Corona Virus Covid-19 in Ancient Ayurveda

Fever in Ayurveda

There are MANY types of fever, known as Jvara in Ayurveda. It is such a dynamic disease and all the types of jvara are unique. Some are mild and easy to cure, some are incurable and potentially fatal.

Abhisangaja Jvara (Type of Fever)

Abhisangaja jvara is an Āgnatu type of jvara.

Āgnatu = fever caused by extraneous factors.

This type of fever is said to be caused by the affliction of grief, fear, anger, bhutas (evil sprits) and germs.

In fact, germs themselves, mostly (and in this case) are considered "evil spirits," or dark forces of nature that promote ignorance and suppress enlightenment.

Corona Virus C-19 is a germ manifesting virulently in the physical body of many, especially in the weak, immuno-compromised and the elderly.

But perhaps more alarmingly is C-19's ability to spread dis-ease in the minds of huge majorities of populations.

The powerful mental ramifications on individuals has been terrible. This type of jvara has been able to create some of the most profound shifts in the collective consciousness we have seen in modern times.

Anyone who has experienced expanded states of awareness, who has vedic knowledge and experience or who is in-tune with natural law, probably has a greater perception on "the bigger picture" at play here.

It's more than a viral severe acute respiratory syndrome. Especially when you look into the science and realise this virus has been hugely exaggerated. You realise there's way more to it all…

That being said, I am not dismissing C-19's damage to the physical body. But overall, I believe the fear, social, economic and mental ramifications associated with the C-19 pandemic is of greater danger than the little germ.

Do you think there’s something greater involved than the virus pathogen itself? Comment your thoughts below

References:  Caraka Samhita, Cikitsa sthana, Ch3, 114-128.