The Deep Value of Authentic Ayurveda: Balancing mind & body to proper function

The Sun and herbs, two key elements in ayurveda

Preventing memory loss of the unbounded, pure level of life, and promoting memory loss of that which is not relevant to remember nor think about.

Correcting the mistake of the intellect (Pragyaparada) - when the intellect identifies exclusively with the diversified aspects of life, the limited expressions of the relative.

We correct the intellect to identify with our Absolute Nature.
This is where perfect health lies.
Experiential identification with That will enliven perfect health and dissipate dis-ease.

Bringing back the memory of the Self to each aspect of the physiology, from subtle to gross.

This level of understanding is the knowledge of Āyur-Veda.

The knowledge of Totality. - BrahmaVidya

Finding a practitioner of Authentic Ayurveda today is a rare thing. Here at Vital Veda we pride ourselves on the capacity that our treatments & products have to enliven health within our patients. If you are looking for authentic ayurveda, this is the end of your search.

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