religious Dogma

Engaging in Easterm spirituality (like Yoga) makes the experience of God very accessible to everyone, while classic religions tend to be taught with particular emphasis on dogma (a series of rules or commandments that one must rigorously live by) which tends to keep the first-hand experience of God away from us.
  • There is more energy being devoted to upholding the dogma, the feeling of shame when failing to do so, and the prosecution/judgment of those who don’t follow the “rules” than to actually enlivening God-consciousness within us (which is what yoga does).

Kundalini Energy & The Concept Of “Raha Kadesh” in Judaism

“Raha Kadesh” is the Hebrew term for Kundalini energy (spiritual creative energy that rises from the root of the spine). 
  • It is what in christianity is called the “Holy Spirit”. 
This energy is basically the spirit of God within each and every one of us, that when enlivened begins to awaken higher states of consciousness, along with the whole cakra system and the 72 thousand Nāḍis in the body. 
The descending and ascending Kundalini. The descending is energetic potential stored at the base. When we reach a certain level of awareness, it awakens.

The 5 Different Layers of Being

Nefresh – Physical level
Ruach – the Astral level. 
Neshama – Pure individual soul level. 
Chaya – connects you with all of creation. 
Yehida – a direct connection to God. 

If you’re feeding the higher levels of your being by the way you are living, then you’re operating at a higher soul-level.

Traditional & Ancient Cultures: Meat-Eating vs. Plant-Based

Healing Type 1 & 2 Diabetes Holistically


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