Kriśhna Consciousness: Perceiving the Absolute in the Relative of Life

Illustration of Krishna

I am going to tell you about an astonishing individual, named Krśna, aka Lord Krishna, who interacted with incredibly fascinating and significant events in history.

Krśna was a transcendent Being. A 100% pure (realised) avatar.

Rightly so that his body was made up of the Absolute. He is the Absolute.

This is why his skin colour is indigo (as close to black as blue can get), because the elemental make up of his human body is predominately space (akasha), secondarily air (vayu), tertiary fire (tejas), quaternary water (apa) and only has a little amount of earth element (prthvi) in his physiology - the direct opposite elemental make up to basically all humans on planet earth.

Imagine the unmanifest presenting itself inside the relative, and doing so in the shape of a human.

When you look at it, it was a moving sculpture, unmanifest.

As it moved through the relative world, it would unmanifest everything in its path, back to the Absolute in the shape of a body. His hand would not move through space, it would be space unmanifesting in the form of a hand.

When you look into Krśna, you were looking into a black hole.

Powerful mass and powerful gravitation. Massive consciousness attraction capability.  

REMEMBER, before you become overwhelmed and feel “mythology” is irrelevant and unrealistic, in this case for example, “Krśna” is a representation of a state of consciousness that is within everyone.

Elevation to Krishna consciousness occurs when your consciousness is able to perceive the absolute Being in the relative of life.

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