Astrological Gems | Jay Boyle: The Worlds Most Experienced Gem Stone Buyer {Podcast #028}

Experience the Power of Superior Quality Gem Stones

One of the planet’s most precious offerings to humanity.

About Jay Boyle & Astrological Gem

Astrological Gem takes their mission statement very seriously:

To get the right gemstones to the right people - for the right purpose.

To always do this with honesty, integrity, and with complete customer satisfaction.

For the last 40 years, Astrological Gem has been serving the worldwide community of Vedic astrologers and their clients by providing top quality, natural gemstones for Jyotish (Vedic astrology) and Ayurveda.

Jay, travels internationally to purchase these gemstones at the source - often directly at the mines - so that he can acquire the world's best selection of vibrant, finely cut stones at the lowest prices possible.

On these buying trips, Jay selects from such a vast and great quantity of stones. Because of this, he is able to find and select those exceptional 1-2% of stones that are Jyotish Quality and have a sweet, sattvic (pure) feel.

He brings them to clients at prices that jewellers often pay.

Jay is a Graduate-in-Residence Gemologist of the prestigious Gemological Institute of America with 43 years of experience in every area of the gem business.

In addition to his impeccable professional qualifications, Jay's involvement with meditation and inner work has created an appreciation of the finer, more subtle aspects of selecting gemstones with that sweet, sattvic feel. You can have complete confidence when you allow Jay to select your astrological and healing gems.

In This Episode We Discuss

Gem Stone Clarity Scale

  • Flawless gemstones - high quality for Jyotish quality.
  • Type 1 clarity (eye flawless) - diamonds only jyotish stones.
  • Type 2 gemstones (it is not easy to find clean varieties of these species) - Sapphires, Ruby, termoniline except for rubellite (red turmaline), garnets, spinels.
  • Type 3 gemstone - emerald.

It is difficult to impossible to find an eye flawless emerald. Jay in his extensive experience has never found one, and he has been looking for one for his entire career.

Eye Flawless - A grade someone with good, young vision can look at the gemstones and not see any inclusions (spots, cuts, healed fracture etc.).

Diamond Grading System

  • VVS1
  • VVS2

The Unwritten Code in The Gem Stone Business

Take advantageous of a more naive buyer

“Gem stone sellers, and marketers, probably from the beginning of time Dylan, have exaggerated and obfuscated… to take advantageous of a buyer… That is kind of the unwritten code of the gemstone business…"

The false knowledge in books and on the internet on gems.

Jays Experience in the Gem Industry

  • Jay has purchased thousands of Rubys approaching super flawlessness at 10 power magnitude with light-assist.
  • Why Jay knows more than the average person on Jyotishi gemstones.
  • Being a qualified gemologist doesn’t make one an expert.
  • Jay started in 1980, after practicing meditation for 5 years.
  • Jay changed the  em market and profits of buying at the source so they could sell the stones to customers at the lowest price possible with complete disclosure with enhancements and treatments of the stones.
  • Jay has bought more gems than anyone alive.

Jay’s pseudo-scientific experiential explanation of how gems interact with our physiology

A frequency of vibration of light within the gemstone, that can be measured, but it also functioning a deep, deep fundamental level.

What Makes a Jyotishi Quality Gem, thus effective:

  • High degree of flawlessness.
  • Gems should not be heat treated or radiated, (emerald is an exception).
  • Good saturation of colour for the species. But not always the richest colour.
  • Sweet Sattvic nature of a gem - Tasting the sweet sattvic nature of gemstones in the abdomen.

Jay’s experience with wearing an emerald for mercury - strengthens his second house - makes more money, strengthens his tenth house - his career.
He communicated better.

Why you should refrain form buying gems in India.

Dylan's experience with buying an emerald for his Jyotish

First getting ripped off in India the buying a superior gem form Astrological Gem that I love.

Appreciation, Gratitude and Love For Your Stone

It is very important to love your astrological gemstone. Gems don’t just work for us, they work with us. Loving your gemstone will help to activate it. It will love you right back.

Charlottes experience with her yellow sapphire changing colour and size

Wearing second hand stones

  • Gem stones carrying other people’s karma and energy.
  • Organic gemstones like coral and pearl should never be worn second hand as they absorb others karma and energy.
  • According to Jay, other crystal gemstones can be purified if they are flawless and purified the right way. I personally can’t fully agree with this at the moment.

Purifying gemstones for great power

  • Soaking gems in salt water with intention + more.
  • Pundits (vedic priests) blessing the stone with mantras (primordial sounds) and ceremony.

The importance of ceremony and blessings when initially wearing you gem for the first time.

Side effects and Negative Effects from wearing gems

In most cases, due to a poor prescription from a Jyotishi.


  • Gemstones are sustainable and positive in nature.
  • Horrible possibilities of war and enslaving, doesn’t exist in the coloured stone industry. If that happens, it is in diamond industry in Africa.
  • Gem industry is giving back to the community.

One of the best gemstones Jay has ever came across

A 103 carrot top gem quality, lemon yellow, flawless, yellow sapphire. Worth about $600K today.

Nava Graham Ratna - Nine Planets and Gems

  1. Sun - Maanikya (Ruby)
  2. Moon - Muktaphala (Pearl - well formed and free of blemishes).
  3. Mars - Vidruma (Coral)
  4. Buddh (Mercury) - gaarutmata/marakata (emerald) - marakata = shiny.
  5. Guru (Jupiter) - pusparaga (topaz) / Pushyaraaga (yellow sapphire)
  6. Venus - vajra (diamond)
  7. Saturn - nila / indraneela (sapphire / blue sapphire)
  8. Rahu - Dolomite / gomEdhikam / Ceylone / Hessonite
  9. Ketu - Vaidurya (cat’s eye) - polished into a cabochon (shaped and polished) that displays a narrow band of concentrated light going across the width of the stone.

- Source: Bhavprakash

1. Surya (Sun) - Ruby

The anticipated benefits include increased brightness, brilliance, fame, respect as an authority figure, integration with the divine and the highest sense of Self, benefit to father figures, and personal power.

2. Chandra (Moon) - Muktaphala (Pearl)

The Moon signifies our emotions – it is watery, changing, cyclical energy. Mind. Feminine.

Strengthening with Vedic pearls leads to emotional balance, peace, intuition, benefit to mother figures, benefit to home life, and sometimes benefit to vehicles and transportation as well.  Strengthening the Moon is frequently described as soothing, calming, cooling and balancing when achieved by wearing a top-quality pearl.

See my article of the medicinal benefits of pearl. - Medicine on many levels.

Pearls Being Blessed

A note on natural pearls by Jay.

True, genuine Natural Pearls are nearly impossible to find today.  They were available up until the early 20th century, but through over-fishing and pollution, they have become extinct. Generally, the only supply of natural pearls is the estate market for natural pearl strands.  Unfortunately, these are previously worn and are drilled so they are not suitable for Jyotish purposes.

Very, very rarely I come upon a Certified Natural freshwater pearl. Usually, the size range is from 1-2 carats and occasionally up to around 4 carats.  Because of their rarity, these natural pearls are quite expensive.

Natural Pearls are virtually extinct, however, we are very pleased to be able to offer some rare, exceptional, smaller sized Natural Pearls. Click on the images below for a pop-up window containing further details.

Jays carer with natural pearls

  • For the last 20 years, Jay has only been able to buy 3 natural salt-water pearls in his whole carer that are decent quality, rounded natural salt water pearls.
  • Jay has sold about 50 high wallet natural fresh water pearls in his career.

Jyotish Quality Chinese Tissue-Nucleated pearls are 100% natural cultured pearls with an insignificant centralized nucleus (nacre all the way through). Jay thinks these have as good an effect on Jyotish than natural pearls.

Moonstone is an Uparatna, or secondary gemstone, for the Moon.

3. Mangal (Mars) - (Vidruma) Coral

Mars is the planet of physical endurance, assertiveness, courage, and overcoming battles.  Because Mars is associated with war, it is considered one of the natural malefic planets in Vedic Astrology. 

Red Coral - an increase in vitality, motivation, strength, courage, athletic ability, power, and victory.

4. Buddh (Mercury) - gaarutmata/marakata (emerald)

marakata = shiny.

Communication.  It is the planet of words, speech, business transactions, numbers, travel, and humour.

Emerald - clarity – better communication skills, enhanced speech and writing, and clearer thinking are commonly experienced results.  It is said to enhance business success, sense of humor, efficient travel, and rapid processing of information.

(Green Tourmaline and Peridot are secondary choices).

Varies greatly in quality and price.

5. Guru (Jupiter) - Pushyaraaga (Yellow Sapphire)

Expansion. Guru - great wisdom, enlightenment, abundance, happiness, and spiritual mastery.

Teacher of the devas.

Yellow sapphire - wealth, expansiveness, education, wisdom, health of children, enlightenment, fortune, education, and generosity. 

UpaRatna: Yellow topaz (pusparaga) and citrine are secondary choices.

Irradiated Yellow Sapphire vs. Authentic Yellow Sapphire.

  • Radiating the stone for it to get a a more saturated colour but it is an unstable orbit that slowly degrades and slowly looses its colour over time.
  • Indian dealers love irradiated yellow sapphires.
  • Test for authenticity - Carry a candle with you, and ask the buyer to heat the stone. If it is radiated it will inflame the radiation.

6. Shukra (Venus) - Vajra (Diamond)

Love. Creativity, fine arts, beauty, gemstones, jewellery, luxury, romance, marriage, the reproductive system, opulence, and refinement of the senses.

Teacher of the raksasas.

Diamond - Healthier relationships, increased creative potential, more luxury, and more personal refinement. 

Health and well-being of the wife, and women in general.

UpaRatna: (White Sapphire, White Zircon, and Phenakite are secondary choices.) 

6. Shukra (Venus) - Vajra (Diamond)

Love. Creativity, fine arts, beauty, gemstones, jewellery, luxury, romance, marriage, the reproductive system, opulence, and refinement of the senses.

Teacher of the raksasas.

Diamond - Healthier relationships, increased creative potential, more luxury, and more personal refinement. 

Health and well-being of the wife, and women in general.

UpaRatna: (White Sapphire, White Zircon, and Phenakite are secondary choices.) 

7. Shani (Saturn) - Nila / Indraneela (Sapphire / Blue sapphire)

Saturn is one of the most misunderstood planets in Vedic Astrology.

Many people are fearful of its power, because its influence is weighty, heavy, and tangible.  Saturn is a teacher. A time to go inwards, purify and increase sattva.

Excellent results can be achieved if channeling Saturn energy into the body is done wisely.

Blue Sapphire - can increase focus, discipline, work ethic, routine, organisation, commitment, and follow-through. 

Shani in its auspicious form represents some of the highest qualities of humanity, such as spiritual practice and long term self-discipline

UpaRatna: Blue Spinel, Iolite, and Amethyst are secondary choices.

8. Rahu - Dolomite / GomEdhikam / Ceylone / Hessonite

Rahu and Ketu are not actually planets, but technically, mathematical points in space.  They are responsible for eclipses, which may be why they are commonly referred to as “shadow planets.”

Rahu signifies material goods, deception, fame, intoxication, and attachment.

Like increases like.

Hessonite (Gomed). - Promotes fame and wealth. Protection.

May produce side effects if not carefully prescribed, especially if one is not in a Rahu mahadasha (planetary period), verify with a Vedic Astrologer.

If you are able to maintain a great deal of personal and spiritual awareness when wearing a hessonite, it can help to bring about an increase in recognition, wealth, and power.

UpRatna: Spessartite

9. Ketu - Vaidurya (Cat’s Eye)

South node of the moon, and signifies enlightenment, liberation, spiritual development, non-attachment, and non-material/invisible influences.

Cat’s Eye (Chrysoberyl) - Promote spiritual development, higher knowledge, transcendence, and connection to the divine.

This gemstone may produce side effects if not carefully prescribed, especially if one is not in a Ketu mahadasha (planetary period), so we recommend verifying with a Jyothishi.

No UpaRatna for Ketu.


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